Chapter 238

The Final Chapter: The Infinite Journey

Uso Ewin is 13 years old.

Thanks to his mother, who worked at a Research Institute in Anaheim, today was the first time in Uso's life that he could fly first class. Although he had been to the moon with his mother several times before, they had always been in economy class. This time, he went out alone and his mother was worried, so she bought him a first-class ticket.

The first class was very spacious. In addition to Uso himself, there were only a man and a woman sitting opposite him and a beautiful sister with a sun hat on the other side of the aisle. The most coincidental thing was that in the first class cabin with only four passengers, all four people were NewTypes.

But Uso had no time to observe others at the moment. He was concentrating on playing games.

"Gundam, go to heaven!" As he moved his fingers quickly, he said something in his mouth.

This game called GVG Generation was the world's hottest MS simulation game exclusively released by Anaheim entertainment. The game was said to be simplified from the military training program GBN. It has been 50 years since the first generation was released in U.C. 0103. In order to ensure the quality of the game, the game is updated every five years. Uso is  playing the latest version just released this year.

Like most other common games, this game has two modes: Online Mode, and Single Player Mode.

In the Single Player Mode, players can personally play the well-known ACEs such as Amuro Ray or Graham Aker, and fight against evil villains such as Char Aznable, Scirocco, or Ribbons Almack. In the process of playing, players will gradually deepen their understanding of history and deeply realize how hard it is to live a peaceful life now.

In the online mode, players can choose their favorite MS to compete with other players on the network. In addition, Anaheim will hold world-class competitions every five years. The champion will be officially awarded the honorary title of "Celebrity". The first generation of the award ceremony even successfully invited Dr. Lingus himself to attend.

Unfortunately, shortly after the award ceremony, Dr. Lingus insisted on driving the MS equipped with the latest boson jumping device to conduct parallel plane exploration experiments. Since then, he had never appeared in people's vision. Four years later, the lunar government officially announced the failure of the experiment. Dr. Lingus was identified as dead and the whole world was shocked by this news.

"This flight will arrive at the cosmos port in ten minutes. Please take your carry-on luggage."

Uso, who was already distracted, was completely disrupted by the sudden broadcast and accidentally pressed the wrong key. He could only watch his favorite V2AB Gundam be killed by the boss with only the last trace of HP.

"I almost killed it..." Uso was so depressed. The hidden boss, "Amakusa" has never been defeated since the first generation of the game was released. There was even a rumor that the prototype of "Amakusa" was Amuro Ray, and he just almost defeated it. "I almost knew what the customs clearance reward for defeating Amakusa is..."

"The customs clearance reward is a hidden MS that has never appeared in history." The strange man sitting opposite him said to him, "The model is RGZ-91, but its performance is not very strong, and there are design defects in deformation. It's just an Easter egg."

"Really?" Uso raised his head in surprise. "Hasn't no one ever passed the customs?"

"I know the game... designer. He told me himself." The man smiled genially at him, "I was also fascinated by this game. Seeing that you played so well, I couldn't help talking to you. If it bothered you..."

"It's very kind of you." The middle-aged man was also an NT and Uso felt good about him involuntarily.

Until then, Uso had the opportunity to look at the man and woman sitting opposite him. The men looked 40 or 50 years old, elegant and graceful, while the women were very young. Looking at their intimate actions, they are more like husband and wife than father and daughter or siblings.

Uso knew it was bad to stare at others, but he always felt that the middle-aged man looked familiar. Normally speaking, at this age, an NT who can afford to sit in first class should not be unknown.

"Oh, I remember!" Uso suddenly realized, "Are you the fifth 'celebrity', the Legendary Super pastry chef, Mr. Seabook Ano?"

"I didn't expect young people to remember me now." Seabook smiled and nodded to him, "Hello, I'm Seabook Ano. Next to me is my wife, Cecily Fairchild."

Shame on you. You are so old but married such a young wife! Uso whispered in his heart. Of course, as a kind and polite good boy, he wouldn't say it in person.

The spacecraft soon arrived at the station. Next, Uso was going to Anaheim's Research Institute. He was not on his way with the Seabook couple. The two groups waved goodbye. While waiting for the bus outside the cosmos port, Uso saw the big sister with a sunshade in the first class just now. The other party didn't seem to go anywhere, but sat alone in the corner of the hall.

Although he wanted to care about the big sister, he had made an appointment with his mother in advance. His mother would be worried if he went late. Uso looked at this beautiful big sister from a distance and had to give up.

It was almost noon break when he arrived at the Institute. After Uso reported his name, he went deep under the leadership of the staff. After several tedious inspections and disinfection, he was taken to a place similar to an activity room, where two people were already resting.

"Good afternoon, big sisters. My name is Uso Ewin. I'm thirteen years old." Uso greeted the two. "My mother is Myra Miggelle, who is a researcher here."

"Are you Myra's son?" The short haired girl in a white coat nodded to him indifferently, "You have good NT potential."

"Are you Myra's son?" Another girl with dazzling silver hair looked at him with a sad face, "Just in time. I'm sorry I have to tell you some unfortunate news. Myra, she had an accident during yesterday's experiment. Now..."

Uso's heart jumped fast.

The silver haired girl quickly turned around and looked for something. When she faced him again, she held a helmet in her arms, "She's only so much left now."

Uso was stunned and reached out to the helmet after a long while, "This is my mother..."

"Ayanami, Ayanami, see?" The silver-haired girl threw her helmet aside and put her hands on her hips proudly. "I can cheat too! I'm cheating an NT! Am I awesome? Am I awesome?!"

"Your intelligence level has dropped again. Sure enough, are there defects in the early AI?" The short haired girl called Ayanami shook her head and whispered to herself, "Let him start designing Nuo Nuo earlier..."

"Sorry, I'm wrong!" The silver haired girl waved her arms flustered, "I'll go to work right away. I work overtime all night today. Promise me! Don't design Nuo Nuo!"

"Director Ayanami, Miss Alice, I'm sorry to disturb you." A woman just pushed the door and came in, "Uso, are you here?"

Uso looked at the helmet on the ground in a complicated mood. Her mother called the short haired girl "director", that is to say, his mother was the short haired girl's subordinate. For the sake of his mother's future work, he thought it was better not to say what happened just now.

"Come in." Director Ayanami nodded slightly to Muya who came in and walked out expressionless, "Alice, go to work."

"Oh." The silver haired girl obediently followed her out, and she was still chattering, "He finally forgot about Nuo Nuo. Don't mention it in front of him, okay? Ayanami, okay?"

"Don't look at them like this. In fact, Director Ayanami and Miss Alice are very good people." Myra smiled and touched Uso's head. "How's it going? Are you afraid of going away alone for the first time?"

"I'm not a child anymore." Uso scratched his cheek shyly. "By the way, mom, when I came, I met a celebrity. Guess who he..."

Since Myra had to work in the afternoon, they talked for a while, and then she had to ask Uso to go back to the house first.

"By the way, go to visit your grandmother before you go back." Myra wrote an address to Uso. "You're already a big boy. It's time to visit our relations alone."

"I have a grandmother on the moon?" Uso was surprised, and the image of a kind-hearted old woman appeared in his mind. "Why didn't you mention it?"

"She's your grandfather's sister. The situation at home is quite special. You'll know when you see her." Myra touched his head again. "If she asks you to have dinner with her, remember to send me a message and come back on time in the evening."

After leaving the Institute, Uso didn't choose to take a bus, but planned to walk to his grandmother's house. He had been to the moon several times, and every time he followed his mother. This time, he wanted to seize the opportunity to hang out alone.

The lunar capital is worthy of being one of the leading metropolia. Uso was dazzled by rows of high buildings and complex details full of a sense of science and technology.

"The people on the moon are really beautiful." Uso exclaimed, "There are many beautiful big sisters who are even more beautiful than Miss Katejina Loos..."

By the way, Miss Katejina Loos is a beautiful big sister who lives next door to Uso's house. Although Uso already has Shahkti, a gentle and lovely chidhood sweetheart, he has always been secretly in love with Miss Katejina Loos. His room was not only covered with self-made posters of Miss Katejina Loos, but also the wallpaper of his mobile phone and computer were set as the life photos of Miss Katejina Loos.

"Although there are so many beautiful big sisters, I won't change my love for Miss Katejina Loos - wow!" Uso's eyes were quickly attracted by a big sister across the road, "Er, she already has a boyfriend..."

The big sister was dressed in a simple skirt, with long white hair, and her rare wheat skin could not hide her natural beauty. At the moment, the corners of her mouth curved into a sweet arc, her hands tightly hugged the arms of the young man around her, and the whole person snuggled up to him.

"Eh?" As NT, Uso keenly noticed that a beautiful girl in a maid's dress was sneaking behind them. "It's suspicious. Should I call the police? Forget it, the moon is too dangerous. I'd better go to my grandmother's house..."

According to the address given to him by his mother, Uso found his destination and was repeatedly questioned by the security personnel on the road. Standing at the door of the magnificent mansion, he nervously rang the doorbell and wondered what his mother meant by "special".

After a while, the door opened, and a blonde big sister appeared on the porch, looking down at him warily, "Hey, little friend? Who are you looking for?"

"Hello, big sister. My name is Uso Ewin. I'm thirteen years old." Uso bowed. "I came here to visit my grandmother at the request of my mother Myra Miggelle. Is she at home?"

"She's at home. Come first." The blonde big sister put away her vigilance and smiled happily, "Last time it was 'aunt', this time she becomes 'grandmother', she upgraded again, ha ha ha!"

Uso followed her in confusion, and he couldn't see anything funny.

"There are other guests here today. Please sit down first." The blonde sister took him to the living room, walked to the stairs, and shouted at the second floor, "Grandma, the son of your niece came to you!"

Uso sat on the sofa under the greeting of a big sister with elegant pink hair and thanked her after taking tea from her hands. On the side of this pink-haired big sister, another green-haired big sister was constantly stuffing snacks into her mouth with a cold look.

"Although I don't want to admit it, there are really foods that are more delicious than pizza in the world." After struggling for a while, she reluctantly put the last piece of dessert back into the box. "Leave this to him."

"Hey, why is there only one piece left? Where's mine?" The blonde big sister ran angrily from the stairs. "You! It's too much!"

The green-haired big sister looked back calmly and put on an attitude that I'll eat as long as I eat and what can you do. The pink-haired big sister watched them as if nothing had happened and didn't show any intention of pulling a quarrel.

"There's still something in the box. If necessary, you can tell Miss Momoka how to make it." The first person who stood up to persuade them was the guest. "Seabook made a new attempt this time. It's great that you can like it."

Uso noticed the so-called "Guest", "Mr. Seabook? Ms. Cecily?"

"See you again. I didn't expect you to be relatives with the Doctor's family." Seabook smiled and nodded to him, then turned to the pink-haired big sister and explained, "Uso and we were on the same ship. He was sitting right opposite Cecily and me."

"It seems that the world is too small, or is this the so-called fate?" The pink-haired big sister showed a complex smile. "He can always unconsciously attract NewTypes to his side, both men and women."

"The Doctor's family is kind to me." Seabook noticed Uso's curious eyes and took the initiative to say, "When I was young, my association with Cecily had been opposed by her family. Later, my mother told this thing to Miss Alice and was known by the Doctor. The Doctor helped us and Cecily's family was forced to recognize us."

Is "Alice" the silver-haired girl I saw at noon? Who is the "Doctor" who has appeared repeatedly in their talks since just now? Wait, if Mr. Seabook's been dating Mrs. Cecily since you were young, is Ms. Cecily about the same age as Mr. Seabook? Did I misunderstand him?

"So it is." Uso decided to continue the dialogue with ambiguous words, "I remember Mr. Seabook was famous as a super baker for a long time. Why were you opposed?"

"Well, my mother was a senior researcher in Anaheim at that time, so I would inevitably be labeled as a Lingus faction, and Cecily, she..." Seabook looked inquisitively at his wife, who nodded gently. "Cecily, she used to be Ronah before she married me."

"Ronah..." Uso's history was very good, so he immediately reacted, "Ronah of the Mufti rebellion?"

"Korozo Ronah, or Mufti, is my grandfather." Cecily lowered her eyes in shame. "My grandmother always insisted that my grandfather was wronged by Dr. Lingus and executed as a scapegoat, so she firmly opposed my dealings with Seabook."

Ronah, Mufti, Lingus, "Doctor", there are so many keywords at the same time. Uso found something wrong. Why did the Doctor come forward to put pressure on the Ronah family to help Seabook? Why are there so many beautiful big sisters in this room? Why did my mother never talk about my grandmother's family?

He suddenly remembered an old web novel he had read last year, which was called "Lingus's Secret Life". Originally, he was not interested in a novel that was so old, but after reading the first chapter, he found it surprisingly interesting and finished it in one go.

The novel tells the magnificent life of the famous Dr. Lingus, and fills the blank in the official history. Dr. Lingus in the novel also conducted parallel plane exploration experiments, but the author gave a completely different explanation from the history books. Dr. Lingus in that web novel only pretended to die in order to retire early. When mankind is facing a crisis, he will naturally stand up again.

If the novel accidentally guessed the truth, then the "Doctor" they were talking about...

"Ms. Mineva, long time no see."

Seabook's voice awakened Uso from his reverie. He looked up and saw a big sister with brown hair stepping into the living room and coming straight in his direction. They called her Mineva. Is this young big sister in front of him actually his grandmother? Then, could my grandfather be...

"Are you Myra's son?" The big sister with tea-colored hair stared straight into his eyes, "Just have a question to ask you, is your great grandfather still alive?"

"My great grandfather died very early." Uso was smart since he was young, so he wouldn't step into this simple word trap. "Mom said she hadn't seen my great grandfather since she was a child."

"The same words as Myra, ha ha." In Mineva's eyes, there was a faint flow of rainbow. The strong sense of spiritual oppression made Uso a little difficult to breathe, "But you're different from her. You're a NewType. Answer me, haven't you seen your great grandfather since childhood?"

"I..." Uso swallowed hard. "I —"

"I'm back!" The sound from the porch immediately eased the tension. A beautiful girl dressed as a maid appeared in front of the crowd a moment later, "Are there guests? I'll prepare dinner right away."

"Wait, Momoka." The blonde big sister wolfed down the last piece of dessert and patted her chest twice. "What's the result of the surveillance? Did you find anything?"

"The master has been with his royal highness, and there are no suspicious women." The maid didn't seem to shy away from the guests present and replied bluntly, "In addition, the master informed me that there are important things to discuss with his royal highness. He will come back later today and have dinner at his Highness's side."

"Well, am I distracted again?" The blonde big sister touched her chin suspiciously, "I always feel that my intuition has become more and more inaccurate in recent years."

Uso finally recognized everyone by comparing the hair color with the content of the novel. He was so shocked that he could only sit blankly in his seat and couldn't spit out a word.

"I was surprised when I first saw this scene. Cecily was much calmer than me." Seabook may have misunderstood Uso's expression and comforted him with a smile. "This is the Doctor's family. Just get used to it."

Uso didn't even remember how he spent the next few hours. By the time he recovered, it was completely dark.

"Since the Doctor has something to do, let's call again tomorrow." Seabook stood outside the porch and bowed to leave with his wife. "Uso, where do you live? Do you want to go with us?"

"If it's far away, let Momoka drive you." His grandma suddenly became very kind to him. Uso had the illusion that the other party seemed to put down some psychological burden, "Let Myra bring you here sometime. You really should meet him."

"Yes, I will." Uso's mind somehow flashed the figure of the big sister with a sunshade during the day, "I have to go to a place before I go home, so I won't bother you."

After saying goodbye to his grandma and Seabook, Uso took a taxi and went straight to the cosmoport.

He was not sure whether the big sister was still there or not, and he didn't understand why he was so impulsive. If he had to find a reason, it might be that the big sister made him feel too much like Miss Katejina Loos. To be exact, what Miss Katejina Loos would be if she lost all the meaning in her life. He could not just ignore her.

The scenery outside the taxi window galloped back, and Uso's heart jumped quickly. It was not until he rushed into the cosmic harbor hall with heavy breath that his beating heart gradually calmed down. A bleak figure with a sunshade was sitting silently in the corner, just as when he left in the morning.

"Hello, big sister." He came up to her and said in a trembling voice, "My name is Uso Ewin. I'm thirteen years old."

The big sister started slowly at him, and Uso finally saw her appearance. Her slender body didn't give him the feeling of being weak. Her smooth and curly long hair fell naturally from her temples. Her delicate and soft facial features seemed to hide invisible heroism, but there was always sadness between her eyebrows and eyes.

"Hello, kid." The big sister's voice was full of loneliness, "What can I do for you?"

"I saw you sitting here in the morning. It's still the same now. I wonder if you've been sitting here all day." Uso said with courage, "If you encounter difficulties, I can help. Are you getting lost?"

"Lost?" The big sister looked at the void in a trance and smiled at herself, "Maybe."

"Then I can —"

"Thank you for your concern, little friend." The big sister interrupted him firmly, "But it doesn't matter anymore. I'll take the flight back to Earth in half an hour. I'm going to check my ticket right away, so I don't need your help."

"Are you going back without doing anything?" Uso asked angrily. He couldn't bear the depression and pessimism of the big sister similar to Miss Katejina Loos. "What on earth did you come to the moon for?"

"I was going to visit someone I haven't seen for a long time." The big sister sighed, "But now it will only embarrass him if it suddenly appears in front of him. He must not want to see me."

"Big sister, why should you arbitrarily identify unfounded facts? Or are all adults like this? That's too strange!" Uso retorted excitedly, "Did you quarrel with someone? How long haven't you met? Why don't you meet? How can you know that the other party doesn't want to see you?"

"You don't understand." The big sister shook her head with a bitter smile, "I have caused him a lot of trouble and done a lot of excessive things."

"So what? I still have a crush on Miss Katejina Loos next door!" Uso felt a fever on his face. "I always peeped at her and photographed her while she was meditating on the balcony on the second floor. Every time she found out, she would scold me fiercely, but I didn't stop, but continued happily, because as long as I did so, I could have more contact with her!"

The big sister asked in a daze, "Is it OK to cause others trouble?"

"Of course, why not?" Uso said confidently, "I've been scolded by Miss Katejina Loos so many times, but she's still willing to talk to me. What does that mean? It means that she doesn't dislike my behavior subconsciously, but also enjoys it! After she gets used to and even depends on my behavior, I can naturally confess to her!"

"So it is..." The big sister suddenly stood up, her eyes brightened up, "So it is? So it is!"

"Well, big sister?" Uso was glad that the other party could cheer up, but somehow he always had an ominous feeling, as if he had made a very serious mistake.

"Ah, there's too much inspiration. Which script should I use? Do they know about Loran?" The big sister came back and patted Uso on the head. "By the way, your name is Uso, isn't it? Thank you very much."

"You're welcome." Uso's face turned red. "Well, big sister, have you figured it out?"

"Well, you're right. Why can't I give him trouble?" She smiled brightly. "It's decided. I'll give him trouble all his life."

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