Chapter 733: Degrouping in Marla (2)

Late afternoon.

The dry radish curry is ready.


However, considering the production time and material cost, it seems difficult to sell them to the general public(regular customers).

「It will take time and effort in cutting the ingredients but cooking itself is not difficult.」

Marcos looks disappointed.

「You can just make it a special pre-order curry. A plate of curry can be sold for 20 big copper coins or even a silver coin….you’ll profit with that, right?」

「If it’s twenty big copper coins….it should be. However, will it sell?」

「If it tastes like this, it will be fine. Be confident. However, if you are worried, you should limit the period of time you are going to sell it. Make it scarce and name it something impactful.」

「Impactful name?」

「Yes. For example, naming it “Crown Prince Curry” would be more impactful than naming it “radish curry”.」

「Yes, that’s true. Thank you for your guidance!」

Dors was surprised with what Doraim said to Marcos.

「Doraim, how did you know the prices….No, how did you even become familiar with business?」

「Fuh, father, I won’t stay a child forever.」

I know how.

He studied because he wanted to talk about the sales and prices of radish.

I guess the fact that he has grown so much in a short period of time means he is indeed a dragon.

Perhaps he knows more than I do.

I leave a lot of things to the hands of the civil servant girls and the Goroun Company.


Now that we’ve had curry, let’s get down to business.

First of all, the reason I was in Marla until this time was not because I was helping to open the store but because reports came in one after another from the demon king, Governor Ifrus, and Miyo.

I lost the timing to leave.

It was long past the opening time and Marla’s customers were arriving one after another but we were in an isolated area for nobles and other important people so there was no problem.

The main issue, Count Pugyaru.

He’s still unconscious but he has already returned to the Pugyaru mansion in the royal capital.

He will be resting for the time being.

Take care.

According to Beton, Prada, and Hermes, Count Pugyaru was able to fight quite well.

I can’t imagine it given how he looks but from what I’ve heard, he doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would willingly put himself in a fight.

I wanted to ask him why did he accompanied Hermes to fight but it would take time before he could answer.

「Ah, that’s because it’s like a noble’s mission or rather, demon’s instinct.」

However, the demon king answered my question.

「The current nobles of the kingdom are mostly blood relatives of those who played an active role in the war against devils a long time ago.」

The long time ago he was talking about is 2000 years ago.

「There are many citizens who say that the nobles of the Demon King’s Kingdom exist to prevent the tyranny of devils. Count Pugyaru is one of them. Once you tell him the opponent is a devil, he will not hesitate to go to battle.」

Is that so?

「Yes. Well, there are some who don’t care. Also, Count Pugyaru can fight reasonably well in an individual battle. I had a chance to fight him once before I became the demon king and I admire his fighting skills.」


「Of course, I won.」

I don’t doubt that.

However, is it alright to just jump out to battle even though he was invited by a devil(Hermes)?

「Of course, he knows that the devils today are mostly quiet. Perhaps she said that there was a dangerous devil when she called him.」

I see.


The second main issue is Beton-san’s punishment.

The punishment that the demon king will give Beton-san is labor.

I wondered what kind of labor it would be but, it seems like she will be a vendor in the bleachers at a baseball game in Shashaato City.


Won’t she feel offended with just doing that kind of labor?

It’s okay?


「She’s been a regular vendor.」


The Joro Merchant Group allowed its members to earn individual funds for their stay in Shashaato City.

The merchant group would pay for lodging and food but if they want luxury items like alcohol and others, they are on their own.

Also, the cost of their food is minimal so it’s impossible for them to eat at Marla every meal.

If they go to Village Five, they will surely visit ramen street too.

It costs a lot of money to have fun in both Shashaato City and Village Five.

Because of that, their members work in various places.

And Beton-san has always been working as a vendor at baseball games.

「For now, we decided to pay her half her regular wage. If it’s free, her willingness to work will decrease and that’s not a good thing. She’ll also be troubled in her daily life. Her deducted wage will be paid to Shashaato City.」

The demon king consulted with Governor Ifrus about until when her punishment would end.

「If the frequency of baseball games remains the same, she will have to do it for the next five years.」

Five years.

Isn’t that too long?

「Well, it’s not like there’s a baseball game every day. It is only held every five days so I think that’s a very reasonable period of time.」

If you put it that way, I guess so.

As I agreed, Miyo joined in.

「However, if it’s only that, I think the punishment is too lenient.」

It’s too lenient?

「Yeah, so I came up with an additional punishment.」

Miyo was carrying a vendor’s costume.

It has a pretty cute design…..

「Vendor’s costume has been under consideration for some time and this is a prototype from the clothing store we commissioned in Shashaato City. It wasn’t bad but some of the older people think this is too much which put an end to it. However, it would be a waste to just dispose of them!」

In other words, you want Beton-san to be the model as you sell it.

W-well, if that would satisfy the punisher, there shouldn’t be any problem.



Main subject number 3. Gucci and Beton-san’s relationship.

I asked Prada, who had finished her business and returned to eat.

「They were fighting over a difference in policy.」


「The dragons asked us to be their vassals and we were trying to decide to follow or oppose them.」


「Gucci-sama was the representative of those who were in favor of being their vassals and Beton was the representative of the opposition.」


「Since the vassalage proposal was made out of concern of the future of the whole devil race, Gucci-sama’s faction is on the right side.」

In other words, Gucci, along with those in favor, fights against Beton-san, along with those who oppose.

「Well, that’s not quite right.」


「Gucci-sama and his men formed a group and beat up the opposing devils one by one.」


「Those who oppose are basically the type of people who don’t want to follow anyone or be told what to do so they’re not a group of people. I also thought it was the most rational thing to do.」

You are worthy of being called devils.

「However, Beton was tough and she and Gucci-sama’s group fought in a fierce battle….but I came along to her side.」


Aren’t you part of the group?

「At that time, I didn’t really care whether we became the dragon’s vassals or not. Beton was saying something a little extreme so I backstabbed her. I thought I couldn’t just leave her be. Ah, and thanks to me, Gucci-sama was not only able to stop Beton, he also sealed her. I think this is something that they should be grateful to me for.」

W-well, you can discuss that matter among yourselves.


Doesn’t that mean that Beton-san has more grudge against Prada than Gucci?

「I’m sure she does. However, the other party doesn’t seem to want revenge. I guess she has more important things in the present that weigh more than her old grudge. I envy her a little.」

Beton-san’s important thing?

The Joro Merchant Group?

「I don’t know when she had escaped from her seal but she hasn’t regained her power yet. I also don’t know why she would use magic circles to get a part of her power back but….I guess she felt desperate.」

Is it possible for you to take care of it on her instead?

「Will I get paid? 」

You’re shrewd.

Well, I’ll make sure you will.

「Thank you, I’ll take care of it. 」



When I was gathering information, Gulf and Daga came to Marla to be my guards.


You came to pick me up?

I am already very late?


Tier and the rest of the angels are on standby, armed to the teeth, waiting for my order?

Kuro and Yuki too?

Even the arachne Arako?


I look at the flying carpet.

It spreads out itself as if telling me to ride it.

I don’t want to stand out though.

But I have no choice.

Loo, get Ann and the others.

Dors and Doraim, let’s go back to the village.

I said goodbye to the demon king and Governor Ifrus and returned to the village.

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