Chapter 42

The Demon Queen was angry listening to what Xiao Bai, the little fox inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, said.

"Let's dig this place out."

The little fox's thoughts were simple.

If they didn't want the Phoenix Flame, why should they let go of the other things?

Rather, didn't it mean they had come here for naught?

But again, what made the Demon Queen even more enraged was that Lin Yan nodded,

"Yeah, we must not let go of a single thing."

A single human and a fox instantly emptied all around the cave.

For the Demon Queen, this kind of place that stored the Phoenix Flame was like the Ancestral tomb of the human race.

However, the two guys inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror emptied the Ancestral tomb hastily.

Naturally, she was so angry that fumes were coming from her head.

"This little fox, damn it!" The enraged Demon Queen clenched her fists tightly.


Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the scene changed again.

Not finding anything else in this phoenix cave, Lin Yan and Xiao Bai simply went back to the previous river, caught several fishes, scraped them, and returned to this cave.

Using the phoenix flame here, they began to grill the fish.

Watching this scene, most of them didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Though the Phoenix flame was precious, these two people in the mirror didn't seem to be bothered using such a valuable treasure for grilling the fish.

It was simply a waste of heaven's blessing.

Seeing them use the Phoenix flame for such a mundane task naturally infuriated the Demon Queen.


"Did you all notice the Heavenly Emperor smiling so often these days?" Suddenly, someone in the crowd whispered.

When one voiced out his thought, the crowd immediately noticed it.

The smile never left Lin Yan's face while he was in the presence of the little fox, even when he was accompanying this stupid little fox who had been fooling around with him.

He appeared much different when compared to his past or future self.

Before, with the Heavenly Emperor's difficulty bringing up his sister, ensuring her survival, worrying about their everyday livelihood, and carrying a blood feud, his face nearly never revealed a smile.

Later, the Heavenly Emperor always appeared cold, giving him an arrogant and ruthless disposition.

But now, he always had a smile on his face.

"This little fox has a simple personality. With her, the Heavenly Emperor probably feels very relaxed."

"Indeed. But I'm now starting to worry about what will happen to this little fox."

"The Heavenly Emperor didn't have a little fox following him, nor was there any news of him ever having a fox as his companion."


Everyone in the crowd began to mumble one after another.

They had seen the little fox not only save Lin Yan's life at that time but was even gradually becoming the closest person to Lin Yan.

Perhaps, if something did happen to the little fox, they could reckon Lin Yan would no longer be himself and immediately set off a bloody storm for her.

As they muttered to themselves for a while, a terrifying thought crept into their minds, "Could it be the Heavenly Emperor grew cold and ruthless just after this time?"


In the suspicious gazes of the crowd outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, Lin Yan and Xiao Bai's relationship grew closer and closer.

In the daytime, amid the Phoenix clan cave, this man and fox slowly swept toward the surrounding area, searching for treasures.

When they get hungry, they grill the fish and eat it.

Xiao Bai, who for most of her life disliked eating fish, was now delightfully munching over the same dish each day with no complaints whatsoever.

These two would snuggle together in the evening and fall into a deep sleep.

By now, they had become dependent on each other.

Xiao Bai would unconsciously get into Lin Yan's arms during their sleep.

This warm embrace gave her an immense sense of security.

It was something she had never felt even when she stayed for decades in the desolate Ancient Forbidden Land.

Whenever Lin Yan felt Xiao Bai's furry body in his arms, he would open his eyes.

He would gently cuddle Xiao Bai into his arms, the same as when coaxing his sister.

Unknowingly, this little fox had become the closest person to him long ago.


During this time, Lin Yan never once neglected his cultivation. Every day he would set aside two hours for cultivation.

But the path of Spiritual cultivation was indeed more complex than any other cultivation path.

Even Lin Yan could barely improve his strength. It was simply incomparable to the past.

Nevertheless, Lin Yan himself wasn't anxious but had a peaceful mind.

Although the place he was in now was the desolate Ancient forbidden Land that everyone feared, this place couldn't be better for him.

With Xiao Bai by his side, he still didn't have to fight with people. He was pretty much satisfied.

As the days went by, Xiao Bai had even started to get influenced by him.

While he was cultivating, Xiao Bai would also pretend to sit beside him as if she was trying to cultivate.

A few years gradually passed so peacefully.


(Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

"It must be about time for the little fox to transform."

A demon Saint blinked his eyes.

When the demon race cultivated to the Dao Entry realm, they could shed their bones and transform into human form.

From then on, they would have two forms, the human form and their original body.

This little fox was previously at the innate stage of cultivation.

But after years of being with Lin Yan, her cultivation had long since accumulated unknowingly to the point where she could break through from the Innate realm.

As long as she could successfully breakthrough from the Innate Realm, the little fox could conjure up the human form.

Moreover, the fox girl in her original form had been well-known for her beauty.

"It'd be interesting to see what this little fox actually turns to." The Demon Queen said icily.

The other people in the crowd also lit up.

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If they could see the little fox's human form, then it would be much easier to find information about this little fox.

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