Chapter 146: Ti Xiaer.

There was no more impediment to meeting Ti Xiaer after the fall of the alchemy puppet. Ti Xiaer was only a peak official level herself, so having three official level combatants under her had already reached the limit, no matter how deep her foundation was. And now that her three "Dharma protectors" have been defeated, it's only natural for the goddess to appear on stage in person.

Punk and the others still remained in a triangular formation as they entered a stone room at the far end of the cave.

"Poor bugs, did you really come all this way just to die?"

Ti Xiaer's sharp but gloomy roar greeted the three "brave men."

"I am the supreme Goddess Ti Xiaer, and you have dared to oppose me. Are you prepared to be burned to ashes by my rage?"

Ti Xiaer abruptly stood up as she finished her last sentence. Her purple-black carapace reflected a cold light, and her eight articulated limbs pierced deep into the ground like sharp magical blades. Her foul aura created a filthy air current around her massive body, and the pressure she was exuding was greater than that of the rock worm and the alchemy puppet combined.

But, while facing the enraged Ti Xiaer, Punk was more focused on the faintly visible light yellow energy that was slowly entering the other party's body.

Punk was certain it was the power of faith.

"It appears that this large spider intends to absorb the power of faith in order to advance, and as a result, she is unable to leave this place temporarily!"

Although Punk had no idea why the absorption of this power of faith had to take place in this stone room, he had a hunch that this location might serve some hidden purpose. After all, the legendary aura had now almost completely blocked all three of their perceptions.

However, now was not the time to look into this matter. Even though the three of them had just fought a major battle, Ti Xiaer would obviously not allow the enemy to drink potions to regain their health, as some game bosses did. So there was no extra waiting, and almost as soon as they appeared, Ti Xiaer, enraged that her lair had been invaded, spat out a large cloud of dark green mist and wrapped it around her body.

Clearly, she was getting ready to fight.

"This is the end of the road for all of you."

"Why is there so much nonsense? First, eat my hammer!"

Bahanger, who had been chastised throughout the journey by Ti Xiaer, couldn't stop himself any longer and attacked first. His rage even caused his muscles to bulge and blood vessels to squirm, which was a sign of a berserker activating their innate skill, which was becoming a madman.

Punk gave up on trying to stop the dwarf once he realized he had already become this way. After all, how could something like "caution" deter a berserker?

Seeing no better options, Kang Kai and Punk looked at each other and nodded. Then, Punk quickly backed away, and at the same time, the spell in his hand was thrown on No. 1.

It was the official-level summoning Spell, "Summon Steel Armor," that summoned an alloy steel armor with strong physical defences on the target's body.

After receiving the steel armor, No. 1 transformed from the original wandering hero into a high-end Iron Knight and rushed sonorously toward Ti Xiaer.

Kang Kai's actions were not far behind, as he launched the "wheel saw" and "oscillating knife" once more. Kang Kai, who had been transformed into a living wheel saw once more, aimed at Ti Xiaer's massive abdomen and flew toward her at breakneck speed.

Ti Xiaer, on the other hand, was not so easy to deal with. Seeing three official-level enemies approaching, she didn't have any trace of worry in her eyes. 

The sharp bony knives at the end of her limbs turned into a gorgeous knife net, and the dark green polluted faith power was condensed on those blades, then accompanied by the fierce piercing sound in the air, Ti Xiaer faced the attacks of Bahanger, Kang Kai, and No. 1.

"My knife is destined to rip everything apart."

A shock wave of twisted air erupted in the stone room as Ti Xiaer resisted Bahange's heavy hammer with her two intersecting limbs alone.

At the same time, the other two sharp limbs faced Kang Kai's chainsaw and No. 1's claws. Splashing sparks erupted in two directions, and the harsh metal friction echoed throughout the cave for a while.

Punk didn't dare to underestimate Ti Xiaer. In fact, he was the most worried among the three when he saw this large spider.

The system analysis revealed that Ti Xiaer's level at this time was one step short of being able to break through to master level, which made Punk nervous.

"A terrifying level 14 peak monster."

Punk unleashed one of his most lethal killer moves, the Official-level incantation spell "Major Damage," while thinking this.

Ti Xiaer's head was instantly hit with incomparable precision by the "Major Damage" spell as the gray energy ball in Punk's hand vanished, but unlike his previous targets, she wasn't cut into pieces.

A circle of light-yellow power of faith instantly formed a solid protective film on Ti Xiaer's head, causing the Major Damage to be squeezed into a flattened balloon by this shield. Finally, the etheric energy blade vanished without causing any harm to Ti Xiaer.

"Ahahahahaha, can you just use such tricks? If so, then prepare to die."

Ti Xiaer, who was under siege from four official level powerhouse, didn't panic, and almost at the same time that Punk's spell failed, she blatantly launched a counterattack.

"I want to turn all of you blasphemers into mashed meat, hahaha."

Ti Xiaer roared, and at the same time, a trace of the filthy light-yellow faith power clung to her body turned into images of demons which danced wildly on her carapace.

Ti Xiaer's strength surged with the blessing of polluted faith, and the leg that intercepted Kang Kai pushed forward violently. Kang Kai, unable to withstand the pressure, was forced to stop rotating and avoided it by moving sideways.

On the other hand, No. 1, who lacked flexibility in its thinking, did not have such good fortune. Despite Punk's hasty order to cross its claws on the chest to defend, it was still hit by Ti Xiaer and blown away violently.


No. 1's body then plowed a deep trench in the hard rock on the ground before slamming into the hard rock wall with a loud boom, leaving a massive hole in it.

Bahanger also felt the increase in Ti Xiaer's strength, but he was now in a berserk state. As a result, he didn't think twice about pumping up his muscles and charging straight at Ti Xiaer.

"Damn ants."

Seeing that the dwarf hadn't been knocked into the air, Ti Xiaer immediately increased her strength again. Her slender limbs now possessed an incredible amount of strength and hardness. So even when Bahanger had gathered all his battle qi on his arm, he was still forced to retreat slowly, and the rocks under his feet cracked because of the pressure. The forcefully agitated earth-type battle qi formed a layer of earthy yellow flames on Bahanger's body.

"You little bug, know your place."

Of course, the furious Ti Xiaer didn't intend to constantly compete with Bahanger with brut strength, and two of her other legs were suddenly shot toward Bahanger intending to pearce his chest.

"Swish! Swish!"

Two sharp sounds of something tearing through the air was heard.

If Bahanger was struck by these lightning-fast sharp arthropods, even if he used his "battle qi armor" for defense, he would not be able to escape without a few holes in his body.

Seeing she was about to stab Bahanger, Ti Xiaer's carapace-covered face showed a grinning smile. She added some more strength, which increased her attack speed even more, and then she roared frantically:

"Die, heresy."

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