Blood that has been shed, especially as a result of violence.

Case Files 013

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What will we see after unlocking the dust-covered case files? Murderers, necrophiliacs, people who converse with the dead. Rapists, psychos, people who can love no one other than themselves. Grave robbers, tomb destroyers, people who hate the human race. One after another, twisted personalities....
Horror, Mature, Psychological, Tragedy
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Terran Guardian

Upon reincarnating in a world where chaos was rampant, Shen Changqing became a member of the Great Qin Demon Suppression Division. Kill monsters and upgrade [Thirteen Cross Practice] to perfection! Kill powerful demons and break the limits of Martial Arts! KILL –– Several years later, Shen...
Martial Arts, Horror, Fantasy, Action
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Resetting Lady

  • 80
She fell into a novel. If she can find true love, then she’d be able to have a happy ending. However, after the story reached its end, what greeted her was death. And when she opened her eyes once more, she returned to the very same beginning. She fell in love yet again, but the ending was, still,...
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy
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How to Live As the Vampire Lord

  • 84
Vampire Eugene — a sacrificial lamb slaughtered after half a year of running to fulfil the desires of a templar for fame. He was given a second chance at life after concluding his life with regrets. “I will never again die the same way. If I really did return to the past, no matter what it takes… I...
Fantasy, Action, Adventure
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Big Bodhi

“When the four continents are overwhelming, I will step into the Lingshan realm and take charge of Leiyin.” Ji Yuenian stood on the lotus seat of the Wanye, wearing a snow-white Buddha robe and long dark hair. It falls down like a waterfall, with cold eyes, staring at the vast expanse of Sumi...
Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Xianxia
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Villain Hides His True Colors

  • 76
What does it mean to live when it’s so painful? A young boy thought about it for days and days, but he couldn’t think of an answer. To him, every day was like a nightmare… Until one day, when the answer came to him. Bang–! [Level has risen.] This is a story of a villain who hid his true colors and...
Adventure, Comedy, Action, Mature
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Hell’s Handbook

  • 82
Su Jin, an ordinary poor young man from the countryside working overtime every day to make ends meet in the city to support his family, finds himself in the possession of a book only known as Hell’s Handbook. The Handbook universe initially seems like a video game as it proceeds to throw him into a...
Mystery, Horror, Action, Fantasy
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Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God

  • 84
A shut-in accidentally transmigrated while playing a dark R18 banned-cultivation gal game, and he brought this game panel called 《Evil God Cultivation》 with him… The cultivation of an Evil God requires him to go to the various planes’ dungeons to complete dark missions and finish daily evil events....
Xuanhuan, Action, Adventure, Mature
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This Damned Thirst for Survival

  • 64
《Devil》 tells the story of Chi You, the protagonist shou, who was killed by someone and cultivated for revenge with the help of Feng Li, the protagonist gong. When Jiang Luo woke up, he transmigrated into the body of the cannon fodder that killed the protagonist shou. What’s even worse, he...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi
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Butcher Demon

  • 68
There is an ugly beast that violates women in prison. A treacherous beast that is feared and called a «Butcher». That’s me. I was once a human but now I can’t even remember my own name. I can’t speak, and I don’t understand a word they say. It is in this deep loneliness that I am pouring my essence...
Adult, Mature, Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem
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  • R-18
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