Marvel's Superman

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While playing an online game, after Luke bought an SSS rank gift card of Superman, he found himself in an unknown yes very familiar Marvel Universe. And with a twist of fate, the SSS rank gift pack has also come with him. After he started to do workout and exercise, he found that the loading screen...
Action, Adventure, Fan-Fiction, Sci-fi
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Unlimited Anime Works

After picking up a phone on the streets, Feng Yuchen was sent to the world of High School of the Dead. He, along with 100 people, have to travel through various worlds, fight and solve quests in order to survive. Whoever dies in that world, would be teleported back to the real world without...
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Sci-fi, Xuanhuan
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  • 16 332

You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain

As if it wasn’t enough for me to be reincarnated as a child in the slums, I was taken to a city of crime and became a test subject. But then, when I saw the man that came to destroy the research institute, I realized that this was the world of an angst-filled reverse harem novel. While living a...
Fantasy, Josei, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural
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Confinement King

  • 70
A girl who calls herself a demon appeared before a timid student named Fumio Kijima. The girl claims to be a campaign girl from the demon world and she gives him the ability to «summon a room» from nothing but thin air. At first he doesn’t abuse his power and uses it as a convenient ability in his...
Adult, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural
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  • R-18
  • 60 549

The Job of an Imperial Concubine

To pass as an imperial concubine, one must be professional. Actually, the profession of an imperial concubine is pretty good. The emperor will accompany you in eating and drinking, and even pay you for it. What’s not good about that?...
Drama, Harem, Historical, Josei, Mature, Mystery
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Makai Hongi

  • 46
A former young man from Japan is reincarnated as Golan, an ogre in the Demon World. Currently, war is erupting all over the Demon World, and it is much like the feudal era. Furthermore, the residents of the Demon World are all of the happy-go-lucky sort. These people will take two steps forward if...
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

  • 82
Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for...
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Martial Arts, Sci-fi, Supernatural
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Psycho X Psychic

  • 74
Teren Hark — Quiet and ordinary at school. Passive and nothing noteworthy about him. However, one of his classmates thinks otherwise. Iesa Hun — Quiet but extraordinary. Aggressive when provoked. On top of the school’s hierarchy because of her brains and beauty. Recently, she learned the secret...
Romance, Action, Comedy, School Life, Mystery, Supernatural
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  • R-18
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Netheril’s Glory

The protagonist, Punk, is a cautious, cold-blooded, and ruthless Mage. His goal is always his top priority, over feelings or morality. When unnecessary, he doesn’t like to act like pigs to eat tigers; there are almost no life and death struggles, sometimes risky but steady progress. No strong enemy...
Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Psychological, Xuanhuan
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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

  • 86
Amane Fujimiya’s neighbour in the apartment he lives in is the school’s number one lovable angel: Excellent and with a level of beauty that can only be described as angelic — Mahiru Shiina. Amane, an ordinary student who doesn’t stand out, is her neighbour, but until now, they didn’t interact with...
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
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