Chapter 326

In an underground Base in Saffron City, there was a Room that was particularly large and luxuriously furnished. There were several very expensive pieces of jewelry on the wall and even the furniture in this room was made with only the finest wood and enriched with many beautiful gemstones.

In addition, the huge room had many high-quality electrical devices and even a huge TV on the wall, which worked without any problems even in this belowground base.

In this large, luxurious room, two young adults sit in their chairs and watch the TV that was in the room.

the young man sitting on the right had short black hair and a muscular body. He almost looked like a perfect handsome man if he didn't have those eagle-like eyes that made him look very dangerous. But even with those dangerous-looking eyes, this young man was very popular among the opposite sex.

The other young man was very tall for his age and almost 2 meters tall, even though he was under 18 years old. But he was not only tall but also relatively wide.

He had a big belly, broad shoulders, and very muscular arms that didn't match his face at all. The face of this man could almost perfectly be described with the words "babyface".

Both young men were eyeing the big TV which was showing a fight between Alex and Misty.

After the big man saw that Misty had given up and lost her fight to Alex, he said, "Marco, it looks like you're not going to be able to get the Hoenn position that easily."

Marco looked at the tall man with his eagle-like eyes, when he said, "Leeroy, you're really lucky to be a good friend of mine or a different boss wouldn't take your nonsense."

Leeroy flashed a smile as he said, "Hey, hey, be delighted you have such a good friend. Especially if you look at everyone with those eyes, don't be surprised if you only have me as a friend left."

Marco's eyes twitched a bit. "You really are a blessing"

Leeroy ignored the sarcastic tone of his friend/boss when he said, "I know."

Marco took a deep breath and said, "I can't believe you found a girl who put up with you. I thought you'd be single for the rest of your life. That's a miracle in itself if you ask me."

Leeroy just smiled when he got this "compliment" from his friend.

Marco looked back at the TV and started to show a serious expression. "But you're right that Alex could become a significant problem."

Leeroy showed a very curious expression when he asked, "Why? You're stronger than him."

Marco looked at Leeroy's face and when he saw that Leeroy was serious about his question, he just said quietly, "I don't understand why such a smart person as you is too lazy to think about something like that yourself."

Leeroy started smiling as he said, "I want to know what you think. I know you've already done your analysis of all your competitors. Come on say it already."

Marco breathed deeply again and said, "In short. This Alex is a ridiculous monster. Not only does he level up ridiculously fast, but he has a ridiculous talent for tactics and even has a former competitor as a team member. You can say he has the strongest subordinate in this test."

Leeroy started flexing his biceps as he said to Marco, "Don't forget who you have on your team."

Marco started to smile a little and found it a bit funny even though he said coldly, "wish I could."

Leeroy ignored Marco and continued to flex his biceps as he watched himself in a mirror.

'I think I'm beginning to understand how such a lazy person like Leeroy managed to train such two big upper arms. Didn't think Pride was stronger than Sloth' Marco thought to himself as he saw Leeroy observing himself in the mirror.

After a few more moments, Leeroy stopped looking at himself in the mirror and started talking to Marco again.

"Marco dont worry. I will carry you to victory."

Marco just looked at Leeroy with a blank face and continued to watch the TV.

Leeroy just smiled and started to ask, "But, I'm a bit surprised that Giovanni even gave Alex a chance to take part in this trial."

Marco said casually, "You don't understand Giovanni. He doesn't give a damn that Alex doesn't have a trusted association with Team Rocket."

Usually, Team Rocket member in high position, thinks: Jasmine and Marco both have parents who have a very high position in Team Rocket and are therefore very trustworthy. Or at least more trustworthy than other members.

But Giovanni hardly cared how loyal or strong the parents of Team Rocket members are. He places great value in individuity and judges almost only his members in that way.

Marco understands this very well as a nephew of Giovanni.

Leeroy flashed an encouraging smile as he noticed Marco's mood deteriorating. "I don't care either way. we're gonna win anyway. Especially when everything goes according to plan"

Marco's eagle-like eyes gazed at the image of Alex on the TV with a gaze similar to that of a predator watching its prey. He didn't say anything and was deep in thought as the replay of Alex's win appeared on the Tv.


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