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Invisible Dragon투명 드래곤

Everyone, I have finally decided to write~

Please read a lot~

The story’s about... Read more
Everyone, I have finally decided to write~

Please read a lot~

The story’s about the strongest dragon the invisible dragon moving to the other world… hehehe

An invisible dragon kills everything.


[A super duper story about a super duper dragon.] Collapse
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    The Morbius of light novels, the most book ever written, my favorite part is when he says, "I'm Invisible Dragon" 10trillions copies sold worldwide and I can see why. Truly magnificent.
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    Re-read this masterpiece again, I have to re-review because my previous on was somewhat biased, so, I will re-review this now.


    1. Story development: I'll be real with you, this actually has a somewhat understandable plot, although the author throws random bullsh*t here and there, but the ending was amazing I can't believe
    ,. 4 stars

    2. Writing Quality: 10^10^100/ 10. The author has clearly put all of their skill points they get when they level up into the [Writing], [Creativity] and [Bullsh*tery(sub skill under creativity branch)] skills in a 7:2:1 ratio. I would rate more than 5 stars if I could

    3. World background: The author's [Creativity] skill seemingly does not apply to this apparently, I think it's on a parallel Earth, or maybe it's a different parallel universe planet. 2 stars

    4. Character Development: Absolutely phenomenal, the (second?)greatest strength of this masterpiece. The training arc was so wonderfully done, the maturity of [Invisible_Dragon.MC] after experiencing a crushing defeat, the sadness at
    Wonderfull. 5 stars

    Overall, 4/5 for this masterpiece
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    Absolute Masterpiece of a novel...

    the ending had me in tears...

    had me giggling a lot as well lol

    Overall a great novel to start with if your planning on reading the rest of the forbidden texts!

    Stay safe, fellow daoists!
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    Reverend Insanity and Lord of The Mysteries combined cant be compared to this quality...
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    John Cena: Finally a worthy opponent
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    feels like being Squidward watching Spongebob with his Imagination Box lmao
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    Seigneur Jésus, j'ai pleuré pendant trois jours et je me suis demandé si ma vie n'était pas de la merde avant que je tombe sur ce roman
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    My IQ increased by 500 percent after reading this Masterpiece
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    A masterpiece..... ehh

    Recommend : 11/10
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    I scrolled through all the comments saw *masterpiece" up and down men I was freaking excited till i read it....... now I can say this novel has enlightened my soul on a whole level of crappiness man i wish you all complete brain cell after reading this

    Now i feeling like digging a grave and then push the author inside such magnificent work should not be viewed by mortals
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        I thought i found a good novel....I feel like crying tears of sorr-.....uhmm.....tears of joy
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