Chapter 197

Skimming through the news, Lou Cheng found that it basically told the truth about the case except that he was described as a deliveryman. Since it was the local news, there were only a few comments on it, which were all under various aliases.

“Which company has such an amazing deliveryman?”

“Is he a martial arts school student working a part-time job?”

“It shouldn’t be them. The catering companies we know would have their deliverymen wear uniforms with logos. This one is obviously working for a private restaurant!”

Beside him, Yan Zheke buried half her face into the pillow to smother her laughter while punching the bed softly with her right fist.

“Deliveryman… deliveryman… deliveryman!”

Lou Cheng also felt that it was ridiculous but he could do nothing about it. Recalling he was carrying the girl’s breakfast then, he exhaled and said,

“Yeah, I’m a deliveryman, your private deliveryman…”

Yan Zheke’s laughter suddenly quietened and gradually stopped. Raising her head to gaze at her boyfriend with watery eyes, she moved her lips to repeat Lou Cheng’s words soundlessly,

“My private… deliveryman…”

Her eyes gradually lit up like a dreamy star filled sky. Gazing at Lou Cheng in this way, she was too shy to say a word.

Lou Cheng felt a silence fall on the room, as if all the noise from the passing vehicles and pedestrians outside the window were suddenly blocked out of his world. There was only the gorgeous Yan Zheke and him, the lucky boy. All he saw was the girl’s glittering eyes and plump soft lips.

Sensing the atmosphere and their beating hearts, Lou Cheng suddenly realized he should do something even before the girl could say anything. He turned to lie on his side, supported himself with one arm, and gradually leaned over.

Yan Zheke’s eyelashes were fluttering as she slowly closed her eyes.

Holding her in his arms while breathing in her scent and breath, all Lou Cheng could see was her attractive lips.

It was at this moment Yan Zheke opened her eyes and let out a soft humph.

“You’re pulling on my hair…”

Her words awakened Lou Cheng as if freeing him from a spell. He immediately raised his arm to change his posture, and then froze.

For a second, all Lou Cheng’s romantic thoughts were dispelled while the outside noise poured into the room, shattering the dreamworld illusion and bringing him back to earth.

Looking at each other in bewilderment, both Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke burst out laughing, for the funny way in which the romantic atmosphere was broken!

Of course, Lou Cheng felt a little upset. What a feeling and atmosphere! How could it be destroyed by such simple words as “You’re pulling on my hair…”!

Was it the so called “dissolving into uncontrollable laughter during a performance”?

She laughed for quite a while, which made her face flush. Lou Cheng could do nothing but look at her helplessly, waiting for her to calm down.

When she finally stopped laughing, she pursed lips and turned her gaze towards Lou Cheng.

“I, I’m easily amused, ha ha…”

After saying this, she laughed again, feeling that the situation just now was so funny.

Lou Cheng lay back and again put her right hand on his belly, trying to warm her.

Yan Zheke used his momentum to approach him and then lay huddled up beside. Blinking her eyes, she raised a question,

“Cheng, what did you look like before, when you were in Junior middle school and elementary school?”

She suddenly felt an urge to know more about Lou Cheng.

Recalling the past, Lou Cheng smiled and said,

“I was so short in elementary school, that the others kept calling me the Square Root of 2 even in Grade six. Luckily, I began growing after entering Junior middle school and crossed the barrier of 1.7m within three years. Though in Senior High I hardly grew any taller, it seemed I am again growing recently thanks to my training and exercise.”

He could only make an estimation of his present height since he hadn’t measured it for months.

“It must have been so easy to bully you in elementary school~” Yan Zheke smiled as if she was imagining Lou Cheng as a little boy in her mind.

Lou Cheng burst out laughing. “How could that be true? No one bullied me then!”

Smiling with her eyes and eyebrows, Yan Zheke bit her lower lip and said,

“Cheng, I’ll tell you a secret.”

“What?” Lou Cheng immediately became interested in it.

Yan Zheke curved her lips, smiling gently.

“When I was in Grade Four in elementary school, I once beat a boy to tears…”

“Beat him to tears?” Lou Cheng asked in astonishment. It was unbelievable that his girlfriend, who was always delicate and gentle, could have done such a terrifying feat!

Smiling with beautiful dimples, Yan Zheke pouted and said,

“That boy sat behind me and always played tricks on me, like poking me in the back, knotting my hair, etc. In other words he was so annoying! I told him seriously that if he did it one more time that I would tell the teacher, but he called me a coward that could do nothing but hide behind the teacher’s back. Out of anger, I told him that I wouldn’t tell the teacher but directly beat him the next time!”

“So he did it again?” Lou Cheng smiled.

Yan Zheke raised her head. “Of course~ Though I was still suffering my illness then, I had been learning Martial Arts from my uncle-in-law for two years and could at least use some showy but not very practical movements. My first blow hti his abdomen and he burst out crying immediately, which shocked me as it seemed that he was badly injured…”

“And then?” Lou Cheng asked with curiosity.

He could not help but wonder if that guy actually admired Yan Zheke, since it was common to see boys playing tricks on the girls they admired as an awkward way to hide their feelings and thoughts.

“Seeing he was crying, someone went to tell our teacher about it, so it was me who was finally scolded. But I took this opportunity to change my seat, while from then on he kept away from me like a mouse.” Yan Zheke smiled in embarrassment. “It made me feel proud of myself for a long time…”

Lou Cheng asked with a thoughtful expression, “He also exchanged school yearbook with you when you graduated from elementary school, didn’t he?”

“How do you know?” Yan Zheke opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Such actions are so easy to see through.” Lou Cheng smiled. “It’s obvious.”

Yan Zheke gave him a stare and continued, “He did ask me to sign his school yearbook, and I did it in a swordswoman manner, since I thought he was trying to convert the enemy into a friend. After graduation, we entered different Junior High school and thus seldom saw each other. I remembered one day when we were in Grade three, he came to confess his love for me, but I refused him without hesitation.”

“Ha ha, he deserved it!” Lou Cheng expressed his joy in brief words.

Yan Zheke withdrew her right arm, which was on Lou Cheng’s belly, to wrap it around Lou Cheng’s arm. Then she said joyfully, “I’ve told you one secret and it’s your turn now~ Cheng, you told me you had a crush on me since Senior High…”

Recalling this, the girl couldn’t help smiling. She paused to calm down and then continued, “So what about Junior High? Elementary school? Have you ever fallen in love with any girls or vice versa?”

“Nope,” Lou Cheng answered without hesitation, he sighed and continued, “I was quite ignorant at that time and had been devoting myself into study. Besides, since I was thin and short, no one would take a fancy to me. Before long, the school morals had declined as a lot of girls were proud of dating bad boys related to gangs. As a result, I usually kept away from them.”

“How I wish I could have a look at a thin and short Cheng~” Yan Zheke pretended to feel so sorry for him. “Do you have any old photos or albums in your home?”

“Of course. They even took nude photos of me when I was having a bath at the age of three…” Lou Cheng could not help laughing.

Yan Zheke’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Show me your photos when we return to Xiushan during summer break!”

“Okay, okay! Do you have any photos of your childhood?” Lou Cheng was also eager to see a cute little girl.

“Quite a lot. Dad used to take photos of me anywhere and anytime, so I have gotten dozens of albums!” Recalling the past, Yan Zheke put on a sweet smile.

Exchanging old stories and secrets, they chatted and laughed, letting their mood rise as they shared in the intimacy of the moment. When they realized it was dark outside, it was already a half past ten.

“It’s time for bed…” Yan Zheke checked the time on her cell phone and announced reluctantly.

Immersing himself in the wonderful feeling of being able to share anything with each other, Lou Cheng wanted to go on sharing. But he finally nodded with great self-restraint and willpower. “Just go to sleep.”

At this moment, Yan Zheke bit her lower lip and turned her watery eyes to look to the ground.

“Cheng, I liked the way we shared with each other just now. I really liked it.”

Repeating to emphasize her words, Yan Zheke thought it was exactly what she wanted. For her, intimate behavior was not necessary since it was already very pleasant for them to hug and talk with each other.

“I like it, too.” Lou Cheng looked back at the girl, smiling.

Being afraid that the girl might reject intimate behavior from now on, he added in a subtle way. “Ke, in my mind, a couple without this is not complete…”

Yan Zheke knew what he meant and soon replied with a flushing face.

“Cheng, turn around. Just turn around~”

Lou Cheng turned around in confusion, and then he heard the girl’s shy soft voice. “Although I told you not to think about that all the time, it doesn’t mean you’re forbidden from doing it…”

Her voice gradually faded away. Lou Cheng felt so pleased and turned around abruptly, only to find that she had already turned her back towards him and buried her face in the pillow, so he could only see her red ears.

Being greatly moved, Lou Cheng only felt her warmth without any sexual desire. He switched off the bedside lamp and moved closer, holding her in his arms. Then he pulled her close, placing his chest onto her back.

Yan Zheke froze for a second but soon relaxed and even leaned back without much prompting since Lou Cheng didn’t take any further action.

Smelling the girl’s fragrance and feeling her warm soft body through the thin nightgown, Lou Cheng was unable to control a physiological reaction.

Yan Zheke felt this and again froze in a shy manner. Lou Cheng hurried to comfort her in a low voice.

“Don’t worry about it…”

Misery would usually be accompanied with happiness.

Yan Zheke didn’t struggle as she heard Lou Cheng was cooling himself down with his special breathing method. She put on a faint and shy smile while quietly thinking to herself:

“Cheng, I was too shy to tell you my feelings just now…

Sometimes I also enjoy the physical contact between us, while your desire for me actually made me glad…”

Taking a deep breath, she snuggled up in Lou Cheng’s arms to enjoy his warmth, and then put on a big smile.

“Cheng, good night.”

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        I used to think that their relationship is so cute and sweet and will scream at my pillow from all the sweetness.

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