Chapter 112: SSS-level

[Hint: You have opened the sealed ball.]

[Hint: You have obtained an individual talent enhancement plan (unappraised) (Level: S) (Soul binding)*1.]

“I’ve got it!”

The crystal ball exploded and a black scroll floated in mid-air.

Fang Heng excitedly reached out to grab the scroll.

[Hint: Do you wish to spend 1000 survival points to complete the appraisal?]


“No! I’m not going to appraise it anymore!”

After spending so much effort to gather three scrolls, he would fuse them into the highest SSS-level anyway.

To spend 1,000 points to throw into the water just to listen to a splash?

It was meaningless!

Fang Heng hurriedly put the three S-level enhancement plans into his backpack and immediately drove the military truck to Qiu Yaokang’s villa.


In the back garden of the villa, Qiu Yaokang only lifted a corner of the manhole cover.

Under the manhole cover, he revealed a pair of eyes and looked at Fang Heng coldly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Hurry up and open the door. According to the previous agreement, I’ve already gathered three sets of talent enhancement plans.”

“You’re very fast.”

Qiu Yaokang looked at Fang Heng.

He spoke slowly and helped push the manhole cover open.

“Change into protective suit first, then come to the laboratory.”

Fang Heng quickly ran to the next room to put on a protective suit and followed Qiu Yaokang into the laboratory next door.

“Take it out.”

Qiu Yaokang stood in front of an experimental table and reached out his hand to signal Fang Heng to put the enhancement plan on the table.

“Eh? This is...”

Seeing the black scroll that Fang Heng took out from his backpack, Qiu Yaokang’s expression changed slightly and his eyes narrowed.

“S-level enhancement plan?”

He did not expect that Fang Heng would be able to obtain an S-level enhancement plan.


“Yes, you’re very impressive.”

Qiu Yaokang reminded, “But you need to gather three identical S-level enhancement plans before you can fuse them.”

“I know, there’s more.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he placed the second and third S-level enhancement plans on the experimental table one by one.

He did have three S-level enhancement plans?!

Looking at these three enhancement plans, Qiu Yaokang’s eyes were a little dazed.

Because he was too shocked, he was momentarily stunned on the spot.

He raised his head and looked back and forth at the young man in front of him.

In such a short amount of time, he could gather three top-level enhancement plans?

How did he get his hands on them?

Previously, Qiu Yaokang had thought that Fang Heng had only come here with three A-level enhancement plans to fuse with.

He did not expect him to directly gather three S-level enhancement plans!

After a long while, Qiu Yaokang finally spoke slowly.

“There’s something wrong with you.”

“There’s also something wrong with you!”

Fang Heng could not be bothered to waste time arguing with Qiu Yaokang.

He had an expectant look on his face and could not help but urge him.

“Don’t stare at me. I have my ways to find the S-level enhancement plan. What do you think of these three plans? Can the fusion be successful?”

Qiu Yaokang shifted his gaze away from Fang Heng’s face.

He picked up the scroll and placed it in front of his eyes to examine it carefully.

“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the enhancement plan.”

As he said that, Qiu Yaokang closed his eyes.

He stretched out his hand and placed it on the three scrolls.

Fang Heng swallowed his saliva. He saw that Qiu Yaokang’s hand was covered in a layer of red light.

The three scrolls on the experimental table gradually floated in the air under the illumination of the red light.


In an instant, the three black scrolls fused.

Golden light burst out in the room!

The light was too dazzling. Fang Heng could not help but turn his head and extend his hand to cover his eyes.

After a few seconds, the light gradually dissipated.

Fang Heng turned his head to look at the scroll.


The dark golden scroll that was suspended in mid-air fell on the experimental table.

Qiu Yaokang slowly opened his eyes.

His face was pale. He held his heart and his expression was extremely unnatural.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Qiu Yaokang waved his hand and did not say anything. He just pointed at the scroll on the table and motioned for Fang Heng to quickly check the scroll.

Fang Heng nodded. He could not help but reach out to grab the dark golden scroll on the table.

The moment he picked it up, a game notification appeared in the lower right corner of Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: You have completed the mission-collaborative research and development. Your favorability with Qiu Yaokang has increased slightly.]

[Hint: You have obtained an individual talent enhancement plan (unappraised) (Level: SSS) (Soul binding)*1.]



Fusion was successful!

Fang Heng was extremely excited!

After expending so much effort, he had finally completed today!

[Hint: Do you wish to consume 5,000 survival points to activate this talent enhancement plan.]


[Hint: Player has consumed 5,000 survival points to activate the talent enhancement plan...]

[Hint: Creating an SSS-level enhancement plan suitable for the player’s talent attribute...]

[Hint: Successful. You can choose one of the following three enhancement plans.]

One out of the three enhancement plans?!

Unlike the previous S-level enhancement plan, the SSS-level enhancement plan could allow the player to choose one of the three enhancement plans!

One would get what one paid for. This way, the chance of getting trash would be greatly reduced!

Fang Heng clicked on the details of his talent and scanned through them one by one.

[Transformation plan 1: Efficient evolution.]

[Transformation plan 2: Individual strengthening of the zombie clone.]

[Transformation plan 3: Rapid growth.]

Eh? What happened after that? What about the details?

Nothing else?

He couldn’t click on it anymore?

Just the name?

Looking at the three options, Fang Heng lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

The SSS-level gave him three options.

However, he could only see the name of the options, but not the details of the specific enhancement plan.

He had no choice. This was the game’s setting.

He could only guess from the name alone.

First of all, he excluded the second option-the individual strengthening of the zombie clone.

He could guess from the name. The talent for individual strengthening for the zombie clone was most likely to enhance its strength.

If it was at SSS-level, Fang Heng guessed that this skill should have a great increase in the percentage of improving the ability of the zombie clone.

It was very strong, but it was not what he urgently needed.

The remaining two.

Efficient evolution and rapid growth...

What did evolution refer to?

Fang Heng rubbed his chin and thought carefully.

Thinking carefully, in the Hope Town Hospital, when ordinary zombies were infected by the corpse vines and became higher-level vine zombies, it should be considered an ‘evolution’.

On the surface, it was very likely that the efficient evolution was related to this aspect.

However, it was still impossible to tell what the specific effect was.

There was a risk in choosing this option.

As for the last rapid growth...

Fang Heng’s heart started beating rapidly.

“Growth refers to the number of zombies?”

He had a premonition that the growth referred to the number of zombie clones!

Currently, at Level 10, one could get 11 zombies after reaching Level 11.

As one levelled up, the percentage increase would gradually decrease in the later stages.

Even if one levelled up to Level 100, there would only be 5,050 zombies.


If he chose this one, there was a high chance that he could get more zombies!

Fang Heng quickly made up his mind.

To him, the zombie clones were the foundation.

Other than the powerful combat ability of the zombie clones, the role of the zombie clones in the logistics in the apocalypse was extremely obvious!

He could help himself expand his forces quickly!

With more zombie clones, he could develop more efficiently!

If he didn’t have rapid growth, Fang Heng might take a gamble on efficient evolution.

“I choose option three, rapid growth.”

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