Chapter 51: Under the quilt .

Listening to the approaching footsteps outside the door, Gu Tuantuan suddenly realized that the door to her bedroom didn't seem to be locked.

She panicked instantly.

She was so nervous that she was about to cry.

If her mother pushed the door and saw what the two of them looked like righr now, she just couldn't imagine the scene that would happen after that.

"What should I do?"

Gu Tuantuan's voice was trembling, and she let out a few breathy sounds.

Compared to Gu Tuantuan's panic, Jiang Ye was much calmer.

He grabbed the quilt and covered the two of them inside, his naked chest covered up Gu Tuantuan's quivering breasts.

His thin lips that were next to Gu Tuantuan's ears moved and he whispered comfortably,

"Don't be afraid, you can just pretend to be asleep."

When Gu Tuantuan was stuffed in the quilt, she was so nervous that she couldn't breathe smoothly.

She involuntarily hugged Jiang Ye's back.

In the pitch-dark bedroom, only a narrow light leaked from the crack of the door.

The footsteps stopped, and there was a shadow over the crack of the door.

" … Tuantuan ? "

Mother Gu called out again.

After a long while, there was still no response.

She raised her hand and gave the door a gentle push.

It squeaked . . .

The voice was very soft, but in Gu Tuantuan's ears, it was like the sound of a rumbling thunder.

The door…the door was pushed open!

In the dark and stuffy bed, Gu Tuantuan's eyes widened.

She stared at the darkness in front of her, and his ears were alert to distinguish every miniscule sound in the room.

Her whole body was stretched out because of the tension.

Her limbs hugged Jiang Ye's body tightly like an octopus.

She suspected that if Jiang Ye hadn't pressed her chest, her heart would have jumped out.

Even so, her heart was still beating like a drum, hammering in her chest.

She was too nervous.

Jiang Ye's big meat stick was tightly clamped in her small hole, and the tender flesh inside squeezed him like a small mouth, sucking the glans that was hiding deep inside.

Jiang Ye was squeezed so tightly by Gu Tuantuan's soft pussy.

His cock trembled and jumped , almost shooting out.

He strongly suppressed the urge to thrust.

His big hand grabbed Gu Tuantuan's fat and tender buttocks punitively.

A few words came out of his throat,

" Stop biting my cock so hard."

Gu Tuantuan wrapped her arms around Jiang Ye's back, and her thighs wrapped around his hips.

The sudden kneading of his hand on her ass made her panic-stricken, and her arms and legs hugged Jiang Ye closer and harder.

The thick cock that were already submerged in her body pressed down even more inside her .

The plump and round penis penetrated over half an inch deeper .

There was no sound on the surface, but Gu Tuantuan's little hole was constantly sucking him in .

At this moment, Gu Tuantuan's senses seemed to be magnified endlessly.

While paying attention to the movement outside, the thick and long penis inside her body was just as hard to ignore.

Mother… Mother is still outside.

But while she was covered with a quilt, she still shamelessly sucked the big cock with her small pussy.

A strong sense of shame made Gu Tuantuan's eyes cloud mist.

Jiang Ye's cock was thick and long, and it completely filled her pussy to the brim .

Even if he doesn't move, under this suffocating tension, just sticking in it is enough to make her feel numb all over.

She pursed her lips tightly, biting the moan that was about to overflow from her lips.

Gu Tuantuan didn't know where her mother was, what she was looking at, and whether she had found anything.

But if the mother finds something and lifts the quilt, what she would see is her daughter lying under the body of a teenager, her pussy is filled with the thick cock of said teenager, while being fucked lewdly.

She would also see the overflowing fluid seemed to be flooding out from the small hole, and trickling down the gap between them to land on the bed.


After all, they are not sculptures, so they couldn't help but move slightly.

Jiang Ye's cock was in the girl's pussy, churning inside with the small movement.

Gu Tuantuan's soft pussy was smooth and juicy, and when he moved slightly, the friction squeezed out an uncontrollable lewd sound .

Very light, but very clearly discernible in the quiet room.

This time, Gu Tuantuan, who was already tense like a string, almost fainted.

T/N : This is the last chapter of this novel .

It's still unknown wether the author will finish this novel or not , but she last updated it in 2020 , so , probably not lol

And while this novel ended with a cliffhanger , it was still a quiet enjoyable for me to both read and translate .

I really hope you guys loved this novel as much as I did ?

That's it for now , take care ?

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