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This crazy—

I almost swore aloud in spite of myself. I tried to calm myself down, then I checked the address on the nameplate again.

[44 Grey Ferret street – B04]

This was definitely my house. In that case, why was this guy here?

Anyone from Carnot, the nest of crime, would know the identity of this handsome man that had collapsed motionlessly in front of the door to my house. I hid my confusion and bent down to check the man’s condition first.

As I drew closer, the thick smell of blood flooded my nose. Although his whole body was drenched in blood, it didn’t seem like all of it were his. I reluctantly used my ability to check his condition. A translucent white thread extended from my fingertips, pervading the man’s body and sweeping over him.

Although there was one serious injury, it wasn’t like he was going to die right now. I stared at the man’s face, which was so gently beautiful that it was hard to believe he was the king of the underworld, then I stood up again.

I quietly checked my surroundings. Fortunately, it didn’t seem like there were even any rats lingering around.


I raised my feet and kicked the man’s torso all the way to the side. This man should be fainted at my neighbor’s door today, not mine. The beautiful woman living next door was the kind heroine that would whiten him.[1]

So in simpler terms…

You’ve got the wrong house, Mr. sub-villain.

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Translator’s Corner:

[1] I can only assume this means turning him to the right path.

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