Chapter 2: Planet Civilizations Choice!

The process of awakening the planet was not complicated.

It would not last long. It all depended on everyone's talent.

A few minutes passed, Jiang Fan slowly opened his eyes.

A hint of joy appeared on his face!

He could clearly feel it.

Within the Awakened Space, in nothingness, a yellow dot appeared.

This yellow dot was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Its appearance gradually became clearer.

It was a sphere.

Jiang Fan knew. This was the planet he had awakened.

It was like a cell growing into an embryo.

However, time was much faster.

About five minutes passed. The planet slowly took shape.

This was a planet with an earthen yellow surface.

He quietly floated in the awakening space.


The next moment, when Jiang Fan saw the size of the planet, his expression changed slightly.

This was an extremely small planet.

It looked less than a kilometer in diameter.

What was this concept?

It was even smaller than some slightly larger squares.

"True enough…" Jiang Fan felt helpless.

During the normal simulation test, Jiang Fan's results were not very good.

It could be said to be average. It was not easy to awaken a planet.

A smaller diameter was very normal.

"Such a small planet, let alone high-level energy, even low-level energy would be hard to convert." Jiang Fan thought.

Awakening a planet was just the beginning.

A planet in the complete sense was a planet of life.

Life had to be born.

Only then could it be considered a successful awakening.

It was divided into three steps.

Step 1: Awakening a planet.

Step 2: Convert the origin energy into all kinds of energy.

Step 3: Catalyze life.

He completed these three steps.

When there’s the birth of life on the planet, it could be considered a true awakening.

The birth of life was closely related to energy.

The higher the energy level of the planet, the higher the probability of life being born.

And the energy came from the transformation of the origin energy.

The bigger the planet was.

The higher the probability of origin energy converting into advanced energy.

And energy was divided into ordinary energy and extraordinary energy.

Extraordinary energy refers to True qi, vitality, magic power, battle qi, origin power, spiritual energy, and so on.

Ordinary energy was ordinary energy. For example, light energy, wind energy, electric energy, geothermal energy, chemical energy, and so on.

Normal energy could also give birth to life.

But the probability was very small.

Moreover, they would be born of ordinary life. There was no potential.

It looked like Jiang Fan's awakened planet was less than a kilometer in diameter.

The probability was even lower.

It was almost impossible to give birth to life.

Which meant… Awakening failed!!

Inside the patrol room.

The school leaders as well as the class teachers and teachers of each class gathered together.

They were paying attention to the most important awakening ceremony of the year.

All of them looked calm, but their heart was even more nervous than the students in the awakening room.

After all… this was related to the school's results.

If there were many successful students and the planets were large, the school would also benefit greatly.

Their fame would rise.

It would also be easier to recruit students next year.

"Number 17 has successfully awakened. The diameter of the planet is 8 kilometers."

"Number 28 has successfully awakened. The diameter of the planet is 13.5 kilometers."

"Number 33 has successfully awakened. The diameter of the planet is 7.2 kilometers."

As time passed, one after another, voices were heard.

"Examinee #8, planet diameter 28.5 kilometers!" a teacher shouted.

Instantly, it attracted a lot of attention.

"28.5 Kilometers?"

"This is one of the top geniuses."

"Which class is this?"

"It seems to be Class 1. Class 1's results are really good."

The principal nodded slightly as he listened to the discussion.

This year's results were considered very good.

Two students with a diameter of more than 25 kilometers had appeared.

"Candidate 81, planet diameter… 0.81 Km?!”

A teacher read the result of Jiang Fan's awakening.

"0.81 Km? It's less than a kilometer, I'm afraid it'll be hard to even give birth to life."

"I'm not even afraid. According to the previous records of the Federation, the diameter of the planet is less than one kilometer, although there is still a theoretical possibility, no one has ever successfully born life."

"What a pity."

The teachers shook their heads and sighed.

Not too surprised.

In the previous years' awakening results, the diameter of the planet that was less than 1 km was not a minority.

"Such a small planet, it's almost impossible to give birth to life. If I can't give life to a planet, then it means that you failed to awaken. In the future, I can only become a commoner." Inside the awakening room, Jiang Fan felt a little unwilling.

Once life could not be born, this meant that the awakening had failed.

He would never have another chance in the future.

It was impossible to change fate.

Jiang Fan came from an ordinary family.

If he did not successfully awaken a planet, he could only work for other planet owners!

It was not much different from the farmers who sold their bodies to the landlords in ancient times.

Ding dong!

At this moment.

A strange voice sounded in Jiang Fan's mind.

【I detected that the host is awakening a planet, the god-level deduction system is activated.】

Jiang Fan was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

The System?!

You finally came!

He immediately looked into his mind.

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