Cold Protagonist

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Terran Guardian

Upon reincarnating in a world where chaos was rampant, Shen Changqing became a member of the Great Qin Demon Suppression Division. Kill monsters and upgrade [Thirteen Cross Practice] to perfection! Kill powerful demons and break the limits of Martial Arts! KILL –– Several years later, Shen...
Martial Arts, Horror, Fantasy, Action
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I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

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System: You are the only human who meets the binding requirements of this system- please bind with me! Su Yu: I have money, good looks, power and influence, why should I bind myself to you? System: You haven’t fallen in love ye- Su Yu: Aiya! My stomach is hurting all of a sudden! Su Yu bound...
Shounen Ai, Fantasy, Psychological, Comedy, Drama, Action, Romance, Supernatural
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Resetting Lady

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She fell into a novel. If she can find true love, then she’d be able to have a happy ending. However, after the story reached its end, what greeted her was death. And when she opened her eyes once more, she returned to the very same beginning. She fell in love yet again, but the ending was, still,...
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy
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The Player that Can’t Level Up

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Kim GiGyu awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought his life was on the track to success, climbing ‘the tower’ and closing ‘the gates’… But even after clearing the tutorial, he was level 1. He killed a goblin a day, and he was still level 1. Even after 5 years, he was still level 1. “Who...
Fantasy, Supernatural, Action, Adventure
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I’m Not a Regressor

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One day, in front of my eyes appeared a silver-haired Goddess. [Heaven-defying Star. The existence that goes against destiny. The one and only savior of a world that was destined to meet its end—] What kind of bullsh*t is this woman spouting? [You must be a regressor.] “…What?” No, I’m not....
Fantasy, Supernatural, Harem, Action, Adventure, Romance
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Night’s Nomenclature

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In the midst of the blue and purple neon lights, under the gray, metallic sky, it is the frontier of all data, the aftermath of a scientific revolution, also the border of fiction and reality. Steel versus body; the past and the future. Here, the Outer World and the Inner World exist alongside each...
Sci-fi, Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
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How to Live As the Vampire Lord

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Vampire Eugene — a sacrificial lamb slaughtered after half a year of running to fulfil the desires of a templar for fame. He was given a second chance at life after concluding his life with regrets. “I will never again die the same way. If I really did return to the past, no matter what it takes… I...
Fantasy, Action, Adventure
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The Strongest Qi Refiner

Fang Yu, who has practiced for nearly five thousand years, still hasn’t broken through the key refining period… Now its the modern period in earth. “I might be in the key refining period but you don’t want to mess with me”....
School Life, Harem, Action, Adventure, Martial Arts
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