Chapter 0: Prologue: The Weak Hero, Cloud

(T/N: This R-19 novel contains course language and sexual terms, viewer discretion is advised. Once again, don't worry, the mc will not be ntred, he too chad for that. This prologue may feel distressing and all, but it's only the prologue that is such, just try till chapter—3.2)

Where did it go wrong?

What made the Hero Gis and my party members meet?

Losing poorly in the battle against the Hero Lorian?

I don't know.

As they say, I am a stupid, incompetent idiot possessed only by the sense of justice. But even such a fool knew where he started to fall.

The first was Eri.

My party's wizard, a smart colleague who devised strategies for me, who lacks a brain in his head.

The night we were camping with the Lorian's Party after the subjugation on the Goblin's Road.

I couldn't fall sleep, so I went out for a walk and so I could see—

—Eri and Lorian kissing on the wide field. The moonlight was as pretty as a picture, but I couldn't get myself to appreciate it. Eventually, I left the two behind and headed for the tent.

Next was Ophelia. She is the Saint Candidate of a Church that believes in the teachings of Goddess Iris, and possess a natural warm and kind heart.

She was having an intimate affair with a clerk in the mill. Her appearance while flirting with a penis inserted into her ass was something I had never seen before. But… even so far it's was fine.

Because it had nothing to do with me—it didn't matter whom they were dating with. It was their private life. My stomach hurt a little… No, it hurted a lot, but ultimately—it was all okay.

But Neria.


You, who has always helped me as an orphan from while back in the village and always showed me a warm smile…

You, who said you would become a knight to protect me… When I saw you getting down on your knees and blankly watch you licking Gis'… you won't know… how it felt.

I felt like all the moments I had spent together with you were falling apart.

The feeling of me being denied of everything about me.

I couldn't stand it. Even if my heart was torn to pieces, there was no one to stick it back together for me. It was as if I had returned to become an orphaned child before I met you.

I wanted to die.

But I couldn't die.

‘Cause I'm a Hero.'

Because I have a duty and responsibilities to save people suffering from monsters.

But you know what?

The duties of a Hero, which I was always proud of, felt too heavy from that day on.

It was like a large chuck of luggage that I wanted to but couldn't take off.

That's why.

That's the reason why I'm doing this strange ritual, because I'm obsessed with that suspicious old woman's words.

If I sprinkle my blood on the mysterious magic circle drawn on the floor, my existence will disappear and the soul of a new person will dwell in my body from now on.

…I felt extremely sorry for that person.

But I can no more, I'm tired, so tired.

From being persecuted as a commoner to being ignored because of my lack of skills. I was only able to laugh because of you.

Now… no more.

Now… there's no one by my side.

So I can't stop now.

The dagger split the palm of my hand and the flowing blood dripped into the magic circle. Then, the magic circle drawn by the old woman began to glow horribly, and my consciousness gradually began to blur.

Ah… it's over now.

The feeling of eternal rest approaching my being made me smile after a really, really long time.

A new Hero will dwell in my body.

Please, just don't make the same mistake as I did.

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