Chapter 1424. Refining Cleanse Soul Immortal Gu Again

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

Working even at night, staying for months in the Gu refinement hall, the light of the fire was reflecting on Sixth Hair’s face.

His face was covered in dust and soot, his eyes were bloodshot, he was staring at the burning flames intensely.

Warm temperatures scorched the surroundings, Sixth Hair’s hair was burnt, but he did not care, he was concentrating on his task.

The Gu refinement was at the final crucial steps.

“Luck path is indeed really helpful in Gu refinement, I am at this step again! I must succeed this time!!”

Sixth Hair gritted his teeth, making up his mind.

Suddenly, his vision darkened.

“Oh no, is my body at its limit? Never mind, ‘moving of a single thought, blossoming of the red snake’.” Sixth Hair had a thought as red snake tattoos appeared on his body, moving rapidly from his waist to his chest area.

At the same time, a surge of strength appeared out of nowhere, filling Sixth Hair up like he was an inflating balloon.

Sixth Hair became energetic again.

“I used this move again, when the red snake gets to the top of my head and surrounds my whole body, I will die.”

“But so what? All I need to do is refine this Immortal Gu and be of help to Shadow Sect!”

“Let’s do it, thousand li soul thread.”

Sixth Hair encouraged himself as the hairy man Gu Immortal behind him passed a long immortal material.

It was the thousand li soul thread, it was an immortal material created in the bodies of ancient soul beasts.

The value of soul threads depended on their length.

The thousand li soul thread that Lang Ya Sect had was extremely valuable, it was on par with rank eight immortal materials!

It was a quasi-rank eight immortal material, but because it was too rare, it was not usually sold even in treasure yellow heaven, thus its market value was at rank eight immortal material level.

For Fang Yuan’s Gu refinement plan, not just Sixth Hair, even Lang Ya land spirit was helping out, it could be said that the whole of Lang Ya Sect was refining Gu for Fang Yuan.

After becoming the leader of Shadow Sect, he inherited Purple Mountain True Monarch’s inheritance and had deep foundations, he used a portion of the cultivation experiences and immortal killer moves, as well as Immortal Gu recipes, to exchange for a vast number of sect contribution points from Lang Ya Sect.

Next, he used these sect contribution points to make the whole of Lang Ya Sect refine Gu for him.

After refining self love Immortal Gu, his next target was cleanse soul Immortal Gu.

Sixth Hair was already at the final few steps.

He carefully received the thousand li soul thread.

The soul thread was like a strip of seaweed, it was dark green, but there was golden light shining in it, it looked like fireflies were inside this seaweed.

Thousand li soul thread was very light, Sixth Hair held it like a feather.

He used refinement path methods and quickly cut down one section of it.

Refining cleanse soul Immortal Gu only needed a small part of the soul thread. In fact, even without thousand li soul thread, just hundred li soul thread was sufficient.

But to raise the success rate of the Gu refinement, and to save time, Fang Yuan paid a huge price to exchange for Lang Ya Sect’s thousand li soul thread, he was truly rich.

The soul thread was tossed into the flames.

In a split second!

The blazing flames turned into eerie ghost fire as screams and cries could be heard.

Sixth Hair breathed in deeply, his eyes were bloodshot as he controlled the temperature of the fire.

An hour later, in Western Desert.

A huge immortal Gu formation was making loud noises.

The Gu formation was about sixteen acres large, while activating, it created huge dark green illusory figures. In this yellow desert, it was very conspicuous.

Bai Ning Bing and the rest were surrounding this immortal Gu formation, patrolling and staying vigilant.

The immortal formation’s activation had reached a crucial point.

However, Fang Yuan, who was at the center of the formation had the time and energy to deduce other things at this moment.

“At this speed, in about four hours, I will succeed and get rid of all the unfavorable dao marks.”

“Heavenly Court’s pursuers must be coming now? I am trying to get rid of the investigative killer move, there is no way they cannot sense it.”

“Hmm, failed again?”

At the next moment, Fang Yuan frowned as he received Sixth Hair’s transmission, regarding the failure to refine cleanse soul Immortal Gu.

And this time, when the Gu refinement failed, Sixth Hair suffered a heavy backlash and has to rest for a period of time.

Sixth Hair was currently the most trustworthy person in Lang Ya Sect for Fang Yuan, more so than Lang Ya land spirit. Him needing to rest was bad news.

“Including this time, cleanse soul Immortal Gu’s refinement has failed about ten times?”

“Immortal Gu refinement is a pit with no end in sight, while the hairy man Gu Immortals specialize in the nature Gu refinement technique, to prevent heaven’s will from interfering, I can only use the human isolation style Gu refinement method.”

It was not surprising that cleanse soul Immortal Gu’s refinement failed, it did not waver his strong determination to continue refining this Gu.

Speaking of which, he had cleanse soul Immortal Gu in the past, but he lost it.

Back then, cleanse soul Immortal Gu was a core of myriad self, but now, Fang Yuan did not seek to refine it for myriad self.

His true goal was the strength path immortal zombie body.

This eight armed immortal zombie body had the soul path trap left behind by Ying Wu Xie.

Now that Fang Yuan became the leader of Shadow Sect, he had the method to remove the trap, but this method needed rank seven cleanse soul Immortal Gu as the core.

As long as he refined cleanse soul Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan would be able to use the strength path immortal zombie and gain wisdom Gu’s acknowledgement, he would be able to use the light of wisdom and influence the great era.

Even though the dao marks of secluded domains of heaven and earth like Dang Hun Mountain and Reverse Flow River were on par with rank nine Immortal Gu, in terms of profundities, rank nine Immortal Gu were superior.

Especially wisdom Gu, this rank nine Immortal Gu was famous in >, it appeared many times and even scammed Ren Zu!

“Southwest direction, we have enemies!” At this time, Fairy Miao Yin transmitted.

“Oh? They appeared after all.” Fang Yuan was not surprised, he stood up.

The immortal Gu formation was still active, it was manipulated by the formation spirit, this was simply too convenient to Fang Yuan.

The only flaw was, this self cleansing immortal formation used a lot of immortal essence, Fang Yuan could barely sustain it. Along the way, with all these battles, Fang Yuan’s immortal essence supply was dwindling, but thankfully, he had Wu clan’s hundred thousand immortal essence stones.

But now, the immortal essence stones storage was reducing.

A moment later, Heavenly Court’s pursuer came.

It was Feng Jiu Ge.

“Why are you alone again?” Fang Yuan smiled as he looked at Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge looked around and did not see Shadow Sect’s Gu Immortals, he smiled too: “Aren’t you alone too?”

“Hehehe. That is because I am sufficient to deal with you. Feng Jiu Ge, you will regret coming here.” Fang Yuan laughed heartily.

Feng Jiu Ge frowned slightly.

This was out of his expectations.

Fang Yuan was too confident.

“Strange, what is he relying on? Is there a scheme or plot?”

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