Chapter 54: Whoever Talks Will Be Expelled

Like a dragon chanting and an elephant roaring, everyone in the conference room were perplexed.

Zhou Ping slapped Wu Jingxian's sword.


The palm and the sword intersected, and a wave centered on the two of them blew.

There are so many people that they can't help but step back and stick to the wall, even if they are Xiong Xingyu and Meng Yangteng. Others who couldn’t bear it rolled like gourds.

"What a strong martial spirit!"

The female teacher in the Kendo Department suddenly stood up. She looked towards the small meeting room.

"No, I'm going to see who it is! With such a powerful martial intent, which teacher is it? No. Even in the faculty, only a few have such a powerful martial intent. Could it be… Is it those old men?"

The female teacher rushed towards the small meeting room arboring such a thought.

"Even those old immortals don't want to bully my geniuses in the Kendo Department."

Jiang Yiming also stood up. But unlike the female teacher, Jiang Yiming had a wry smile on his face.

"Like a dragon and an elephant, there is still a trace of Buddha's pressure in its depths. This kind of aura is Young Master Zhou’s. Ah, I don't know who offended Young Master Zhou. Let's go and check it out. It’s out of control. I don’t know if I can resolve it this time."

Jiang Yiming shook his head and disappeared into the office.

In the small meeting room, there were two clanging sounds. The blade of Hongque’s sword had separated from its hilt and fell to the ground. Zhou Ping's palm was less than an inch from Wu Jingxian's face. The wind from the palm blew Wu Jingxian's originally tied hair into a mess. Wu Jingxian stood there, her eyes widened, but there was no light in her eyes.

"Let's go."

Putting his palms away, Zhou Ping walked to Xu Xiaoxuan, pulled her up, and walked outside the small meeting room.


Wu Jingxian’s eyes, who had been motionless, began to glow.

"Am I still alive?" It was not Wu Jingxian who said this, but Meng Yangteng.

"Too– too horrible. At that moment, I thought I was dead." Meng Yangteng's face was inconceivable. Zhou Ping had obviously shot Wu Jingxian, but he could feel the horror of death.


Guan Zhengchu's feet suddenly softened, and he knelt on the ground.

"Huh.. .huh." Guan Zhengchu was panting, his face full of horror. "I actually shot such a terrifying person! I'm still alive! I knew he was so strong. How could I dare to be disrespectful to him. Burn incense. I will go to the temple to burn incense when I return."

"Heh, hehe…hahahaha…" Wu Jingxian suddenly laughed wildly. "It's this kind of feeling. This kind of feeling. It's like dying. There's no escape, no resistance…

"This feeling, this feeling, is so cool."

Wu Jingxian's face was flushed, and her legs unconsciously twisted together. There was a water stain on her pants. "There is great horror between life and death, and there is also great pleasure between life and death. This is what I am looking for!"

Everyone looked at Wu Jingxian like she was a lunatic. This woman, who was ranked highly in the school flower list and the martial arts list, now made the audience feel terrified.

"He still didn't give his full strength. If he did his best, it would be impossible to keep his hands. However, he still has his hands." Wu Jingxian looked at Zhou Ping's direction with infatuation.

"One day, I will let you shoot with all your strength. I am still too weak to fight with you right now." After speaking, Wu Jingxian looked at Xiong Xingyu. "Help me pass the message. Three days later, I will challenge the two people ranked first and second in the martial arts ranking.

"I want to use them to polish my martial arts. Zhou Ping? I’ll remember you. You are mine, and only I deserve you."

As soon as Wu Jingxian's voice fell, her feet went soft. She fell to the ground with a thud and passed out.

"You want to challenge them, then go. Why do I have to tell them?" Xiong Xingyu looked bitter, but did not refuse Wu Jingxian.

"One got his ass spanked and left, and the other fainted. How can I, a guy with crippled arms, clean up this mess?" Looking around, the bitter color on Xiong Xingyu's face became heavier.

"What's the matter? Who is fighting here?" A female teacher slammed the door open, looked at the messy small conference room, and frowned. "Xiaoxian?"

Seeing Wu Jingxian who was unconscious in the small meeting room, the female teacher rushed to her side. "Who is it? Who would dare hurt my disciple?" After checking Wu Jingxian, she saw that there was no trauma, but she was unconscious.

The female teacher first sighed in relief, then turned into a fit.

"Hey… forget it, that person is not something we can offend," a male voice said, and Jiang Yiming appeared in the small meeting room.

"Do you know who it is? It's not your disciple who is unconscious, so naturally, you are not worried!" The female teacher raised her brows and directly responded to Jiang Yiming's words.

"Don't tell anyone what happened here. This is a secret. If anyone tells it, he will be expelled."

Jiang Yiming didn't care about the female teacher's tone. Instead, he looked at all the students and warned them.

Don't look at Jiang Yiming like an angry little wife in front of the Zhou family. It's because the Zhou family is too powerful. In front of other people, the principal of the country's top university still speaks very heavily.

"Yes, principal," Xiong Xingyu and others agreed.

"Okay, there's nothing for you here. Go back and get treated.” With a wave of his hand, Jiang Yiming dispersed the students.

"By the way, leave one person and talk carefully about what happened here."

Everyone looked at each other, and finally all their eyes fell on Meng Yangteng. Except for the female teacher and the principal, Wu Jingxian was unconscious and Xiong Xingyu's arms were scrapped. Even Guan Zhengchu was severely injured, and his martial arts will was broken. Only Meng Yangteng was still intact.

"I will stay." Meng Yangteng stood up with a wry smile, full of helplessness.

"Okay, you stay. Everyone else should go."

No one wanted to stay. The power of Zhou Ping and Wu Jingxian's last blow was too great. Many students couldn't stand the pressure of that kind of aura and passed out. Everyone had to help each other and slowly evacuated the small meeting room.

While walking out of the small meeting room, everyone felt a sense of seeing the day again.

"This is a real powerhouse!" Shaking his head, Xiong Xingyu felt like everything that happened had all just been a dream.

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