Day 1-10

Forest of the Birth, Black Beast Saga

Day 1

It seems that I was killed after being stabbed by the stalker whom I had considered to be like a younger sister, and somehow I got reincarnated.

Wow that was a mouthful, and no, I’m not joking when I say that I’ve been reincarnated. You could say that my current state of mind hasn’t settled down from all of the confusion, so I’d appreciate it if you would save the comments until after I finish my story, since it might sound a bit wild if you interrupt me. Ahem, so let me explain everything from the beginning…

Well, first let’s start with my name, I used to be called Tomokui Kanata. However since I was reincarnated, let’s leave it as “Nameless” for now.

I have a bit of a lapse in memory here, but I remember that after a hard day of work, I was invited by some colleagues for a drink. I accepted their offer, and we went tavern hopping.

Since the following day was a holiday, even those with a low alcohol tolerance ended up drinking throughout the night. I even had to end up carrying a colleague home home, since she was too drunk to make it by herself.

She had fallen asleep, and I didn’t want to wake her so I left her on the bed. My constitution and love of alcohol was much greater than hers, and at that time, I had an urge to drink while watching the full moon, or so I thought as I opened the fridge.

I realized that the bottom shelf that should’ve been stuffed with beer and chuhai and all sorts of drinks was empty.

Yesterday I had finished all of my drinks and had planned to go restock it today—were it not for my colleague’s invitation earlier.

I had completely forgotten about it.

That’s right,–It was the biggest failure in my life to have finished drinking the stocks yesterday.

If only I had saved at least one.

I–no, no… first let’s hasten the conversation a bit.

I, who had wanted to drink sake by all means, went to a nearby convenience store which was open twenty-four hours a day, bought five beers, and headed home.

Summer was approaching yet the night was still chilly. The full moon that was suspended in the clear night sky was very beautiful.

The clouds, which were slightly concealing the moon, were also pleasant. Indeed, drinking sake with the silver moon shining overhead would make it an even more delicious experience than usual.

While thinking about the alcohol, I noticed that under a street-light was a pretty girl.

It was a face that I had recognized. She’s what the general public would have referred to as a ‘Stalker’.

My stalker was Kirimine Aoi, an active female college student in the local area. She’s 20 years old; 5 years younger than I was.

Our relationship isn’t exactly what you would call ‘normal’. You see, in my third year of high school, I saw a couple of delinquents harassing a girl—the person whom I would soon know as Aoi. She was 12-13 years old at the time. I found her, saved her, and that was how our destinies had become entwined.

Well, while it wasn’t wrong to say that I helped, I’m not sure if that’s the correct thing to say.

Compared to how I am now, I used to be a cowardly chicken. At the time, you could clearly see that there was a girl being harassed by a pair of delinquents. Though it was deplorable, the surrounding people turned a blind eye to it.

As a person for whom ESP capability hadn’t yet awoken, I could either have chosen to help her or quickly run away.

However, either by fortune or bad luck, I had received a military stun nightstick as a birthday present from my uncle, a weapon’s enthusiast. He worked for small to medium sized corporations that had military relations, so it was easy for him to get it for me. Those companies were under the influence of one major company, Avalon.

Avalon, the company that had made my nightstick, had spread its name throughout the universe as a famous weapon corporation.

At that time, I didn’t have the courage to be in possession of such a dangerous object. It was worrisome to have such an unsafe weapon, so it was still adorned in my room without being used. (Check previous sentence)

However, an ‘Ota’ friend of my uncle said he wanted to look at the nightstick. Soon after, an email had been sent telling me he that was on his way to see it.

The message included a location where we could meet, so I decided to walk to it. I brought the nightstick with me so he could see it from the moment he arrived.

Which brought me to my current situation.

Although I was a coward, I used the military nightstick on the delinquents that were harassing the young lady. I can still remember feeling a kind of ‘lightness’ from defending a pretty girl from harm.

After bashing the delinquents from behind, they got extremely mad at me. However, regardless of their anger, they couldn’t stand up against such a weapon as the nightstick. After a few more hits they were sprawling on the floor–foaming and twitching violently. I quickly took the hand of the girl that was panicking, and escaped with her to someplace safe.

I was really young in those days.

Because of my curiosity and a whim, I had done a horrible experiment on those delinquents while managing to help Aoi at the same time.

After that incident, her affection towards me slowly grew, it was only a matter of time, but Aoi had eventually become my stalker.

It wasn’t very severe stalking, however, until I had found a job at my current place of work, where she continued chasing me. She even followed me to other planets, where I would occasionally be sent on business trips.

When dealing with stalkers, one should speak as naturally with them as one can, no matter how much they infringe upon one’s private life.

What I’ve told you so far may not be understandable yet, but after I explain how I died, everything will become clear.

Anyway, After buying the alcohol I met Aoi on my way home. It would’ve been nice to say that it was a coincidence. Yet while looking down, under the light of the street-lamp, Aoi was emanating a black aura unlike her usual puppy-like self; so I could only respond by tilting my neck in confusion.

Aoi, even as a stalker, was an existence akin to a younger sister for me; because of that I was able to notice the weird atmosphere at that time, so I called out to her.

There was no reply. Aoi’s face remained downcast.

In that moment I felt a great uneasiness that couldn’t be expressed. Yet even so, I still approached her so that I could learn of its cause. Before I knew it, I was being pierced in the abdomen by a sheath knife.

Even though I had a strong body, and the degree of injury was curable with regenerative medical treatment, I could still feel the severe pain that came from the blade that was being rotated which aimed at gouging out my internal organs.

It was within expectations that I would not die if the sheath knife used was made from a lump of ordinary metal, but what Aoi used, was the [Nenekaruri]; a B-rank ceremonial knife with an additional thunder property created by SAKUMA Heavy Industries, Ltd. Ironically, it was one of the goods sold by the company my uncle worked at. Simply put, it’s a single molecular cutter with the abilities of a high voltage taser and other weapons. It’s a kind of proximity equipment that increases in sharpness when the thousand tiny blades installed on its side start to spin like a chainsaw moving at very high speeds. Once activated, a high-voltage current pours through the victim who is stabbed. The victim’s movement is then temporarily paralyzed. It’s also equipment used by the military.

I didn’t even have time to think about why Aoi had such a thing. Nevertheless, I was pushed down, restrained, and was stabbed by the sheath knife repeatedly. The amount of blood my mouth vomited was unusual as my body was being pierced relentlessly. Every time the knife penetrated my skin, I could feel the meat and bones getting torn up while my blood splattered everywhere.

Before I knew it, the slender frame of Aoi riding on my body, had been dyed red in blood.

Although I had become a strengthened human after undergoing a reinforcement operation, and exceeded ordinary humans because of my occupation–I was disappointingly killed by Aoi who was a mere civilian. What does this mean? I know the performance of the sheath knife may be amazing, but was it strong enough to destroy the body of a strengthened human? Was she really capable of breaking down my stance with a surprise attack? Even if movement was impossible due to the high voltage current, was that really so?

Why– Well, this situation is regrettable.

At that time, Aoi’s figure, that was stained red with my blood, was too impressive to remember in detail.

Oh, well…

Anyway, I was killed. I was killed by Aoi.

A mortal wound can’t be cured even after receiving regenerative medical treatment. The last thing I saw was the knife’s point approaching my eyeball, which would mean it was approaching my brain; a uniquely unreproducible organ, was going to be completely destroyed. After my head was completely lacerated, my consciousness eventually melted into the darkness.

However, the story doesn’t just end there. The reincarnation hadn’t started yet. My consciousness remained steadfast and didn’t change in any way, until I finally noticed it. I memorized that last scene right before losing consciousness, but didn’t I die? Was it just a dream or am I drunk? I rejected the idea momentarily. ?The answer was reflexive and indifferent.

I was killed for sure. I could remember the pain caused by the electric current running through my veins, and the coldness of the blade that cut through my chest. This is absolutely not an illusion. Yet I’m alive. As to why–I’d like to know myself. As I was thinking that, my heavy eyelid opened.

There I saw it, I was looking at something extremely ugly. It made me think that I’d been reincarnated. It was this conclusive evidence that made me realize… Oh… Sorry I suddenly feel sleepy, but it doesn’t end here–Tomorrow I’ll continue… It wasn’t the darkness of death but the result of being fatigued.

* * *

Day 2

I woke up with a click. When I opened my eyes to gather information, I couldn’t move my head for some reason. As a result, I wasn’t able to grasp a lot of information. Still, I was able to understand one fact: Though it’s regrettable, the story about reincarnating wasn’t a dream, or a delusion which I had created while being drunk.

With a little more effort, and with my limited vision, I could determine a few more things. It appears that I was in the middle of a cave. Signs of it being handmade weren’t found so the possibility of it being natural was high. The feeling of the rags I used as a blanket were the worst. They felt stiff—and they were clearly dirty. The soil on my back was uncomfortable, and a pebble was digging into my skin, so it hurt a little, though it didn’t matter.

More importantly.

There were a lot of ugly children who had green skin and sharp ears. Although I was wearing cloth, they were asleep and stark naked. There were about 30 in visible range, with twenty of them being the size of a human baby. The others were the same size as a human child; adults I presume.

…Well, that was the conclusive evidence that I reincarnated though. Considering that if I move my hands, I can see baby skin identical to that of the surrounding Goblins, and in each finger, a sharp black nail was clearly visible. If I wasn’t reincarnated, what else could it be?

Though I wonder if this in itself is solid proof. My arms were exactly like that of the baby Goblin sleeping next to me.

Apparently, the ESP ability I gained from strengthening surgery seemed to have decreased in rank due to the new body. I cried for a moment, seriously. The body that I have doesn’t seem to move properly because I was a newborn. Today, like any other Goblin child, I spent the day sleeping.

I wasn’t escaping from reality at all.

* * *

Day 3

I’m determined to survive in my second life, yet after reincarnating, I decided to give up moving since it couldn’t be helped.

Through my previous job, I had learned that living dirty and having the capability to quickly change one’s thinking, was an indispensable skill.

Apparently, the growth of a Goblin is characteristically fast. Even though its only the third day since birth, my body has been growing rapidly.

While my body used to be that of a baby before I went to sleep, its figure currently now is that of an elementary student’s. Although its still weaker than before my reincarnation, compared to yesterday, my body’s power had sky-rocketed. I was able to stand up, and even run at moderate speeds, so I felt indescribably happy. I frolicked instinctively, though it was childish, the stress of being unable to move as I liked had accumulated.

Well, this is only natural. When compared to the civilization built by humans, who grew up without worry of being attacked by a foreign enemy, Goblins, since the moment of their birth, must deal with the fierce struggle for survival. The humans grew slower than the Goblins who lived in the natural world, where the law of the jungle forced their offspring to grow faster.

Since my body could move now, I spent my time today learning this body’s limits. I did exercises with my body until I was comfortable with it, and in the end collapsed from exhaustion.

Still, this bed… don’t we have anything better?

* * *

Day 4

After reincarnating into a Goblin, I went hunting for the first time. Or rather, those who do not work, do not eat. Newborn Goblins were restricted to eating chubby caterpillars for nourishment–no, I’m not saying I don’t like them, they’re unexpectedly delicious, but we didn’t have an unlimited supply of them. Hunting was unavoidable since rationing was no longer available –according to the Goblin manager.

Only after the 4th day since birth does one need to hunt. It teaches one the strict laws of nature. As expected, it would be too hard to do alone. I made a buddy/sacrificial pawn, named Gobukichi, by using some lies and flattery while we walked in the forest.

The Goblins in this world seemed to be simply idiots.

Well, at least that made it easy to trick them.

Oh, that’s right. Goblin breeding can be done between the same race, however the conception rate seems to be low. To overcome that, they kidnap women and violate them until they’re pregnant.

You see, yesterday I found a rusty sword near the back of the cave. While picking up the sword, I stumbled across a room with several women. Many of them were stripped to rags even though their levels were higher than those of the Goblins.

There was a beautiful child in an extremely cruel state. Her whole body was defiled by a cloudy liquid, and her vitality, which seemed to grow weaker with every breath, was ever more fleeting. She was surely on the verge of death–a severe incident to be aware of.

It was easy to guess where they were kidnapped from. At my current strength, I know too well the extent of what I can do, so I can only pray as I clasp my hands with a “Namu Amida Butsu”. This was only a mere consolation though.

Perhaps, someone there was my present mother, but that’s too depressing to think about, so I’ll leave it alone for now…

Indeed, It was better for two to work together than to hunt alone, but it was regrettable that Gobukichi tried to eat the prey without my consent, so I hit him with a tree stick to teach him about hierarchies. Eventually, he rolled over so I switched to dismantling the spoils.

The result of our first glorious hunt was a light, brown rabbit that had a 20 cm long horn growing out of its forehead, so I decided to call it a “Horned Rabbit”. Though the horn was sharp, it was a bit small for a human to use, but because of that, it was the perfect size for a Goblin. It didn’t cut like a blade, so piercing and thrusting it like an estoc would be a more suitable way to use it.

Goburou obtained Small Animal Horn!!

The moment I picked up the horn, an announcement resounded somewhere, but it was probably just my imagination.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, but my current name is apparently Goburou. The Goblin Elder named me that when I opened my eyes for the first time.

Even though its not exactly to my tastes, I tolerated it since I don’t want to use the name I had before.

Basically, I gave up.

Even though I acquired the rabbit’s horn as a lethal weapon, it was still troublesome to peel the skin off of its body. It was even more difficult to ignore the stares of Gobukichi while he drooled, which made his face even more ugly than usual. Wanting some peace, I decided to divide the rabbit in half, and gave one to him. I tried my best to peel the skin off of mine, but it grew too troublesome, so I ate and munched the meat together with the skin.

I was able to procure a weapon and eat fresh meat, this was indeed a significant 1st day.

The meat was delicious; while the mysterious insects weren’t bad, but they just couldn’t beat real meat.

* * *

Day 5

We went hunting for food today too. Gobukichi was forced to clearly understand our hierarchy, with who’s above and below whom, after going through my ‘instructions’. The experience yesterday helped us obtain prey immediately today. Although it was just another horned rabbit, it was at least twice the size of the one before. It might’ve been even more dangerous though because Gobukichi was only using a wooden stick, while I still had the horn from yesterday. Its performance in combat was better than I expected.

While Gobukichi caught the rabbit’s attention, I smashed its spinal cord and gouged out its heart from behind.

Though a small portion of the horn was damaged due to the rough handling, the battle was still a success because of the spoils we had received.

Just like the rabbit that was killed yesterday, I broke off its horn.

I unintentionally called the weapon “The Most Legendary Horn”, but the announcement which came after corrected me.

Goburou obtained Small Animal Horn!!

I decided to ignore it since I don’t understand it very well. While I was thinking that, I found Gobukichi staring at the game with hungry eyes.

While munching the meat, crunching the bone, and slowly gulping it, I felt as though my entire body was brimming with life.

This convinced me of a matter that I had thought of yesterday.

It seems that even through reincarnation, I had retained the ESP ability [Absorption]

This means that I’m like in a New Game Plus mode since I inherited it.Though I wasn’t very happy about it in the start.

By the way, from the time mankind was able to advance into space and even several centuries before that, the probability to be born with an ESP ability was one out of a thousand. Some even say that the [Psychic] are an evolved version of the human race. Though some might say that, ESP abilities are a non-successive kind of gene.

There is no such thing as a [Psychic] with a one-hundred percent chance of passing on their ESP capability to their child. The probability of inheriting abilities isn’t absolute, so how they’re developed is a mystery.

ESP capability had become a natural part of everyday life. Even if somebody developed an ability through an unnatural way, like by coming into contact with aliens, because psychic powers were recognised as part of a person’s individuality, nobody would look down on that person. The time when [Psychics] were persecuted for their abilities was over. Though if a user was still uncomfortable with their power, devices that were capable of suppressing it could be bought in the market.

My [Absorption] ability was a major power, even rarer than the likes of [Psychometry], [Telekinesis] and [Teleportation], which were of the general class. It made it so, no matter how hard or poisonous something was, I would be able to eat it. My teeth could tear through the likes of iron and gold easily. While toxins would be restructured, rendered harmless and edible in my body. The characteristics of whatever I ate, whether it be an item or another living being, would be absorbed and assimilated into me, so that I could use them as well. This was an ability that could only be obtained at a fixed probability.

I’m not quite sure how it works though… Oh well, I just wanted to inform you about what my ability was. To question the principles of supernatural powers would be nonsense.

By the way, just because I’ve eaten something that has an ability, doesn’t guarantee that I’ll absorb its powers. For example, if what I just ate was a living being, its freshness is an important factor as to whether I’ll get an ability or not. After its death, I have twelve hours to eat it before the chance to absorb its abilities are gone.

That said, there are certain parts that give abilities easier than others such as the heart and the brain, where most of the power is concentrated. Physical strengthening, and an improved recovery rate, can be obtained in addition to the ability absorbed. Furthermore, if the being that I consumed was stronger than me, there was a certainty of simultaneously acquiring multiple abilities. Moreover, its possible to strengthen an ability that’s been acquired, by consuming the original ability owner multiple times. Although [Absorption] isn’t strong on its own, the more I eat, the stronger I become. Naturally, there is a limit though.

Before I reincarnated, I strengthened myself by devouring creatures of mass destruction, and evil-doing espers.

Unfortunately, the abilities I had gotten from them seemed to have been reset. Since there were some useful powers there the reset had been regrettable, but I was fortunate enough to keep the [Absorption] ability which more than made up for it. Thus, food, like the horned rabbit and the mysterious insects, should be eaten without hesitation. It was mortifying, however, to know that it was the only ability that I retained after my reincarnation.

Since it’s necessary to eat for survival, common sense and ethics could be easily discarded. The ability I obtained this time was called [Escape]. “When fleeing or running away, the probability of escaping and adapting to the environment increases.”

I wonder why the rabbit didn’t try to escape when we confronted it today… Oh well. After that two more horned rabbits were successfully captured and eaten. Going to sleep with a full belly was a pleasant feeling. It seems that the amount that Gobukichi is relying on me is rapidly increasing. It’s probably because the law of the jungle rules this world that contributed to him recognising me as the superior being.

* * *

Day 6

Apparently, newborn Goblins are weak enough to be easily defeated by horned rabbits, and because of this, nuts were the staple food which most of them ate in order to survive, or so I’m told by Gobumi-chan. You see, Gobumi-chan was another Goblin from our generation, and although she had “beauty” in her name, it’s a pity that she wasn’t that beautiful. All the Goblins (the small fries) had the same ugly face, so there wasn’t much of a difference. Me? I’m no exception. I confirmed this while washing my body in a nearby river.

Well, according to Gobumi-chan, the other Goblins couldn’t compare to my good looks. I didn’t rejoice when she told me I was handsome. To what degree what degree is a Goblin even considered handsome anyway?

I stared into the distance for a moment.

By the way, after asking Gobumi-chan for her opinion on Gobukichi, it turns out that he’s normal–that’s good.

Going back to the story, Goblins are fundamentally weak by nature. Therefore individuals with wisdom and luck seem to survive. Only a selected few with that degree of capability can be considered a true companion in order to survive. Tough indeed.

Well, I asked Gobumi-chan–precisely how many Goblins? May be non-existent—many has fallen prey from the horn of the horned rabbit.

After hearing those words, I thought, “Eh? Seriously?” though the words flowed out of my mouth. After all, average sized horned rabbits are only a bit bigger than the Japanese rabbit. Moreover, apart from its length, the horned rabbit makes efficient use of its two legs to execute an overhead attack to kill Goblins….Oh, I agreed that it’s possible.

After all, intelligence was not found in those wooden stick wielding fellows.

To strike and kick as assault was typical.

Fighting bare-handed will certainly get you killed.

The horn of the horned rabbit is a weapon. Only idiots will fight it upfront while being unarmed. Having a small body may also be a cause. The horn will pierce from below and towards the abdomen.

However, recently Gobukichi-kun imitated me by equipping a wooden stick although I even see clever Goblin equipping it here and there.

That day I made Gobumi-chan as the third person in hunting as a reward for the information.

Horn rabbits are seriously delicious.

Day 7

It was raining today, so we were relaxing and working in the cave.

Clonk-clonk sounds were reverberating while I was striking and grinding a mysterious obsidian-like rock I found yesterday by the riverside. I’m trying to turn it into something knife-like.

No, I wished to have fur clothes soon. I wanted to graduate from the worn out cloth but the horn was not suitable for cutting.

Partly because I was making a terrible noise, partly because they were interested in what I was doing, the goblins born at the same time as me drew close, however by ignoring them them while continuing to work they later scattered. Good riddance.

The older goblins for some reason were smiling while observing me. I don’t know why.

Oh well, since I was able to make three pseudo-knives until slightly past noon, I’ll consider this good. Since both my hands were starting to hurt slightly, I decided to end it at that.

But, the pseudo knife manufacturing halted since it is just something to do in my spare time. There are two persons, Gobumi-chan-chan and Gobukichi-kun-kun who were staring at my work without getting bored–no, next time I will count not by person but by goblin –I called for a strategy meeting concerning the formation of the next hunt.

Various opinions were noisily being voiced–although it is a field where I am mostly unchallenged, Gobumi-chan-chan who is smarter than Gobukichi-kun-kun did offer her opinion once in a while. Gobukichi-kun-kun was constantly nodding, since he’s an idiot. The remarkably wrinkled goblin approached us.

This goblin is Gobujii. He is[Goblin Community]’s oldest goblin, he possessed a social position close to an advisor, and above all, my name Goburou was given to me by this grandfather.

The strategy meeting was postponed to listen to the various stories Gobujii-san told us. No, Gobujii-san has a uselessly long life but, he has very extensive knowledge, so I do not want to miss this opportunity.

Well, because it would only take about 20 years and a little to be called an elderly goblin, this body will not be able to have a long life…Hahaha.

I pulled myself together.

Gobujii told us many things about this world such as, the rules for levels and Rank Up, Apparently such a thing exists, why in this cave except for us newly born goblins, there were only elderly goblins around, among other things.

Let’s leave this worlds levels, Rank Up and such for later, let’s first talk about the goblins who live in this cave.

Apparently the young goblins, maybe our goblin parents, are working away from home in the forest. Working away from home, in short pillaging right? I understand.

Eh, are goblins so weak that they easily die from horned rabbits? No no, that is a newborn goblin right? Goblins are certainly weak as a race however, isn’t this the reason for why the goblins who are born in this forest are able to move the day after, training to kill using a wooden stick and throwing stones in order to learn how to support themselves, literally learning cunning tactics and the skills needed for living by risking their lives.

The weak die, the strong live, I understand this very simple yet severe law.

Really, so merciless I’d cry.

Well, lately there are many individual who imitated us by pairing up when hunting horned rabbits. Because of that the surviving individuals numbered more than ever.

While I was nodding and saying “I see!”, I saw that somehow Gobujiis loincloth began to change shape. Apparently his long life hadn’t dulled his desire to spawn progeny, or perhaps he sensed that his death was close.

Ugh, after almost puking, I wanted to stop our talk as soon as possible and averted my gaze.

As if I can gaze long at that thing.

Since our talk had ended, his face showing how pleased he was with himself, Gobujii got a look of lust and went to the inner parts of the cave.

A short while later, feeble feminine shrieks were heard.

I put my hands together and prayed twice for the sake of the captured women.

Doing anything more than this is for the moment impossible for me, someday I’d like to set those women at peace.

Still, even living under those conditions is for sure unfair, I think.

Even I felt that much sympathy.

Day 8

Our trio consisting of me, Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan went out hunting this day.

At any rate, for the past few days we have managed to become quite fully equipped (although the equipment is so crude that I don’t know if it should count).

From several horns, I choose two comparatively large ones which I dual wielded.

In case I was ever hit, I created a simple body armor full of gaps by binding the remaining horns together with ivy which I fastened around my body.

The horns are surprisingly hard, but against thrusting attacks the armor has little effect, however against blunt damage it’s quite effective.

This should be plenty enough protection to ensure I don’t get any serious injuries.

Gobukichi-kun is covered by a wooden breastplate and is wielding a club.

The club is so thick that he has to use both hands to hold it, and the handle was shaved using horns to make it thinner.

Well, since he’s both the physically strongest out of us and the most stupid, hitting stuff with his full strength is the style that he can use the most to his advantage.

Together with the scraps from the horned rabbit pelts and a sturdy piece of ivy, I had constructed a simple staff sling, strengthening Gobumi-chan’s ranged capabilities.

She used stones lying around as ammunition, and was our rearguard who could deal with birds and so forth, specializing in ranged combat. She was currently not equipped with armor, but given the time I’d like to construct some for her.

By the way, the worn-out loincloth is still standard equipment. I want new clothes.

However yeah, with increased numbers it gets easier as expected.

With Gobukichi-kun as the vanguard, me as midrange, and Gobumi-chan covering the rear support, this formation was surprisingly effective, so the fruits of todays hunt was in addition to the horned rabbits also new prey.

One was a poisonous snake with a length of 60 centimeters, a diameter of approximately 6 centimeters, covered with black scales with a speckled pattern. There were three of them and I named them “Night Vipers” (temporary name).

Another one looked like a bat, although I fear that it’s probably something else, they couldn’t help but stand out since their wings were shining in seven different colors. We found one of them and I named them “Sevencolored Bats” (temporary name).

The third one looked like what’d you get if you added an armadillo and a racoon dog together, the back was covered with a hard shell. We found two of them and I named them “Armored Tanuki” (temporary name).

And this time we routinely caught two horned rabbits.

This is a perfect result.

However at any rate, Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan seemed to be strongly insisting on something by staring at me with round and cute eyes while uncontrollably drooling.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand them.

While the other goblins would have eaten the captured spoils on the spot where they caught them, because I wanted to appropriate the usable parts to make weapons of them, which compared with eating them took more time.

I also wanted to disassemble everything at the same time, so we didn’t get to eat in the middle of the hunt.

That’s why I understood why’d they get hungry.

But I ignored this, continuing the work. When they disappointedly hanged their heads I felt that was enough.

Oh well, It can’t be helped.

After removing the horn from the horned rabbit, I threw the body towards Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kun.

Originally I wanted the pelt too, but the drooling appearance of Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kun was too pitiful to look at.

But Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kun were for some reason staring blankly at me after receiving the meat, slightly bending their heads to one side in puzzlement.

Even though I told them not to eat I handed them food, so I think they were wondering what to do, so this time I told them: “Because this is going to take a while, so eat this. ”

After looking troubled for a while, Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan greedily munched on the simple food.

Both goblins had bloodstains around their mouths.

After averting my eyes, I first decided to remove the shell of the Armored Tanukis.

Since I couldn’t break the shell with the horned rabbit horn, I had no objections to using it for the construction of armor.

Here the (pseudo-)knife I made yesterday of a material that looks kind of like obsidian became handy.

It’s cutting edge wasn’t really stellar, however compared to cutting with the horn it was leagues apart.

I knew how to separate it however, however it seemed like the armored tanukis shell had stuck together to the skin, so it was easier to remove the skin with the shells attached.

After a slightly close fight, I managed to tear off the entire skin together with the shells and a mysterious announcement was heard again.

[Goburou has obtained Shell beasts skin furnished with shells!!]

Like usual I thought, What’s this?. However, I soon concluded that I should leave it alone.

I decided to also gain some nourishment before I continued, so I tore the armored tanukis heart, brain and right leg to pieces and ate them.

I gave the rest to Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kunGobukichi-kun. There was still meat left after all.

Nevertheless, the meat of the armored tanuki tasted good! The texture when chewing it was seriously awesome.

When chewing the flavors mixed together into a wonderful blend.

Aah, I’ll try to eat a bit of the shell to assess it.

Ability [Shell Defense] learned.

From just chewing it slightly, I learned the ability.

It might have been because I ate the heart, brain, and right leg earlier.

Incidentally [Shell Defense] is the ability to when using objects made from organic shells increase defensive power, increase chance to block damage and reduce the chance of being hit with fatal attacks.

Yes, it’s a fairly good ability.

It’s profit, profit.

Feeling good, I finished skinning the other armored tanuki quicker this time, since I now knew how to do it.

In my previous working place I got used to dissecting creatures, as long as you have the know-how it’s easy to do.

This time I ate half the meat and I threw the remainder to to Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kunGobukichi-kun, after which I ate some more shells in order to raise the level of [Shell Defense] slightly.

Ah, calling it levels is just an expression of mine, to make it easier to understand I’m just calling it levels and theres no specific meaning behind it. Understanding that the ability has gotten stronger than earlier is enough.

Next I started to disassemble the seven-colored bat.

I removed the entire pretty seven colored wing, and drew out the fangs who looked like they were for sucking blood.

Then I split the meat and we all shared it.

The flesh of the seven colored was compared to that of the armored tanuki very tender, yes, a very good taste.

Or how should I put it, ever since turning into a goblin, all food I’ve eaten has tasted good.

Is this perhaps because I’ve gotten the sense of taste of the race I was born as? Not that I really care anyway.

I’m afraid that I didn’t learn any ability from eating the bat, however my physical ability seemed to be slightly increased, and after eating the meat my body felt a sense of fulfilment.

My ESP ability [Absorption] didn’t only give me abilities like [Shell Defense], but also could increase my physical strength, defensive strength and vitality and such, thus strengthening my body which I was very thankful for.

…Even so, I wonder if my ESP ability originated from my soul?

I had the feeling I’d heard about how a famous scholar from somewhere had written a thesis named [Getting infected by a special virus causes ability to appear in compatible persons] or maybe I haven’t.

While looking slightly puzzled, I realized that I had no means to ascertain the truth of this matter, and since the knowledge wouldn’t be of any practical use anyway I decided to drop this line of thought.

Finally I started disassembling todays main dish, the three night vipers.

First I cut off the head of the snake with my obsidian knife, but since the snake skin was awfully hard the edge of one of the knives got chipped.

When I hung it up and tried to cut it again it tore off, I thought I could make something of the snake skins so I tore it off.

With their heads cut off and the snakeskin peeled off, each goblin received one snake each.

We ate. It was quite delicious.

Yeah, if this was splashed with sake and burnt, it would be the same as kabayaki (eel dipped and boiled in soy sauce), is how delicious I thought it was.

Just from imagining it, I started salivating.

The Horned Rabbit and the Armored Tanukis crispy and slightly hard meat is delicious, and the super tender meat of the seven colored bat is also delicious.

However, the night viper slightly exceeded those in taste.

This tastiness caused us to stop working, and all three goblins greedily wolfed down their share.

Ability [Thermography] learned.

Ability [Snake Venom Administration] learned.

Ability [Poison Resistance] learned.

Ability [Presence Sensor] learned.

Ability [Snake’s Evil Eye] learned.

After eating it, I learned five abilities.

Apparently the night viper was in a different league compared to the current me.

When I eat something stronger than I am, the probability that I receive abilities from it significantly increases, this is one of the characteristics of my [Absorption] ability.

But getting five abilities at once it truly a first.

My guess is that this is because goblins are a weak species.

Well, I am truly satisfied with the results of this days outcome.

The remaining poisoned fang could probably be used as a tool, however if Gobukichi-kunGobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan who don’t have [Poison Resistance] were to even graze it, they would without doubt immediately be on the verge of death.

Worst case scenario is that they’d die instantly.

Besides this time I also received the ability [Snake Venom Administration], which I can use to apply poison to the tip of the horn I’m using currently.

If I’m not in direct contact this ability doesn’t manifest itself, but compared to the poisoned fang it’s a lot safer to use.

That’s why just in case something were to happen, I ate the three heads of the snakes myself.

Because this way is a lot safer.

Yeah, poison(which is completely harmless to me because of the two abilities [Poison Resistance] and [Absorption] working in concert) only made the food taste better to me by giving the food a slight sting.

However, two goblins were directing envious gazes at me.

Hey, if you ate this you’d die, you know?

Day 9

It rained today. It was a downpour.

Thus using the raw materials I acquired yesterday, I will work hard to manufacture new armor.

The goblin elder earlier told us about the needle like “steel grass” and the sturdy string like “slender ivy” that grew in the vicinity, so yesterday on the way back we already made ourselves a supply to use when sewing with the armored tanuki skins furnished with shells and the night viper skins.

The first thing I made was my torso armor. I wanted to use the the armored tanuki skin for the front and back, but the most important part was that the rear part was sturdy, and the rabbit horns that earlier were used to protect the rear were used to patch up the front. I mostly succeeded in closing any gaps.

With this I have finally ranked up my garment from the worn-out loincloth.

The previous armor before? No, those were only horns fastened with ivy therefore it cannot be called clothes. Moreover, the worn-out loincloth is equipped by default.

Next I made a wooden square, I wanted to use the remaining shells to reinforce it.

Though it is still quite shabby, with this a sturdy shield is completed. This is a present to Gobukichi-kun. No, I use the dual-wield style, and the shield is too oversized for me to use. So Gobukichi-kun who is the vanguard should use it.

Besides, lately he had started to be able to use the cudgel one-handed, and not using one hand is wasteful.

When I hand it over, he was very much delighted. Gobukichi-kun was equipped with his wooden cudgel which was the same size as his torso, the shield crafted from the tanuki’s carapace and the wooden torso armor. Yes, he’s starting to look quite good.

Next is Gobumi-chan’s body armor.

Utilizing the remaining snake skin and seven prismatic colored bat wings, and a small amount of the remaining horns, I stitched those together and a body armor that reminded me of a national costume was made.

Because it was made using the seven-colored bat’s wings it was quite vibrant, however the batwings proved to be surprisingly robust and elastic.

Since the horn was arranged for protecting the vitals, the minimum required level of defense is expected.

After that I tried to make a necklace out of the seven-colored bats fangs. Well, I felt that I didn’t really have many options for using them so it was more something like a bonus.

The finished product was presented to Gobumi-chan. She was very delighted too.

That’s right, next time I craft something I’ll try to make weapons for myself, armor for Gobukichi-kun, and a bow and quiver for Gobumi-chan might be good I think.

Ah, today’s meal was what I ate during my infancy period (although it was just few days ago), caterpillar like insects. These could be gathered in the cave.

Because it’s unexpectedly tasty, this bug should not be underestimated.

Though I did not learn anything from eating it.

Day 10

I went out hunting.

Today’s spoils were Horned Rabbits, Night Vipers and Armored Tanukis.

We were unable to capture a seven seven colored bat. I felt that I was close to learning something from eating it, but it can’t be helped. Such things happen.

Ah, by the way even though we encountered various creatures but they all seemed to be a lot stronger than us, so we avoided them and hunted what we were used to.

Oh well, we’re steadily raising our level, so we’ll hunt them sooner of later.

Ah, since hunting is finished for today, I will explain levels to you.

Levels, to put it plainly, is partly a manifestation that makes different individuals strength easy to understand.

Though I do not understand the working principle, when you squint a number will faintly appear floating in your field of vision.

The maximum level that can be obtained is 100, and this number can’t be exceeded. Incidentally, right now my level is 86 and, as a goblin, it is fairly high.

I think it might have risen so much because I’ve been killing and eating high rank stuff like night vipers without receiving a single injury.

Also, although it might be inconsequential, Gobukichi-kun is 78 and Gobumi-chan is 55. We are getting stronger at a good pace.

Although to say that as a goblin, even when comparing a level 100 to other races we are still treated as small fry, so right now level does not really matter.

However, in this world there exist other interesting rules than levels.

According to Gobujii, when reaching level 100, growth stops there.

However those individual with potential to grow further do not stop there, but instead can grow stronger through “Rank Up”.

In short, the individual who have accomplishments can evolve into a stronger race, further increasing the individuals power.

If you assume that today I will keep growing as well, then generally I’d first evolve into a hobgoblin from a goblin, then into an ogre.

That is the general route.

Be that as it may, there exists other routes than to evolve into ogres. However, what race you evolve into will depend upon what actions you have performed.

For example, those who had turned into ogres, drinking the blood of prey willingly, who must have a certain intelligence, strength, and above all a high pride, turn into vampires.

Those who had turned into ogres, preferring to use heavyweight weapons like axes and large swords, such individuals endowed with unusual strength and resilience turn into minotaurs.

Those who had turned into hobgoblins, continuing to eat rotten corpses’ flesh and bodily fluids willingly, and finally starts to eat even souls, becomes a [Ghoul].

Those who were hobgoblin until now, that excel in handling certain weapons such as the sword, katana and spears, certain people who have intelligence and skills closest to a human becomes another existence completely [Half-Blood Lord] it’s divided into various classifications of the [Lord] race system.

With things being as they are, following this system, by leveling up I’d turn into something related to an ogre.

This law of the evolution of species is to put it bluntly, very strange, however since it actually happens I can’t deny it, and for me who’s living in a world of survival of the fittest this helps me too.

Well, Gobu-jii says that usually [Rank Up] doesn’t happen early. Because I wanted to see how far I could go, I didn’t have a problem with that and decided to treat it as a challenge.

Nevertheless, for example even if I become an ogre, I wonder what sort of evolution I will have.

I don’t think I will turn into a [Vampire], because I don’t really have very high pride.

Probably not [Minotaur], since I prefer light thrusting class weapon more than heavier weapons.

I really dont want to turn into a [Ghoul].

Well, the ghoul class is an undead, the same as the vampire, and there exist several different undead you can evolve into, for example the spell slinging [Lich] or the headless horseman [Dullahan], according to Gobujii.

If you want to become an undead type monster, it is easier to turn into a ghoul than a vampire, however losing the flesh of your body is a definite weakness.

The evolution that seemed best to me from his explanation seemed to be the [Lord], who used various types of weapons.

Oh well, I still have a long way to go and it is not happening anytime soon.

Having tired out from listening to his speech, I slept since night had fallen.

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      There is a sidestory left out
      Time Axis: Previous Life

      The first time I met 'him' was at the time when I was entrusted with protecting a certain person on the planet Andreas. The employer is a princess of a certain country, and even though she was an alien she was a beautiful woman even from my perspective who is from the same sex as her, due to various circumstances there was a big terrorist organization called The Patriotic Alliance aiming for her life.

      I can't even understand how terrorists think so there's no use even if I talked about them. Anyways, I was given the role of the shield because I can go to almost anywhere the princess go to, being from the same sex. Basically I only had to eliminate possible assassins.

      For me who is an ESPer with the highest class Telekinesis ability, most attacks can be disabled instantly. Whether it is a tank shell or a spaceship laser, they are ineffective against me. That is why I was picked as the shield, but of course we won't stay passive and allow the enemy to attack us without counterattacking. The sword that was chosen to attack the enemy rather than protecting the target was 'him', it was Tomokui Kanata.

      Equipped with the latest enhanced powered suit, an armor piercing railgun, his absurd proficiency in martial arts and countless types of close combat weapons and styles. Seeing the enemy's next move using【Clairvoyance】, then moving to their blind spot with Teleportation, getting hit by tank shells head-on with his bare body without sustaining a scratch, shooting a spaceship laser from his mouth, scanning the memory of the enemy to collect information etc., basically there was nothing he couldn't do.

      The Patriotic Alliance, which was aiming at the Princess's life at first was annihilated in a single day, in addition, a dozen of other criminal organizations which had connections to The Patriotic Alliance disappeared forever from the surface of planet Andreas. This was more of an underworld "clean-up" than security duty.

      Actually, it was because the fact that there were some big politicians pulling the strings behind the scenes of this assassination attempt, in addition to some celebrities, big underworld criminal organizations and even some big government officials were involved was exposed, all of this which was perfectly hidden was discovered by him. Although it was a good follow-up, as expected it's a little of an overkill. Though that may not be something that I who also overdo things should say.

      Well, that was how we met, I still feel nostalgic when I remember how dumbfounded I was when I found out how absurd his abilities are in our first meeting. He overdo things, possesses some flaws, and his face is just perfectly my taste. Is this what they mean by matching wavelengths? It's fun when we go out drinking together. I'll get a short vacation soon, so should I invite him somewhere? But, for now let's go drinking together. If you invite him out to drinking, he will come following instantly. Ah. I am looking forward to it.
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      Why did she kill him? Authors need to flesh things out more in their stories. I was stabbed then I reincarnated. And if he woke up in the body instead of being reborn than that is not reincarnation that is transmigration.
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        Well not realy woke up as much as being birthed instead so it should fall into reincarnation category since didn't steal or toke over someone's body
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          To reincarnate he would have had to be reborn in to the world by literally being birthed by his mother
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