Chapter 235: Dependable Man

Two men were having a conversation in the basement.

“Boss, after the huge drama last time, the cops are demanding an explanation,” said a brawny man to a middle-aged man who was seated behind a table.

The middle-aged man was a Latino with a well-trimmed mustache. He wasn’t handsome, and his eyes were dark and ruthless.

After a brief silence, the mustached man said, “What explanation? They can send those idiots to jail if they want. We have plenty of people anyway.”

“Damn it! If Alfonso hadn’t been killed by that ghost-like butcher, we wouldn’t be caught up in such a disaster!” The mustached man was upset.

He couldn’t help but curse again. “Those idiots kidnapped the daughter of a magnate when they were told to deliver the goods. They could have just let her go and claim that she was there to buy weed. I don’t believe that woman would dare confess everything to the police. But no, they took out their guns and shot at the police! Idiots! They deserve to go to jail!”

After a brief hesitation, the brawny man said, “But…”

“Heh, no buts. If the cops think they’re good, let them come and arrest me. It’s not like I’ve never been caught. My life is just as great in jail. Do any of those jail wardens dare piss me off? I’ll kill their families if they do.” The mustached man sneered.

Thinking for a moment, he continued, “Right, who’s the young officer who stole Jenny and

later. We can’t let him go after all this. Also, if he has any family, toss them into the ocean too… Huh?”

He narrowed his eyes and looked behind the brawny man.

The brawny man reacted fast enough. He turned around swiftly and took out his gun.

But that wasn’t much help.

Halfway through his turn, pain exploded in his head and he passed out.

The mustached man behind the desk was unafraid. “Who are you?”

It was a matte iron ball that answered him. He was knocked out, and he slumped over his table.

Luke chuckled inwardly. You want to sink my family in the ocean? You might as well sink first today.

Getting rid of the brawny man and the mustached man, he searched the basement.

A moment later, he found a safe.

The safe had both password and fingerprint locks. He activated the fingerprint lock with the mustached man’s finger, and opened the second lock with his gadgets.

Looking at the pile of cash inside, Luke was utterly unmoved.

There couldn’t be more than a million dollars in here, which was nothing compared with the money that Tony had lost to him.

Thanks to Tony’s wealth, Luke had grown a lot more immune to the temptation of money.

A moment later, he closed the safe and left the room.

Since his inventory was full, he stuffed the excess bodies into a Benz at the gate and drove away, leaving only the naked unconscious woman on the second floor.

Driving all the way to the coast, Luke found an appropriate location and extracted the garbage from his inventory.

door and let the car slide off the cliff and into the deep ocean below.

As a dependable man, he fulfilled his vow to make the gangsters go missing.

Watching the car sink into the water, Luke turned around and started running.

After quite a while, he finally encountered an empty cab. He got into the cab with his head down and his face hidden in the shadow of his hood behind his face mask, and he returned downtown.

He climbed up to the top of the three-star hotel with his grappling hook and changed back into his original clothes on the mat again. After storing his disguise and the mat in his inventory, he rappelled down to the window of his room and entered.

Retrieving his grappling hook and closing the window, Luke took a deep breath and said, “Nailed it.”

Mission: Eliminate the WD-36 gangsters and destroy their headquarters. Completed.

Total experience: 2,000. Total credit: 2,000.

Contribution rate: 100%. EXP +2,000. Credit +2,000.

And the notification for the mission in the morning was:

Mission: Rescue the kidnapped girl, clear out a major WD-36 nest, and destroy the illegal items. Completed.

Total experience: 1,000. Total credit: 1,000.

Contribution rate: 45%. EXP +675. Credit +675.

Luke was very satisfied.

He had probably gained most of his experience from killing WD-36’s second in command in the middle of sex on the second floor and the number one leader in the basement.

The massive destruction of illegal drugs also meant an abundance of experience and credit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to earn more than five hundred experience and credit points for eliminating twenty-five gangsters.

He had truly earned a lot from WD-36.

In three raids, WD-36 had given him almost four thousand experience and credit points. It was definitely a fat lamb.

However, Luke had to restrain himself. He had learned his lesson from his Paris trip.

If he didn’t want to talk to a shrink, it wasn’t the smartest choice to be too focused on elimination operations.

After everything was done, he took a shower in the bathroom and returned to the bed.

Looking at Jenny, who was still sound asleep, he secretly apologized to her before he hugged her and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Luke was contemplating his plans for the next few days when he felt the girl in his arms move.

He lowered his head, only to look right into blue and green eyes that just opened.After a brief silence, he smiled and said, “Hi, good morning. Did you sleep well?”

The owner of the blue and green eyes suddenly asked, “Are you gay?”

Luke’s smile stiffened. “What?”

Strangely, Jenny sniffed her hands and blew on them.

Then, she subconsciously touched her breasts, before immediately dropping her hands.

While Miss Jenny’s breasts weren’t small, they certainly weren’t big enough for Luke to do it there.

“I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t do anything.” Her eyes widened, and she asked suspiciously, “So, you really just slept through the night with me in your arms?”

Luke: “…I’m really not gay.”

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