Chapter 108: The End.

10 Years Later...

World of Paradise has changed in a way no one could have expected.

First of all...

Death Continent has been renamed... Or more precisely, the name got restored as Hope Continent.

But, Hope Continent is still separated from the rest of the world.

Jack covered the whole continent on his forcefield, no one could leave it, and no one can enter it.

That was the wish of Lucifer and the citizens of Hope Continent.

The second thing that shocked the world was the appearance of new races!

There were beautiful races but also hideous races.

There was discrimination at first, but slowly... The mindset of the citizens changed.

But, there is still some part of Humanity that can't accept that they need to share Paradise with other, unknown races.

But, the new races are living in harmony in their new habitat. Jack helped them to build their own Cities. He also covered their Cities with his forcefield so that they can get used to the presence of Humans and they can get used to them.

The Races who live in Sea were taken to Poseidon's Kingdom.

Poseidon swore loyalty to the new King of Gods, Hades.

He was the perfect one to take care of the new unknown races and get them used to the world.

And then lastly... One significant change happened.

Heroes Association and Government has been disbanded.

Jack had to do it by force.

They weren't willing to abandon their power, but Jack easily overwhelmed them all and threw all of them to prison in Heavens.

Few villains grew arrogant because they thought that it was the era of Villains. After all, Jack is widely known as the strongest Villain.

But they were wrong. Even worse fate was in store for them.

If they robbed. They died.

If they murdered. They died.

If they even planned to go against the law, they died.

Jack understood that they only understand violence. That's what he used to subdue them.

He even felt tempted to destroy the Power Cores so that no one can cause harm with their powers, but they are the only thing that keeps the World of Paradise intact.

If even one of them gets destroyed, that continent will be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

The power cores have been spread around in other continents because it was needed.

To keep the balance of the world.

Everyone thought that the world will fall into chaos because the Heroes Association and Government got disbanded... But, things were better than ever before.

Now, citizens realized how much it was Heroes fault that the world was in chaos.

Because of their greed.

Heavens and Underworld were also rebuilt.

They are connected with Paradise more than ever before.

It is not a rare sight to see Gods leaving Heavens to travel in Paradise.

Heavens also looked more majestic than ever before. The Heavenly Temple was destroyed, and hundreds of mansions were rebuilt.

The Heavens Neighborhood is also now connected with Heavens. The Gate which separated them has been destroyed.

That had... Unexpected consequences. The citizens of Heavens Neighborhood can more freely interact with the outside world, except they can't leave Heavens, or their bodies will turn into ashes.

Some of the Gods even found new loved ones among the citizens.

Most of the Gods swore loyalty for Hades after they noticed how much better it was without Zeus.

The Titans who fought alongside Underworld in war has settled down in their own large mansions.

Currently... In one of the buildings in Heavens Neighborhood.

The front door was opened, while the interior of the building was quite loud.

''Jane, don't drop it!'' A beautiful violet-haired woman shouted with an anxious look.

A beautiful little girl with long crimson hair with unique red and violet eyes, was holding a bowl in her tiny hands.

''Drop it?'' Jane asked with her cute voice.

''No, don't drop!'' Ariane shouted.

''Drop!'' Jane let go of the bowl and when it was about to touch the floor, it started floating.

''Hehehe.'' She giggled while her hand glowed in violet. The bowl also glowed in violet and it slowly floated back to the table.

Ariane with amusement looked at the little girl, ''You rascal! Did Jasmine teach you that!''

''Yup!'' Jane shouted with pride.

''Traitor!'' A beautiful girl in her 14s appeared from the upstairs with a pouting face, She had beautiful long black hair, blue eyes with delicate facial features, and a petite body.

Ariane sighed and looked towards the living room.

The living room had two figures sitting on the couch while watching the TV.

The first figure had beautiful crimson hair with the same colored crown.

Next to him, a handsome black-haired man was sitting with a similar black-colored crown.

''Jack, Hades, stop lazing around!'' Ariane said sternly.

''Honey, you are doing great.'' Jack showed thumbs up.

Hades nodded.

Ariane's eyebrow twitched, but then two figures left upstairs.

They were Sophia and Persephone.

There was also a little girl with beautiful auburn hair and cute facial features. She is Hades' and Persephone's daughter, Makaria.

Sophia giggled and looked at Jack, ''Jacky, you are fastest.''

Jack sighed and stood up, ''Fine...''

Jane ran towards Jack and shouted, ''Daddy, hug!''

''What a baby,'' Jack said with amusement and hugged the little girl.

He left the building and started flying towards the store.

Today was the day of Makaria's birthday, and the day she turns 10 and unlocks her Godly powers.

Jack landed in front of the store and entered it.

But... Once he entered it... He arrived in some kind of dark place.

''Hmm?'' He looked around him, 'Where am I?'

Everywhere he looked, only darkness was seen.

But soon...

A bright light appeared!

Jack closed his eyes, he is fine watching the sun without being hurt, but he felt like his eyes were about to explode if he looked even a second longer at the bright light!

Soon, the bright light disappeared and a man with black robes descended from the sky.

His facial features were hidden, but his presence alone made Jack small... Very small...

Jack thought he was the Apex Predator but in front of this robed man... He was nothing!

''Who are you..?'' Jack asked with a shaky tone.

He didn't know or see, but it felt like the robed man was smiling.

''Jack Wrathelm, strongest individual of Villain's Journey universe...'' His powerful voice echoed in the void.

Jack felt his legs going weak after hearing the robed man's powerful voice.

''Are you interested...''

''Joining a Tournament...''



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