Chapter 564: Happy Ending...

Just after the Rating Game Tournament was over, Reo married all of his lovers including the newer ones. He knew that he might end up getting together with Yasaka due to his bond with Kunou, but Serafall, Grayfia, and Ophis came out as a surprise. Well, not that Reo was complaining…

Even though it seemed like Reo married Yasaka just for the sake of Kunou, it wasn't like that. He also started to like Yasaka after spending some time with her. Aside from that, just like Reo had thought, the wedding turned out to be a real bother.

Well, not the whole ceremony, but the arrangements. The girls weren't satisfied with the arrangements, so Reo had to help them for a whole week with their tedious arrangements with his Powers. Reo was also worried that a war might break out between the Dark Faction Gods and Light Faction Gods, but thankfully nothing like that happened.

Reo was glad that it was finally over and everything went smoothly. After the wedding, he decided to take his wives on a long Honeymoon. Reo decided that he deserved a long vacation after the tedious wedding ceremony.

Reo had an amazing time along with his wives… They travelled through the Omniverse exploring several beautiful places hidden within the Omniverse. After only two months of their vacation, Momo, Fleur, Luna, Dora, Ororo, Grayfia, Serafall, Yasaka, and Kuroka became pregnant.

Tending hormonal women was more tedious, but since Reo is a gentleman, he breezed with a gentle smile on his face. Even though the women were driving him crazy, he was extremely happy with everything going on in his life, but everything good must come to an end.

After another month, the rupture started to become bigger and Trihexa's seal also started to become weaker. As soon as Reo sensed the rapture getting bigger, he sent a message to Ikkagen to gather the Gods from the Light Faction and then he himself summoned some of the Dark Faction Gods and told them to spread the news.

Due to that, Reo had to cut short his Honeymoon trip. Though he promised his wives that he would resume the Honeymoon trip from where it stopped. After that, the preparations for the war started. Reo's wives who weren't pregnant happily joined in the war efforts. No matter how much Reo tried, he couldn't keep Hela, Yachiru, and Rumi from the War.

After only a week, Trihexa's seal finally shattered due to the rupture. Reo immediately teleported Trihexa away from the seal to protect her from the enemies, whoever they were. Moments later, several grotesque beings started to pour inside the rupture. Reo immediately started to use his Power of Destruction to get rid of those beings.

Even with his Power of Destruction, he couldn't hold back all the enemies as the rupture continued to become bigger with each passing second. Reo and Ikkagen, leaders of the respective Factions, finally decided to charge ahead. Reo with his acquired Spear started to massacre the enemy forces. From them, Reo discovered that these beings worked for beings called the Outer Gods.

Reo could only grimace when the first Outer God finally came in through the rupture. Just like Reo, he was also a God of Destruction and he started to cancel Reo's Power of Destruction with his own. Both of their Power of Destruction end up cancelling each other. After a couple of minutes, the other Outer Gods also started to enter their Omniverse.

That is when the real War started. It War lasted for nearly a month, but Outer Gods were finally defeated and their existence erased. Now that no one was keeping the rupture in the barrier of the Omniverse open, it started to close on its own…

Even though they have come out victorious, it wasn't without losses. True, it was nothing to worry about since the Gods who have lost their lives were going to resurrect on their own, but it was still sad. There were a lot of normal beings who have also participated in the War, such as the Evil Dragons. All of them had died including Crom Cruach. Flavia also met her end against the horde of their army.

Reo was already planning to resurrect them using the Holy Grail, it might take some time, but he will resurrect them. They might annoy him, but Reo had grown a liking to them and Flavia was already his friend. Hydriana also sacrificed herself to protect Trihexa against one of the Outer Gods and similarly, Extinction also sacrificed his life to protect Rumi. They were not the only losses, more the half of the Gods were dead.

Ikkagen was barely alive when the War was finally over. His body was extremely weak and he would have lived even without treatment, but he wouldn't have regained his original power due to his wounded body. So, he requested Reo to kill him, so that he could gain a new body for himself through resurrection.

Now that the War was finally over, it was time to rebuild… Just like Reo had promised, he resumed his Honeymoon from where he had left off. After another month of rigorous practice, his other wives also ended up becoming pregnant. Reo literally went over a moon and decided to claim a nice Solar System for himself and his growing Family.

Hela decided to resign from the duty of Death's Avatar so that she could take care of her child. She wanted to spend all of her with her child. Obviously, Death wasn't happy and continued to pout, but Hela remained firm on her decision. Though, she did agree to train the new Avatar and help Death during an emergency. It was the same with Yachiru, but Ardat could understand.

Ardat decided to travel around the Omniverse for the time being until Hydriana was reborn and then she would join Hydriana on the mortal plane in a mortal body. Ardat and Trihexa were hit hard by Hydriana's death. Since Trihexa didn't have anything better to do, she decided to accompany Ardat on her travels. Following Reo's example, Ardat and Hydriana also decided to get married. So, Trihexa decided to accompany her other mother and get to know the woman.

Lars and Gotzone, fortunately, survived the War and the two of them finally decided to stop beating around the bush and get married. The War had left a mark on all the survivors and the survivors from both the Factions have decided to keep a close eye on the righteous Gods. Nobody wanted a repeat of this incident…

Now that all the tedious stuff was over, Reo decided to retreat to his Solar System with his Family and keep an eye out for any insane Gods who might cause another incident like this. Even though they lost a lot of friends, nobody could deny that it was a Happy Ending…


I will be honest, it has been a awesome ride. I have started writing my story last year and most of the ride has been pretty awesome. There has been a lot of ups and and downs, but I still continued.

Well, everything even if it is good or bad, it must come to an end. The Epic of Leviathan has finally come to an end, the only regret I have is that I have finish the story on such a bad note... I wanted to give it a suitable end, but it is what it is...

I am just glad that I have been able to entertain all you for the time being. The rest of my stories are going to continue...

Crimson Destiny will remain a weekly fic, but the Black Summoner Fanfic will become a regular fic from Sunday...

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