Chapter 1: I just want to loaf around for ten years!

Chapter 1 I just want to loaf around for ten years!

During the third year of the Eternal Night Calendar in the capital of the Green Vines Empire. 

On a regular morning, plenty of maids can be seen working at a luxurious estate located in the upper district.

Meanwhile a man with black eyes and hair, Roger relaxed on the bed of a luxurious bedroom with a smile across his handsome face.

He should've had a good dream.

It has been a long time after the sun has risen. He seems to have gotten enough rest and woke up. 

“Ding! Acedia system has detected your emotional stability, you've obtained a random chest, would you like to open it?”


“Opened successfully, you got 100 units of Origin Spiritual Power.”

Roger felt heat flow into his head as the world became clearer.

“Even this can be strengthened? As expected of you, system!”

Roger was ecstatic.

Spiritual and Magic power is the source of a magician's strength.

Magic power decides the amount of spells you can cast and spell's strength. Spiritual power decides the spell's penetration and the speed of magic recovery.

Those things can be improved through meditation, but doing that takes a lot of time without the help of pills or other methods of strengthening.

So spiritual power often becomes a bottleneck of improvement.

But the system can directly strengthen spiritual power?

Its power is simply immeasurable. 

“Doing nothing is so comfortable!”

Roger Charles, 18 years of age, has been known as a waste in the empire.

But he has another identity. In his previous life, he was a video game developer.

"Eternal Night,” a game which took five years to develop before it was finally released

Gamers worked hard to take advantage of the game's extremely high degree of freedom and have developed many strategies for many prominent game roles.

As a veteran of the game, Roger had already experienced what the game had to offer, including the horrors and malice of the gods.

And the truth hidden behind the main storyline of the game!

That night, he had prepared to have a rest, and make some videos to earn money and shock the netizens.

But when he woke up, Roger was surprised!

He transmigrated into the game world, ten years before the main story. 

He wasn’t the main character.

Nor the ultimate villain.

He was the brother of the Right Prime Minister, Duchess Angelina, under the leadership of the ultimate villain “Eternal Night Queen.”

He couldn’t even live until the game started, just appearing as an extra.

Just a small mob by the roadside.

Fortunately, after he crossed into the game, he received the "Acedia System".

Just by living a comfortable life and pretending to be a waste, the system will award him a chest with random rewards everyday.

The first day when his spiritual power strengthened, he thought that just by lazing about and opening chests, he could get much more powerful equipment and so on.

Since he had the system, he felt secure and decided not to wander outside.

He was ready to lie in the Ducal Palace for ten years, and then check the situation to see whether he would go out or not. 

First, his empire was a villain camp, depending on the direction of the game, they will lose.

And Roger did not even live until the game started, this means that in the next ten years he had a deadly crisis, so he should be careful.

This game’s task was to kill the queen and overthrow the tyranny of the Empire.

To Roger, who knows every game plot, blending in with the protagonist's group is simple.

If he had the Protagonist's Halo and a god's help, and opening a system plug-in, achieving a perfect ending would be easy!

But as he knew the secrets of the world, he admired the Queen who went against the gods with her sword.

Because the gods were bastards, the protagonist's group was robbed.

Despite knowing this, he had been given chance to live again. The destiny of the empire was not easy to change, and he didn’t want to give his life to the gods.

So he just laid in this place, reducing his presence, not letting the protagonists and the gods notice him.

If the main story starts, if he had a chance, he would help the empire.

If he had no other choice, he would bring his sister to another place and rely on the Acedia System.


His bedroom door was pushed open.

A blue haired girl walked into his room.

She was 165 centimeters tall, and her blue eyes were crystal clear.

Her bright and beautiful face could even make the coldest land blows spring breeze.

Angelina Charles, the prime minister of Green Vines Empire, Roger’s sister.

At the side of the Queen of Eternal Night, the only great maid who could suppress her murderous spirit.

Many people had been saved due to her efforts countless times including the protagonist's party. 

So the players called her “Saint Angelina”, the image of the blue-haired maid is also very flattering.

Now Angelina was pouting, she went near the bed, and said:

“Roger, why are you still asleep?”

“Sister, why did you suddenly barge in?”

Roger hurriedly pulled his blanket over himself, covering his body that was only wearing underwear.

“The Queen is coming to our home, you better hurry up and put some clothes on!”

“ I won't go outside when she's here, is that ok?”

“Her Majesty wants to see you and  wants to name you as her knight, will you come?”

“Of course, I will go!”

Roger then gets up and gets dressed.

The Queen of Eternal Nights is ruthless and is strict with her subordinates.

Betray her orders, and the best ending would be death.

Angelina went to help him.

Roger was an otaku, so how could he get close to such a beautiful girl like her in his previous life?

Obviously, as the Grand Chancellor of the Queen's Right seat, Angelina rarely does tend to others.

Roger kept dodging, while Angelina was obviously inexperienced.

The clothes soon became a mess, they lost their balance and they fell into the soft, huge bed together.

His arms were wrapped around his sister's body, and there was a delicate fragrance of orchids floating into his nose

Roger’s mind was blank for some time before he pushed her away in embarassment.

“Sister, I know how to put on clothes! Stop embarrassing me!”

Angelina was stunned, isn't it her who should be ashamed at this time?

This guy started it!

She struggled to prop herself up and said in disgust: ”Brother, you are stupid like a child, don't move, I'll help you get it done.”

She laughed.

Her gentle face radiated a holy glow.

Roger was also impressed.

That's a lot better than CG!

He was like a wooden puppet, letting his sister help him get dressed.

Get dressed and get his hair done.

Although her brother was a waste, he looked so handsome!

The cubs that have been raised with hard work do not know which little fairy will marry him.

“Sister, why are you suddenly pinching me?”

“I'm your sister, I'll pinch you if I want to, I'm the biggest in this house!”

She said without any reason, seemingly unhappy.

Roger was confused.

When she went from 2D to 3D this goddess also became neurotic!

But as expected of the duchess, they are big.

Was her cup size a D?

When he thought about it, only he could see that even the right chancellor of the empire had a girlish side.

Seemed quite cool?

Beside Charles's room.

Angelina, Roger and many other waiters and maids were waiting for the queen to arrive.

There was a slight flash of light, and a woman who was 175cm tall wearing a gorgeous robe with gold and red characters teleported directly to the house.

Because she was too strong, she didn't need any guards to escort her.

She had gold hair which shone like the sun, her face was radiantly beautiful, and her skin were fairer than a girl's.

A pity that her aura was ever powerful and sharp, akin to a sword, suppressing all blasphemous thoughts one might have.

By pure magic alone, she could stand in the air and look down on everyone.

At this moment, he finally understood the so-called majesty of a queen.

In the game, one can also look at her dreamlike character portrait.

But now, facing her directly with her aura's momentum beyond that of a legendary powerhouse, only one word came to mind — terrifying!

Although it’s only one woman, her presence alone caused everyone to kneel."Greetings, Your Majesty!"

This is the Ruler of the Empire, the world's top powerhouse, the Queen of the Eternal Night!

“Stand up.”

She waved her hand gently.

Suddenly, a strange voice appeared in her head.

[Oh my god! She’s so powerful! She’s awesome!]

[But why is she wearing leggings? Does she not have any care for her dignity and self respect?]

[It is a pity that such a woman is not tolerant of the gods.]

“Who knows the secret of me and the gods?”

Storms were set off in the Queen's heart as she stood directly in the air.

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