Chapter 125: Organizing The Evacuation.

The news of the 120,000 Barbarian army approaching Jin City no longer needed to be reported by scouts, as the fleeing people already brought them.

Currently, the people were assembled and were evacuating from Jin City in an orderly manner.

Being forced to leave their homes, everyone was naturally livid.

However, they understood that the Court was only doing what was absolutely necessary. 

Since they were now evacuating Jin City and going to some other city, it indicated that the battle was not looking optimistic.

On the city ​​wall, Nie Xu looked at the busy traffic below. The large number of people were flowing like a long dragon, and he also wore a complicated expression on his face.

"Governor, what should we do now?"


Liu Jian, who was standing beside him, asked in a low voice.

Nie Xu didn't immediately answer. Instead, he placed his hands behind his back, and continued to silently look at the scene below.

It was only after a long time passed, did he slowly speak.

"There may be some trouble along the way as the people evacuate. How many people are there in the Office?"

"Not including me, there are a total of 123 Officials."

Liu Jian replied truthfully.

Jin City had a large population, so the number of Officials was also quite large.

Hearing this, Nie Xu nodded: "123 people sounds about right."

After he finished speaking, his face suddenly became solemn, and he shouted in a deep voice.

"Liu Jian, heed my order!"

Liu Jian was stunned for a moment, but he soon bowed with a solemn expression and clasped his fists.     

Nie Xu went on to say: "This Official hereby orders you to lead all of the Officials and escort the people along the way. There must be no casualties. Make sure that the people safely arrive at the destination."     

However, Liu Jian did not leave immediately. Instead, he showed some hesitation on his face.     

"Aren't you also leaving, Governor?"     

"As you call me, I am the Governor of this City. How can I retreat first when war is fast approaching? You escort the people to evacuate, leave the things here to me."     

Nie Xu raised his hand and stopped Liu Jian from what he was going to say next.     

Seeing this, Liu Jian could only close his mouth. He then bowed and stepped back to do his duty. 

Naturally, the evacuation wasn't aimless.     

The evacuation destination for all of the people was the rear of the Great Wilderness Province. The several cities there were heavily guarded.     

With the amount of people from Jin City, they would crowd out if they only went to one city. Only if they were dispersed, would it not cause a big impact.     

During the evacuation process, hundreds of thousands of people seemed to be many, but the three-way city gates were wide open, and with the Black Tiger Army as a deterrent, there were no major disturbances.    

Further, the news of the evacuation had already been spread a day earlier, so people were ready.     

In only half a day, almost all of the people in the city had been evacuated.     

Nie Xu, on the other hand, did not move, and still stood on the city wall, watching the people leave.     

"Governor Nie is reluctant to part?"

A voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

To this, Nie Xu smiled bitterly: "It's not reluctance. This Official is just worried about the future of Jin City."

"If Governor Nie is uncertain, you can leave with the others, before the Barbarians army arrives. It isn't too late for you to leave now. "

"If this Official planned to leave, I would have left long ago, why wait until now?"

Nie Xu shook his head, and then he turned to look at Wen Ce, who was already equipped with his armor and sword.

"Since Commander Wen is here, what's the situation in the city now?"

Wen Ce was wearing black armor, with a sword hanging from his waist. A chilling aura emanated from him, making people shudder.

"All of the people in the city have been evacuated, and now we are only waiting for the Barbarian army to arrive!"

"Where is General Chu?"

"General is inspecting the city, to see if there is anything we missed."

"Thank you."

Nie Xu nodded, he then looked into the city.


Most of the day had passed, and it was now night time. Due to the evacuation of the people, most of the city had fallen into darkness, and only one building remained brightly lit.

It was Tianyi Luo!

If he wasn't sure where the Heavenly Inspection Guard was based in Jin City before, then now, it was obvious.

"I didn't expect that the Heavenly Inspection Guard would set up a base in Tianyi Luo. It's such an obvious place, however, they left no clues. They're really hidden deep."

Nie Xu sighed.

The most dangerous place was the safest place.

Of course, the main thing was the Heavenly Inspection Guard's concealment method was deep enough.

Otherwise, with people constantly coming and going in Tianyi Luo, they would have revealed clues.

Following Nie Xu's gaze, Wen Ce also looked at Tianyi Luo with a slightly complicated expression.

"The Heavenly Inspection Guard is an organization cultivated by the Demon Suppression Division. How many branches do they have hidden in the Great Qin? I am afraid that even the people from the Demon Suppression Division can't be sure. Maybe one of the people passing by may be from the Heavenly Inspection Guard."

"If it weren't for the slow transmission of news from all over the world, I'm afraid that the moment the Barbarians attacked Ningshan City, the Demon Suppression Division would have already gotten the news."

"As for now, it is difficult for the Heavenly Inspection Guard to play a big role in Jin City."

At the end, Wen Ce shook his head.

The Heavenly Inspection Guard mainly does intelligence work. Under normal circumstances, intelligence was naturally the key thing.

But when it was time for actual head-to-head battles, intelligence was useless.

By that time, the comparison would become whose sword was sharper, tougher, and could kill more people.

"There is no news from the three major Demon Suppression Divisions in the Great Wilderness Province. The Barbarians and the Eternal Life Alliance are really determined to break through the Great Wilderness Province—"

Nie Xu said in a deep voice.

It had been a few days since the Barbarians invaded the Great Wilderness Province, but there was still no movement from the Demon Suppression Divisions. When it comes to intelligence, the intelligence capability of the Demon Suppression Division was much stronger than that of the Court itself.

But now, there was no news from them.

Meaning, either the news hasn't arrived on their end yet, or they were stuck in a predicament of their own.

Or it could be both.

Nie Xu was more inclined towards the latter.

It's because he had already received the news that a Fury Level monster was wreaking havoc in the Great Wilderness Province.

A Fury Level monster!

It's a powerful monster that could destroy a city, and ordinary monsters could not compare to it at all.

When Wen Ce heard this, his expression also became stern.

"It's best if the Demon Suppression Division can free up some of their hands. If they can't, then we'll still fight against the Barbarians all the same." 

The Black Tiger Army had the honor of the Black Tiger Army.

Also for Nie Xu, he obviously thought that the Demon Suppression Division was not as reliable, and he felt some dissatisfaction in his heart.

"The strength of the Black Tiger Army should not be underestimated."

Nie Xu smiled and did not comment much on this topic.

Immediately, the two went down the wall.

Today, the city was pretty much empty, but when the Black Tiger Army put up torches, the city became as bright as day.

Inside the Black Tiger Army Barracks.

Chu Ding and the Commanders of the Black Tiger Army were sitting in front of a temporary sand(?) table.

"Among Jin City's four city gates, judging from the marching route of the Barbarian army, the first direction of the Barbarians should be the South Gate."

As the Thousand(-strong) Commander, he pointed to the table.

The rest of the people also set their eyes on the table.

"Although the geographical location of Jin City is not very important, it is also indispensable. If Jin City is not taken down, this part of the Barbarian army will not dare to drive straight in. After all, once the battle in the front is hindered and their path of retreat is cut off by us, there's a high probability that their entire army will be destroyed."

"Although the barbarians are quickly attacking the city, their approach would probably be steady."

"Unfortunately, there is no dangerous terrain around Jin City, and we have no way to take advantage of the convenience of the terrain.”

The area around Jin City was almost all flat.

Although it was not a plain, it was not much different either.

In this case, if Jin City wanted to resist the Barbarian army's offensive, they could only defend the city.

Chu Ding retracted his gaze from the table and looked at the others.

"How much food is left in the city?"

"Although the people evacuated, some food was left behind. If nothing else, it would be enough to last us for the first half of the year."

Half a year!

Chu Ding nodded slightly.

If the Barbarians still hadn't conquered Jin City after half a year, then it would become impossible. Besides, this was the territory of the Great Qin, and the barbarians would not be allowed to run rampant for so long.

Food was no problem.

Their biggest worry was solved.

Immediately after, he turned his eyes to the table again.

"If the Barbarians want to force their way in, they must have supplies for their food and other necessities. But they would strictly monitor them and it would not be easy to target this."


Chu Ding pointed to the terrain on the table and it landed on a slender gully.

"This is the Qinghe River. The Barbarians will definitely need to set up camps. Water is essential. If we can poison the water, maybe it will have some effect."

Poisoning the water!

Hearing this, many people's expressions changed slightly.

A Thousand Commander clasped their fists: "General, the Qinghe River is long, and it involves more than just Jin City. If the water is poisoned, other people in the Province might get affected."

"Besides, the Qinghe River flows fast. Unless a lot of poison is invested, it would be difficult for it to play any role."

"And if a large amount of poison is put in, I am afraid it would leave clues."

Poisoning the water was not an easy task.

River water was not stagnant water.

As long as the river water flows, it would be difficult for the poison to play a practical role. 

To this, Chu Ding shook his head.

"The water of the Qinghe River is going South, and the Barbarians are currently heading North. I'm afraid not many Qin people would stay in the place where the Barbarians pass. And as you said, the river is flowing, so even if poisoning can affect, its scope would be not large."

"As for whether we put a large amount of poison and it will leave clues, it depends on the technique."

"Although we are not proficient in poisoning, some people are."

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