Chapter 81: Actually, I Also Have a Backer

Mo Xunhuan scanned it with his spiritual sense and his expression changed instantly.

A trace of anger flashed across his face.

With so many precious materials, was he treating the Heavenly Dao Academy as a treasury?

Mo Xunhuan handed the list back and outwardly rejected it.

"There are so many heavenly materials and earthly treasures on this list. The Heavenly Dao Academy will never give it to you."

"There is no such thing as compensation. Even if there is, it is impossible for them to compensate so much."

Li Shiyi was not angry.

He knew very well what was written in his master's list.

Moreover, he was not here to reason with them from the beginning.

"The second thing is that the Heavenly Dao Academy cannot call itself a sacred land."

"Third, I want a list of the people from the sacred lands who pressured the Heavenly Dao Academy."

"These requests are non-negotiable. Whether you agree or not, there is only one result."

Hearing such an adamant tone, Mo Xunhuan laughed instead.

"Little guy, where did you get such confidence from?"

"This is the Heavenly Dao Academy. It's a secret realm, it has the Mountain of Books and a Sea of Learning."

Li Shiyi laughed.

"I know, so I'm not actually here to negotiate. Make your move, old man."

The impolite way he addressed him really annoyed Mo Xunhuan.

"Do you really think that the Heavenly Dao Academy would not dare to touch you? In this mystic realm, who would be able to stop me from making my move?"

Yuan Shi, who was by the side, had an anxious expression.

She had high hopes for Li Shiyi. She did not want such a young genius to die here just like that.

"Li Shiyi, I think you naturally came here to accomplish your goal. Such an adamant tone isn't the tone of a negotiation."

She reminded him.

Li Shiyi nodded.

"Mo Xunhuan, when the academy bowed to the sacred land, I knew that the Heavenly Dao Academy was just an ordinary force."

"You only have one characteristic, and that is that you're afraid of authority and don't harbor it."

"Now, the Hidden Edge Sect has an Emperor and is the strongest sect."

"So, you're right. I'm here to cause trouble for the Heavenly Dao Academy."

He stood up and looked straight at Mo Xunhuan.

"I just want to see if you dare to offend the Emperor's authority, even though you're backing down in front of the Qiankun Pavilion and Hongwu Holy Dynasty."

Mo Xunhuan's expression changed drastically, and he could no longer remain calm.

Li Shiyi was being so aggressive on purpose.

On one hand, he wanted to vent his anger.

On the other hand, he wanted to make Mo Xunhuan angry.

Otherwise, the other party could have sealed him and thrown him out of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

This way, he would not have to hurt him, and he would not have to take out any treasures.

As for the Hidden Edge Sect coming to look for trouble later...

Since the various sacred lands were now working together, the Heavenly Dao Academy might be counting on the various sacred lands to take out their Emperor artifacts to fight against Ye Changge.

Therefore, Li Shiyi wanted to directly infuriate Mo Xunhuan.

As long as the other party made a move, the danger-sensing jade pendant on his body would instantly contact Ye Changge.

What disappointed him was that Mo Xunhuan actually held back.

Even if he, a junior, provoked him like this.

"Hmph! You don't have to keep using Hidden Edge Emperor to pressure me. Your request cannot be granted."

"Next, I'll seal you, a junior, and send you back to the Hidden Edge Sect."

"As for the fact that the Heavenly Dao Academy is not allowed to call itself a sacred ground, the various sacred grounds will work together to discuss this matter with the Hidden Edge Emperor personally."

After saying this, Mo Xunhuan's hand left the zither.

"Ten Thousand Cages!"

His five fingers formed into a claw, and tens of thousands of colorful threads of light appeared in his hand as he quickly bound Li Shiyi.

This was one of the secret techniques of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

It came from the hand of an ancient quasi-emperor.

After years of modification by the Heavenly Dao Academy, it had become a secret technique.


Li Shiyi shouted, and sword qi spread all over his body.

It was the first time the Big Dipper Sword was used.

The spirit of the sword was bright, and it increased the power of all attacks.

A streak of majestic green sword qi slashed out from the Big Dipper Sword.

All the approaching threads were cut off.


Under Mo Xunhuan's command, all the broken light threads were still floating and curling toward Li Shiyi.

The Green Lotus Sword Bone was fully activated.

His entire body was emitting a sharp sword intent.

Countless sword qi wrapped around him, forming a huge lotus.

The Big Dipper Sword carried the power of heaven and earth as it slashed down with a loud bang.

Six sub-swords flew out from the Big Dipper sword, each carrying a different sword intent.

At this moment.

The Green Lotus Sword Bone and the Big Dipper Sword were fully activated. They were so coordinated.

After a loud sound.

Mo Xunhuan's face was contorted with fury. It was obvious that he was really angry!

His right hand was actually cut off.


He had far surpassed the Rebirth Realm and reached the Entry Saint Realm.

Mo Xunhuan's strength was very immense. It was not difficult for him to regrow his limbs.

However, he was injured by a junior who was so much younger than him. He could not conceal his dissatisfaction at all.

Most importantly, the magical treasure that the other party was holding made him feel apprehensive.

That fierce aura and powerful strength allowed a junior to challenge someone of a higher level.

If it was not for the fact that he knew about Emperor's artifacts, he would not have been able to use them unless they were blood-related or of Emperor-level.

He would have thought that Li Shiyi was using an Emperor's artifact.

How would Mo Xunhuan know that the Big Dipper Sword in Li Shiyi's hand was a powerful treasure that far surpassed Emperor artifacts.

"Junior, you're so arrogant. This old man will have to teach you a real lesson!"

At this moment, the Mountain of Books trembled.

Two golden balls burst out from Mo Xunhuan's eyes and shot straight at Li Shiyi.

At the same time, the zither in front of him also launched a fierce attack. Streaks of colorful light accompanied by sound waves slashed toward Li Shiyi.

What happened next completely exceeded Mo Xunhuan's expectations.

Li Shiyi actually gave up resisting.

He put away his magic treasures with a smile on his face.


A strange ripple spread out.

Li Shiyi's entire body was covered with a defensive barrier.

A jade token appeared in the air.

All of this was exactly the same as when Li Shiyi attacked that stupid son of Fang Yuru.

At that time, Fang Yuru also descended like this.

Just as Li Shiyi thought that Ye Changge would also send a clone or something to appear in front of the jade token.


The Mountain of Books shook!

The Sea of Learning surged!

The endless Sea of Learning swept up a tsunami, and huge waves crashed onto the Mountain of Books.

Many panicked voices were heard.

Countless powerhouses who were in seclusion in this mystic realm were disturbed.

Countless cracks appeared in the sky.

"The catastrophe of the heavens splitting?"

Several cries of alarm were heard.

Mo Xunhuan was even more terrified.

As the headmaster of the academy, he naturally knew what had happened.

Someone had directly attacked the entire Mountain of Books Secret Realm!

Who was it that could shake the entire secret realm, shake the Mountain of Books, and reverse the Sea of Learning?

"Actually, I have a backer as well."

Li Shiyi laughed happily.

"Back then, you used this kind of move against me."

"The Qiankun Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty have always had their own backers."

"To be honest, I'm quite envious."

"Now, I also have my own backer."

"Sacred land faction? Let's see if you can withstand the Emperor's might."

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