Chapter 936: Arrow of Extermination

'With such a portal there, they will have an endless stream of reinforcements!' Gege expressed her concerns but Arthur had an evil smile on his face.

"It's time to use an old weapon of mine," Arthur suddenly took out a large number of arrows. "Remember these?" he couldn't help but laugh before he stored them again.

'But…' Gege was about to argue however Arthur didn't let her continue what she wanted to say.

"Tell Nara and her boys to get ready," he said, "I will need them to be equipped with strong bows. Let Agnus know in advance and start making nice bows for them."

The arrows Arthur took were arrows of extermination. He once depended entirely on them before he shifted his style to use his sword instead of the bow.

What Gege wanted to say before was the fact that these arrows were useful in the low realms. But in such a mid realm, she doubted they would create such a great impact like before.

In addition to that, their enemies now were mostly from the highest realms. Even those dwellers in this mid realm wouldn't get killed easily by these arrows.

Arthur knew all of that, however he trusted the damage his arrows of extermination could do. He also planned his assault over another fact that Gege missed.

This time he would depend on numbers to crush his enemies. The arrows were weak, but when used in great numbers they would turn lethal.

And if you added the strong mechas in the picture, then things would turn for the better for sure.

'Do you want to send them out now?' Gege asked but Arthur shook his head.

"Even with the arrows, the problem of this portal remains a headache," Arthur took in a deep breath before asking, "can you handle it?"

'Me?' Gege felt surprised for a moment before the golden dragon said:

'You have to consider that this is a portal from the highest realms in the universe.'

'Ding! Also it's made and controlled by one of the toughest mages in the entire universe,' the system added and these words didn't help but to add more worry to Gege.

'Ahem… I can't say I can deal with it, but at least I can freeze it or interfere with its transfer ability,' Gege said in an attempt to save her face.

"So you don't have a way to stop it," Arthur crushed all the fake words she gave and expressed the truth in such a direct way.

'Well…' Gege tried to think of a way to retort his words, but Arthur didn't give her the chance to do so.

"There's no point in saying otherwise. Anyway I believe we have a chance to destroy it," Arthur said before pointing towards the distant fort and added, "can the tree do it?"

Arthur was thinking about a way to deal with this portal. He knew this portal wasn't that easy to handle, and just interfering with it wouldn't be enough.

After all, what would prevent the dark angel mage from creating another one if this one didn't work well?

It was one way, only one way for Arthur to get rid of such nuisance once and for all. He had to demonstrate clearly to that sworn enemy of his that he could demolish any portal easily and in a smooth way.

So that dark angel mage would hesitate again to summon this portal, and that would eventually lead to winning this conflict in the end.

But Arthur's hopes were doomed to shatter when Gege returned with the response from his beloved mirror tree.

'She can't do it,' Gege poured cold water simply like that over his dreams, 'this portal is secured with very pure high end dark energy. She can't deal with it, neither can I.'

"Damn it!" Arthur couldn't help but get furious the moment he heard that. However he took rapid breaths in and out before he said:

"What about sealing arrays?"

'Against such a high end portal… I doubt any array you have can deal with it,' the golden dragon blocked this path on him as well.


Arthur stood motionless in his place while his mind kept spinning with all his might. He had the feeling that he got a way, but he wasn't able to see it right now.

'What about your new energy?' Gege said, 'can't you destroy the portal with it?'

"No, my energy can't dominate it yet," Arthur bitterly admitted before adding, "there must be a way."

'Ding! There isn't a way in our hands to seal this thing off,' the system slowly said the bitter truth, 'Ding! But we can work our best to kill anything coming out of it.'

"This isn't the main problem," Arthur sighed before adding, "once we do that, our enemy will create another portal, and a third one and even more."

His words left a heavy shadow over the three beings in his mind. They realized why he was concerned about sealing or destroying the portal.

Arthur waited in his place for a long time without moving on. He knew he wouldn't be able to think over this issue once he started his fight.

And he wouldn't venture forward without a proper plan.

But no matter how deep he thought, he couldn't find that answer yet. Instead that feeling of him about missing that solution kept nagging his soul nonetheless.

'It's now or never,' Gege suddenly said, 'the other battlegrounds are showing signs of breaking. Their enemies grew in such large numbers that even pure strength alone isn't enough to dominate the fight.'

This was the main concern Arthur had before coming here. He knew eventually one battleground would crumble and let the others fall.

So he thought of hitting the enemy at the heart, to paralyze the entire net of forces scattered around his men.

A simple attack like this would solve many problems for everyone. However he was still unsatisfied about going there without a proper solution for that portal.

'Tick tock… Tick tock… the clock is ticking and you need to move out now,' however the golden dragon expressed it best in his own words.

And Arthur couldn't help but suck in a deep breath before deciding to move out.

"Bring everyone out when I tell you so," Arthur slowly said before adding, "the mechas will stand in midair and rain down the fort with their arrows."

'What about the dragons?' Gege asked.

"They will be scattered around the portal and kill anything coming out from it," Arthur said before adding, "prepare everything. Even the monsters lurking and doing nothing. Even those newly recruited mages… if we want to win this war, we need to throw everything out."

'I got it,' Gege said in understanding while Arthur kept flying fast towards the frontal fort.

That fort was simply like a giant citadel. It had many layers of walls, in between them lay many villages and towns. There were also endless rows of black tents scattered all around the fort.

Simply put, it was a base that couldn't possibly be raided with any force in this world. However Arthur wasn't someone simple either.

"Bring out the mechas," As he got near the fort to see even the faces of those standing on the walls, he gave the order to Gege, "make sure they'll never stop raining down the arrows over everyone."

'Any target in mind?' Gege asked, 'like the center perhaps?'

"No, let them fire at will at first," Arthur instructed, "then we will adapt according to the path of the war."




Just as Arthur said this, a loud sound of metallic drums appeared from inside the big forte. It seemed like they finally took notice of Arthur and started to alarm everyone.

"A bit late," however Arthur only sneered back, "they are drunk in their strength and confidence to even neglect me till now."

The next moment portals appeared all around him. Many mechas came out while holding strange bows.

They were all made out of strange ores. The moment Arthur saw them, he couldn't help but feel surprised. "these bows… are they made from that ore?"

He couldn't help but ask, as this ore looked strangely similar to the ones responsible for holding the purple fire back.

'It's not only the bows, but Agnus also added some of the ores to the arrows of extermination as well,' Gege said before adding, 'after all you took a long time to move on. And inside my garden, time works much faster than here.'

"Good lad," Arthur commended Agnus' decision, "I hope this will add to the destructive power of the arrows."

Arthur then raised his sword high in the air before pointing it towards the rapidly gathering forces around the forte.

Things in the forte looked chaotic at the moment. mages kept running wild and many monsters appeared as well.

Besides that, a large number of grandmasters and elites appeared in midair, looking in amazement towards him.

"Fire!" and Arthur didn't hesitate to issue his order while watching the deadly arrows of his reappear again in this world.

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