Chapter 1

The workers from the moving company were moving boxes and boxes of household items and furniture while the old women sat around talking about the new household that was moving in and chewing on melon seeds at the same time.

This family was a little odd – just the mother and daughter. It has been a while now, and they hadn’t seen a man yet. They were thinking...

The old women smacked their lips. They didn’t speak much but their looks were full of judgment.

There was not much Su Tian could do about it, there will always be a lot of gossip surrounding a single woman. Her mother was fragile like Chinese dodder flowers. She had finally divorced that scum husband of hers. Su Tian wanted them to move away from the capital city to this small town to avoid all of the gossip that would bring back bad memories for her mother, but she forgot that there would be gossip anywhere they go.

It didn’t help matters any that her mother was particularly pretty – the helpless kind of pretty. The type that men liked the most and women hated the most. She was the type that was considered slutty, if you may.

Not only was she pretty, she was also young. When the two of them went out together, they looked like sisters.

As the daughter of a beautiful woman, Su Tian wasn’t half bad herself. She was, however, of a different type than her mother, He Qingwan. Su Tian had very full lips, even when she was not smiling, she looked like she was. She was sweet, cute, and very well-liked.

Even her normally austere scum father would soften up when he sees her.

Not only that, she had already formed a favorable impression before they have even formally moved in.

It was Uncle Wang from upstairs. It seemed he was a widower and they have ran into him a few times while their place was remodeling. He insisted to come and help out when he found out that today was the day that they were moving in.

The forty-something year old sturdy man ignored everyone’s effort to stop him and grabbed an armchair from a mover and quickly ran upstairs. Even the workers from the moving company was surprised.

Su Tian and He Qingwan exchanged a look and could do nothing but follow him up.

He meant well after all and they couldn’t be too rigid in declining his help.

He Qingwan did have an ulterior motive as well. After all, she and her daughter had just moved to a brand new area and barely knew anyone. It would not hurt to have someone close by that they could reach out to should the need arose.

Uncle Wang helped out till the very end and even stayed to help them place and arrange all the heavy furniture. He was out of breath at the end, after all, old buildings like these in a small town did not have elevators.

He Qingwan had Su Tian make some tea while she sliced up a watermelon to treat their guest.

Uncle Wang politely declined a couple times before he sat down and praised Su Tian up and down while munching on the watermelon. He talked about how smart and lovable Su Tian was; how she was as pretty as her mother; and how she was much better than his own daughter and that the two girls should go to school together when school starts. After going on and on for a while, he finally asked about the remodeling of He Qingwan’s storefront.

He Qingwan smiled delightfully and said, “Almost all done. We will have our grand opening in just a few days.”

Su Tian’s scum father was a wealthy man, and he treated them well during the divorce settlement. The amount that he gave them would be sufficient for the two to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

It was just that He Qingwan didn’t want to sit around and do nothing or be just like a pretty vase when she was still at the Su’s. Coincidentally, she was able to make killer desserts so she obtained a storefront downstairs for a dessert place.

He Qingwan had paid special attention in selecting the store location.

The store was located very close to Luo Cheng High School and most students would walk past the dessert store on their way to and from school. The foot traffic was amazing. And, the students were just at the age when they had some spending money and a love for desserts.

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