A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

As long as hamster spirit Shu Shu can survive the lightning tribulation, then his cultivation will be able to turn him into a human. In the end, the lightning tribulation strikes him and he arrives in the… future? In order to avoid people and being mistaken for a monster, Shu Shu decides to dig a...
Yaoi, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Sci-fi, Slice of Life
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Reborn with My Wife

Waking up drunk, Gu Xia found that he had been reborn ten years ago, and his wife had also been reborn. Whether they should live separately, or reunite, Gu Xia felt that this was a question worth pondering....
Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life
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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

“You are mine, and I am yours…” The world cannot be saved by the victory of a single man. This book begins at the point where the climax should occur; the battle between a Demon Queen who is a little strange and a Hero who is a little curious. However, not only do these two give up the battle,...
Seinen, Drama, Romance, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem
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Mistress, I Was Wrong

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Tong Yao woke up and found herself in an unfortunate situation. Not only did she transmigrate into a fantasy-romance novel that had been dropped by the author, but she also found herself in the body of a throwaway character that was fighting against the protagonist for a man! For the sake of her...
Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Xuanhuan
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Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce?

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She possessed an evil woman who loves the main lead and killed her husband. Fortunately, the timeline was before she killed her husband. And unfortunately, everyone knows she loved the male lead so much. In this case, she would have to get a divorce as soon as possible. But why… “Crazy, crazy,...
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
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Villainess Is Changing Her Role to a Brocon

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“Brother, I loved you since before I was born!” Corporate s*ave Yukimura Rina was reincarnated as the villainess Ekaterina from an Otome game. In her past life, she was obsessed with the brother of the Villainess, Alexei, but seeing him in real life is so much better than in the game! It’s just...
Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
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She came over to play video games… How did they end up watching p*rn together?! —This is the story between Gu Tuantuan, a girl who pretends to know, and Jiang Ye, a boy who has seen countless films....
Adult, Comedy, Mature, Romance, Smut
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I Just Won't Play By The Book

After the battle, the beautiful senior sister shyly raised her face in front of you and slowly closed her eyes. At this time, you… [Choice 1: Kiss her lips gently. Reward for completion: Thousand Leaves Wonder (Earth Grade, High Tier)] [Choice 2: Kiss her on the forehead. Reward: Sword of Yin Yang...
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Xuanhuan
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