Chapter 113: Second Date: Li Rans New Years Gift!

"Yi Qinglan?"

Li Ran was taken aback. "Isn't that the head of Tianshu Institute? Is she cultivating the Ruthless Dao?"

The Righteous path was always about paying attention to helping the world.

The Ruthless Path was always portrayed as devilish.

"More precisely, the Dao of Forgetfulness."

Leng Wuyan said indifferently, "What she's practicing on is to forget everything. Remote sensing of the secrets of the heavens and the surging of the mortal world is all but a burden."

Thousands of Grand Daos, converging together to the same goal.

Guqin, chess, calligraphy, painting, eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling.

As long as it was suitable for one, one could achieve the Dao.

If one treads the path of eating, one would obtain the strength of the Gluttonous Dao, even the Sun and Moon could be devoured.

There had also been people who were addicted to wine. They drank a great amount of wine and were enlightened.

At the depths of the Dao of Betting, there was great karmic luck, and it was proof of the Dao of Divination.

As for the Dao of Prostitution…

It was unknown to whoever tread on that path.

Li Ran was very curious, but he still had no chance to try.

On the other hand, the Ruthless Dao was one of the Grand Daos, and it could not be said to be good or bad.

Li Ran scratched his head. "The Grand Dao of forgetfulness… Why does it sound the same as an old nun?"

"That's right, she's just a hateful old nun!" Leng Wuyan said hatefully.

Li Ran was taken aback. "Does Master have a grudge against Yi Qinglan?"

"Anyway, she's the person I hate the most. If not for the lack of opportunities, I would have killed her myself!“

Leng Wuyan clenched her fair fist.

She instinct told Li Ran that there was a great story between the two.

Leng Wuyan thought of something and snorted, "If only I could drag Yi Qinglan out from the mortal world, I want to see what that arrogant face looks like when I roll it around in the red sand?"

Li Ran shuddered.

As expected of a female devil, her idea was different!

His chest thumped loudly. "Don't worry, Master. I'll take care of this. I'll sneak into the Tianshu Institute and drag that nun out!"

"How dare you!" Leng Wuyan pinched his ear and said angrily, "You can only play with me. No more distracting thoughts!"

When she saw Li Ran's faint smile, she hastily let go of her hand with a red face.

"Defiant disciple, you're teasing me again…"

Then she shook her head. "However, Yi Qinglan's dao heart is stable. She only has the Heavenly Dao in her heart. Even ten of you won't be able to shake her."

Li Ran smiled and said, "This disciple only likes to play with Master, so I'm not interested in that cold nun."

"Tch, slippery mouth."

Leng Wuyan rolled her eyes at him, but the smile on her face could not be hidden.

Perhaps it was due to the influence of Leng Wuyan's Daoist Art, but it seemed that the others were unable to notice them at all.

This allowed them to enjoy the world without being disturbed.

At this moment, laughter could be heard from up ahead. Many people were gathered in front of a large tree as if something was hanging.

Leng Wuyan's eyes lit up. "It's a wishing tree!“

"Ah?" Li Ran had a question mark on his face. "There's such a thing?"

The two walked closer.

This was a tall ginkgo tree. Its crown was lush with leaves, towering up the sky.

Various colored ribbons and lanterns were hanging on the branches, and yellow ribbons wrapped around the trunks. They were especially beautiful under the illumination of the lanterns.

Most of the people under the tree were women. They stuffed the written note into the sachet, hung stones on both sides, and threw it high up on the tree branch.

It was said that the higher the sachet, the easier it would be to achieve one's wish.

Li Ran looked at the excited Leng Wuyan and laughed. "Master, you're already an Emperor-level expert, yet you still believe in this?"

"What do you know?"

Leng Wuyan rolled her eyes at him. "No one can say clearly about this kind of mysterious thing. There's no harm in making a wish anyway, right?"

"All right, you're right."

Li Ran went to buy two incense sticks and wrote down his wish on the table beside him.

He blocked the note with his hand and wrote something with a wicked smile.

"Tch, so mysterious." Leng Wuyan snorted.

Li Ran shook his head and said, "Your disciple's wishes are very important. If it is to be seen, it wouldn't work."

He stuffed the note into the fragrance pouch and gently flicked it with his right hand. The fragrance pouch gently hung on the highest branch.

Leng Wuyan glared at him with a red face.

"Do you think I can't see the wish by just blocking it with your hand? How dare you make such an embarrassing wish…"

She thought about it and wrote down her wish. Then, she threw the sachet up and hung it beside Li Ran.

Li Ran turned his head and asked with a smile, "Master, what is your wish?"

"If I tell you, it won't work.“ Leng Wuyan's face was red as she walked forward briskly.

After strolling for a long time, they finally reached the end of the street.

At this moment, they were far away from the clamorous crowd, and the surroundings were lit up with lights that seemed to be exceptionally quiet.

Leng Wuyan still hadn't finished her sentence. "I didn't expect to finish shopping so quickly. Looks like our second date is about to end…"

"Who said that? The date has just begun."

He snapped his fingers.

Accompanied by a cry, an enormous dragon carriage appeared beside the two of them.

The six horses hissed and exhaled as they intimately rubbed against their side as if they were living creatures.

Leng Wuyan couldn't help but stare blankly at the pearl-colored carriage.

"What a special flying treasure. Where did you get it from?"

Li Ran gave the standard answer, "From the Secret Realm."

Leng Wuyan shook her head and smiled bitterly.

It was good luck for others to gain a Numinous treasure after entering the secret realm. He had quite a few immortal materials, treasures, cultivation techniques, and Heavenly Flame. It was as if he was going to wholesale goods.

Li Ran led her into the palanquin.

The horses hissed in unison as they pulled the dragon carriage into the air.

The interior of the palanquin was extremely spacious and luxurious. There were tables, chairs, and beds, just like a normal bedroom.

The two of them sat on the soft big bed. Through the window, they could see the scenery outside. The lights of Lingfeng City were flickering under their feet.

Leng Wuyan smiled, "Where do you plan to take me?"

"Your disciple has prepared a gift for Master," Li Ran said.

“A gift?" Leng Wuyan was curious.

Li Ran adjusted the position of the dragon carriage and opened the window of the palanquin. "Master, you'll know."

"What are you looking at…"

Before Leng Wuyan could finish her sentence, she heard a screech.

A ray of light streaked across the night onto the sky.

After reaching a certain height, it exploded into countless specks of light, dazzling like a meteor shower.

Leng Wuyan was stunned. "This is…"

Before she could react, she heard a few sharp whistles.

More and more rays of light rushed into the sky, blooming in the air like epiphyllum.

Then, under her shocked gaze, all the light spots formed a huge portrait, almost covering the entire night sky!

Wasn't that the cold and beautiful look of hers?

Li Ran leaned against the window and looked at her with a smile. His face flickered under the glow of the fireworks.

"Happy New Year, Master."

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