I am an only child.

This means that I can be a main character, at least within the family.

I thought I could also be the main character even when I went outside.

In high school, I finally realized I was mistaken.

In college, I realized that I was just an extra.

I liked acting, and I bet my everything on acting.

“Hey, you can be the main character in the play.”

“You’re good at acting”.

Until high school, my acting was good.

However, as I grew up, there were many people who were better at acting than me.

They were even more handsome than me.

While living like an extra, one day I woke up and I found out that I transmigrated in a novel.

“Hey, look over there. It’s that jerk.”

“Wow… You said he still stuck at 1st circle? I would die in embarrassment if I got stucked.”

The count’s son.

And he is an extra like me.

He was also brutally killed by the protagonist of the novel.

“This is driving me crazy.”

Even in this other world, I have no time to despair over the fact that I was, again, an extra.

I had to live for now, regardless of being the main character or the extra.


“This is not bad”.

The life of an introvert extra is actually pretty good.

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