Chapter 91: Love At First Sight (3)

He Qingwan looked at the umbrellas by their feet and said: “Maybe, we should give him one?”

At the police station, things wouldn’t have gotten nearly as smoothly without his commands.

Su Tian nodded: “Okay.”

He Qingwan stepped into the rain, raising her own umbrella with one hand and holding onto another umbrella with the other.

Ji Shaoheng had gotten off work early and came to the aquarium to pick up his precious coral reef fish, when it suddenly started to rain halfway down the road. He didn’t care about the rain, but he was worried that the rain would be really bad and the ensuing traffic would delay his way back, affecting the health of the baby fish.

The cars in front of the aquarium were so crowded that he couldn’t drive past, so he could only park far away, get out of the car, and run over.

For the sake of his precious fish, let alone a little rain, he wouldn’t even mind being stabbed by a knife.

He was just telling that little brat to hurry up when the rain that was hitting him suddenly stopped and the dull sound of raindrops falling onto an umbrella fell into his ears.

Then, a soft female voice came from behind: “Officer Ji?”

Ji Shaoheng turned around, only to see a beautiful woman standing behind him. Holding an umbrella, her sleeves revealed her pale wrists. The rain continued to fall.

The woman’s eyes seemed misty, with a faraway look as she faced him.

At this moment, the noise of the car horns, the splashing sounds from driving through puddles, the rumble of the crowd, the light pitter-patter of raindrops… all of it disappeared.

The world was silent.

Only the sound of a throbbing heart rang out clearly.

Men are a very magical species. Love at first sight often happens inexplicably and unexpectedly.

Ji Shaoheng heard himself answer: “…. That’s me….”

He Qingwan smiled embarrassedly, “Thank you for your help at the police station last time, this umbrella is for you.”

With that, she handed over the umbrella she’d been holding onto.

Ji Shaoheng didn’t reply, so she continued: “It’s not a problem, I also have one.”

He finally glanced down and saw the umbrella in her hand, but didn’t take it. Instead, he asked: “You brought the kids to the aquarium to play?”

He Qingwan nodded, glanced back at Su Tian, before smiling: “En, is Officer Ji here to pick someone up?”

Ji Shaoheng followed her gaze to Su Tian. Seeing her smile at him, he smiled back.

He didn’t reply and asked: “Where do you live, shall I send you back?”


He Qingwan was a little surprised.

Ji Shaoheng: “It rained too suddenly, so no one brought umbrellas. The taxis are very busy so it’ll be hard to get one.”

He Qingwan was a little moved. They really hadn’t had any luck with hailing a taxi. A little rain didn’t matter for adults, but Xi Yun was still young and had injuries on his body. It would be dangerous if he caught a fever.


“Will it be a bother, Officer Ji?”

Ji Shaoheng shook his head: “What trouble? It’s no trouble at all.”

As for his fish….

Emmmm, the little brat could bring them home. If he put them in and adjusted the oxygen level and temperature, the fish shouldn’t die too quickly.

Standing not far away, the young man who was watching Su Tian and her group watched Ji Shaoheng, who was originally here to pick him up with the two fishes, take He Qingwan’s umbrella and drive away the group of people on his car.

After half a minute, his phone vibrated.

The teenager took out his cellphone and saw a text message from Ji Shaoheng:

[Take a taxi and go home yourself]

The young man who saw everything with his own eyes: “….”

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