Book 2: Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Little Red Flag Shaking in the Wind

Zhang Xiao'bao was waiting for these words. Seeing that Li Xun was very angry, he comforted him, "You don't have to be angry, Young Master Li. It's not worthwhile to be angry at this kind of person. The Magistrate is a little greedy, but he thinks for the people. My family is willing to give some money.

The people of San'shui County are better and more prosperous. The wharf can make more money, and my family will also have more money. If we spend part of the money to improve the lives of the people, then the place will become more and more prosperous. This is called a virtuous circle.

But he, Jia Shan, didn't think like this at all. My father was planning to see how he was going to be. If he was good and also good to the people, then we give him some money, and find a way to get him some political achievements and help him get promoted.

You can't even guess what he did. Before he took office, he went to the wharf to calculate how much money could be made there in a year. The magistrate assistant saw through his plan. He took office the next day. So many people went to greet him, waiting for him to treat the people well, but he ended up thinking about the Ping'cang Warehouse, and then asking the Han Family and Yuan Family for money the next moment.

Hmm, he asked for money twice. 13,000 strings of coins each time. Isn't it New Year's Eve? Magistrate Cheng gave gifts to the people during the New Year. He is still waiting for the reward from above. Afterall, he was welcomed by thousands of civilians, so he wouldn't dare to not give them gifts. He bought some stuff from my family and spent some money.

But now he is unsatisfied. He was just given money and now he had lost some, so he can't resist targeting my family. My father knew about this already but he thought that Magistrate Jia would at least wait a few days after the New Year before taking action. Who would have thought that on the 30th, he wants to come here and make a move. Sigh, this is really hard to deal with. "

Zhang Xiao'bao understated the matters relating to his family making money, and exaggerated the actions of Magistrate Jia. If an adult said these words, Li Xun might think twice about it, but since the words came out of Zhang Xiao'bao's mouth, it wouldn't be fake.

Li Xun was persuaded by Zhang Xiao'bao. However, not only did he not calm down, he became even more angry. He clenched his fists and said, "That damned Jia Shan. He is too greedy. This time, some of the magistrates were appointed by my uncle. How dare he do this?"

"Maybe he won't come here today. What if this was intentional? However, we better take precautions." Zhang Xiao'bao spoke up for Jia Shan this time. The more he spoke like this, the more angry Li Xun became.

"If he doesn't come, I'll go find him and ask him what he has done for the San'shui County, and where did the money come from. 26,000 strings of coins. That's more money than I have. I was thinking of starting a business with someone to make money, yet he asked for money directly. Don't try to persuade me anymore. The matter has been decided."

The more Li Xun thought about it, the more frustrated he felt. Seeing that Zhang Xiao'bao was about to speak, he waved his hand to signal Zhang Xiao'bao to not speak. Zhang Xiao'bao naturally felt relieved because there was now less work for him.

"Let's not talk about him anymore. Let's see what else is missing there. Oh, do you have to use chopsticks made of silver to eat? I hear that you can use it to test if there is any poison." Zhang Xiao'bao talked about other things.

"What silver? It's bamboo. Let's work together to earn money. Your family is counting on me to help them when they encounter troubles, so would your family possibly harm me? Well, unless your family is tired of living. Give me a cucumber to eat now. The cucumber plants at my manor didn't fruit yet."

After being interrupted by Zhang Xiao'bao, Li Xun finally stopped thinking about that matter, but kept it in his mind.


At the junction of San'shui County and Hua'yuan County, Magistrate Wen, Magistrate Jia, Official Han and Official Yuan stood there with three hundred people behind them. Some wore bailiff clothes and others wore other clothes. Everyone had clubs and knives in their hands.

The four people were still waiting. They were waiting for Jia Wei'ran, the son of Magistrate Jia, to arrive. He set out yesterday but for some reason, he still has not arrived yet.

"Master Jia, is there something wrong? It's better not to wait for him, or you won't be able to get to the place before noon." Official Han said anxiously. He was afraid that the bailiffs in San'shui County would notice something. If they encounter the bailiffs when they arrive at the Zhang Manor, then they would be unable to take action.

"Things should be okay. Perhaps he found a place to sleep yesterday and overslept. Let's wait a bit longer." Magistrate Jia was more anxious than anyone else right now. It was his son after all. If something really happened, what should he do?

When the other three people heard him say this, they couldn't leave. They could only wait patiently. When it seemed that some people couldn't wait any longer, Jia Wei'ran finally arrived on horseback, but his face didn't look so good. He didn't wait for anyone to ask him and said,

"Father, when I was coming over yesterday, the horse wasn't doing well. The horse they gave me cannot run long distances at all. Later, I encountered a caravan. I ate some food, and bought a horse. I don't know which food was bad. I had to stop from time to time along the way, and then I found someone's house to rest at. Even now I still feel weak."

"You, you even got sick from eating food. Let's put that aside for now. Did you bring the item?" Magistrate Jia saw his son come. Although he was a little sick, as long as nothing major happened, it was alright. He was now worried about the item his son carried on his body.

"I brought it, dad. Here it is." Seeing that his father didn't scold him, Jia Wei'ran took out an envelope from his robe and planned to hand it over.

Magistrate Jia gave him a meaningful look, "Keep it with you, don't lose it. You have worked so hard to bring it over. You will be credited."

"Okay." Jia Wei'ran suddenly remembered. He has to be the one who takes out this item when the time comes and then convicts the Zhang and Wang families. This way, he would be given some credit.

As soon as everyone arrived, the large group of horsemen traveled towards the Zhang Manor. Along the way, the three hundred people who followed were all excited. They had already discussed it in private. When they arrived there, they planned to take anything that seemed good. The Magistrate would not care about those small items anyway. If they do happen to encounter an item of high value, then it would be their gain.

The magistrate and others were also looking forward to it. The speed of the team couldn't help but to speed up by a lot. After this time, they could enjoy the fortunes.

After walking for a while, everyone felt tired. Only until now did they look at the place. Jia Wei'ran had already inquired about this place. He looked up into the sky and said, "After walking for another hour, we should be there before noon. Good things are waiting for all of you."

After saying this, the dozens of people who were not bailiffs and wanted to rest decided not to rest. The sooner they arrive at the place, the sooner they can get the items. Under this encouragement, the team's speed became even faster.


At the Zhang Manor, the bailiffs already sent out some people to guard the place. The remaining ones hid themselves. The place where they hid in were those haystacks. The bailiffs were strong. Originally when they were gangsters, they had to fight, and after becoming bailiffs, they had to exercise. In a short while, the little haystacks were ready.

Half of the bailiffs and the one hundred people brought by Li Xun hid among the haystacks. The rest were easy to handle. They erected wooden boards next to each other and they hid behind the boards. Since houses were also being built here, no one would be suspicious of this.

Everything was ready. They just needed to see if anyone would come over there. If they don't come today, then they will wait until tomorrow. Li Xun decided to wait until the fifteenth. He had the time and patience. It was not like he was the one that had to hide. He can play with Zhang Xiao'bao and Wang Juan, and build their relationship.

At four quarters after the Yi hour (10 AM), before anyone else came, the old man who was at Between The Water and Clouds brought some people over first. From Between The Water and Clouds, they crossed the small bridge. Seeing the houses under construction, the old man walked in front and looked as he walked. When he arrived at the place, he suddenly noticed Li Xun.

He was stunned for a moment. He didn't know why the Emperor's nephew didn't go back for the New Year. When Li Xun ran over here, he also saw the old man. He quickly took a few steps forward and greeted him, "Why is the minister here? You're not celebrating the New Year in the Capital?"

"Isn't the young prince here too? Did you sneak out? The prince will punish you." The old man looked at Li Xun's appearance and thought that the child had sneaked away by himself. .

"My father knows that I'm here. Sir, you don't really plan to celebrate the New Year here, right?" Li Xun was confident, so he wasn't afraid of being disciplined by his father.

The old man nodded slightly and said, "Yes, I'm going to spend the New Year here this year, I don't want to go back to the Capital. There are too many people and my body cannot hold up anymore. The water here doesn't freeze in winter, the food is comparable to the big restaurants in the Capital and the scenery is good. I can rest here. Why did you think of coming here? Also, what are you doing here now?"

"Oh, then you have to pay more attention to your body. Grandpa still counts on you. I have a manor here. It's New Year's Eve, and I will have fun with the people. It just so happens that the Zhang family and the Wang family also plan to build a few houses here. When the 31st comes, we will stay up late together, and eat and drink together. It's more lively this way.

Are you going to stay at Between The Water and Clouds? Why don't you come here? I heard from the Zhang family that it is precisely because you are here that they chose this place specifically so that it would be convenient for the waiters to go back and forth to pay greetings to their family during the New Year. If this was not the case, there is enough space at the main house. "

Li Xun explained to the old man. Looking at the construction situation here, the old man felt very satisfied. This family was really good at doing things. Not only did they allow him to be served by others during the New Year at the Between The Water and Clouds, but they also let the waiters who were serving the old man know that their master family did not forget about them.

Looking back at the Between The Water and Clouds, the old man thought for a while and said, "I'm still going to stay at the Between The Water and Clouds. There are too many people in my family; it's going to be a disturbance if I have them come here. When firecrackers are set on the 30th, we will come over and watch."

"That's fine. Don't rush to leave yet. Your guards should also hide behind the wooden boards. There's something interesting." Li Xun happened to see a cautious bailiff run over while vigorously waving a small red flag in his hand. Li Xun knew that the people they were waiting for were coming, so he hurriedly asked the minister to hide his own men.

The old man didn't know what was going on, but he still had a childlike innocence and asked the guards to hide. He assumed that no one would hurt him here. The guards were shocked when they went behind the boards. There were many people. There were hundreds of bailiffs and the young prince's guards. It was safe now.

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