Book 5: Chapter 52: HMS Dauntless (part 3)

What was the most important thing on a sailing boat?

It's the sail!

In the age of sailing in wind power, the sail could be said to be one of the most important components.

The sail was the engine. It has promoted the emergence of sailing and promoted the arrival of the big seafaring era. At the same time, it also made people understand that their world was not only a round ball but also a water ball.

The Fire Bullets fired by the Spirit Flame Gun made HMS Dauntless main sail combust instantaneously.

A huge flame soared over the Caribbean Sea.

The Black Pearl and the people on the Rovers at the same time gave a cheering victory, which could be heard hundreds of meters away.

Wen Rou shouted at the team channel: "You should have done this from the beginning!"

"How do you exercise yourself without fighting? I have to test my limit first." Shen Yi's answer is still so casual and leisurely.

He dared to rush onto the target ship alone, naturally, he had his own complete plan and grasp.

These battle plans were originally set when dealing with team Strike The Blood. Unfortunately, because of the special circumstances at the time, some were too late to implement, thus HMS Dauntless was their first application.

"So you have already controlled the situation?" Jin Gang also shouted.

"I just have a good idea. Control is impossible, but confusion is still no problem." Shen Yi smiled.

HMS Dauntless was indeed a mess at this time.

The sails burned, and a large number of sailors rushed to extinguish the fire. Norton and the eight black machete fighters still fought furiously with Shen Yi, but it seemed that they were more like playing with Shen Yi – after the fire started, Shen He even gave up his defensive position and turned to the deck to fight with the other.

Under the command of Shen Yi, T-1000 constantly changed its shape. Sometimes it was a whip, sometimes a large axe, sometimes armor, and sometimes a shield.

As long as Shen Yi was willing to, he could transform the T1000 into various shapes.

It was a pity that this kind of change consumed too much electricity. If it weren’t for the purpose of training to skillfully use No.1, Shen Yi would not be so extravagant to squander it.

With the protection of the T-1000, at least before its energy was exhausted, he could be said to be invincible.

At the moment, Norrington and the black machete fighters were still pursuing Shen Yi, but he swayed and moved forward and backward smoothly. He casually strolled to Norrington's side, his shoulder hit the Brigadier's chest, knocking him away. At the same time, the gun in his right hand shot through the head of a sublieutenant, while the silver armor on his left hand transformed into a giant ax, split another one from head to toe.

Norrington's sharp sword hit in a timely manner and stabbed in Shen Yi's left chest, but the silver armor plunged back like mercury, making Norrington unable to pull his sword back. Shen Yi placed the left hand on his chest and activated Despicable Healing Art, while his right hand used Bone and Joint Dislocation Hands, knocking Norrington away again.

Two machetes hit him from behind. Shen Yi didn't even turn his head, but the T-1000 formed a shield behind his back. While blocking the two machetes, it even sprouted two slender spikes, piercing the throat of one of the attackers. The navy's head shook a few times but did not fall. Shen Yi backhandedly made an elbow on the man, then fired several shots on the man's head until the head was completely shattered.

With the death of the man, a small blue chest appeared at his foot. Shen Yi took the chest and put it into the Bloody Crest. The next moment, his body leaped out of Norlington's fierce attack. More than a dozen senior navy soldiers rushed over at the same time, but Shen Yi just smiled coldly. The silver armor suddenly stretched out numerous spikes, and it seemed like a hedgehog, heading into the crowd.

The damage caused by this action was quite remarkable. Shen Yi was like a porcupine rushing into the flock, and the spikes plunged into the soldiers’ bodies and they put a bloody hole in it, stringing the soldiers as candied cucurbits.

The physical qualities of these soldiers were so strong that most of them did not die. Sadly, it only prolonged their suffering. The spikes retracted abruptly, and the soldiers blew up a blood spring at the same time. Shen Yi fired rapidly, sending the bullets into the wounds of the soldiers. His Firearm Forte was now at Expert level, thus it's very easy to hit immobile targets. More than a dozen senior navy soldiers were killed in an instant.

This series of aggressive attacks were fierce and sinister, but it happened in a short time. Taking advantage of the blaze of fire, the chaos on board, relying on the superior defense of liquid metal armor, Shen Yi cleared a large number of opponents.

As a result, the battle has shown a tendency of collapsing. Shen Yi has completely dominated the entire battlefield.

The battle was so easy that Shen Yi had to wonder if HMS Dauntless had any hidden trick.

But this was already its full strength.

HMS Dauntless commander Beckett was still there, but he was just an ordinary person with no fighting power and was not helpful in combat.

Without its powerful firepower, the actual combat power of HMS Dauntless was no better than a normal ship.

I's didn't mean that Shen Yi could easily face a target worth 60000 BP, only meant that Shen Yi was better at fighting melee.

Although HMS Dauntless was powerful, it's not a real BOSS in nature. It's still a comprehensive strength composed of countless individuals. This kind of comprehensive combat target may be an opponent that was difficult to deal with for others, but it was precisely the favorite target for Shen Yi, who was good at grasping opportunity and has the ability to continue fighting for a long time but not good at instantaneously solving the battle.

In the past, when he dealt with Magneto, dealt with Skynet, it was hard because he was not good at a one-on-one fight like Hong Lang. Although the strength of Norrington was not weak, he could not be compared with the above targets. Facing the cooperation of Shen Yi and No. 1, the fierce combat style he was good at was completely suppressed and could not be played.

In this mission world, HMS Dauntless was far from being the most powerful existence. What really restricted the adventurers was the task of escorting the ship. Therefore, when Shen Yi went to the board alone, it was actually maximally evading his own weaknesses and fully exerting his strength.

Because of this series of reasons, Shen Yi’s battle after killing HMS Dauntless was surprisingly easy.

After killing a large number of naval soldiers on HMS Dauntless, Shen Yi began to kill sailors, with Norrington and others chased behind. He was like a fish shuttle in the crowd, and sailors fell one after another under the attack of Shen Yi.

Nobody could stop him from attacking for a moment.

The young handsome face of Norrington has become distorted by extreme anger. The opponent’s power was far beyond his expectations, and the opponent’s ignorance of his own was even more irritating.

"You have to pay the price!" he said loudly.

Saying that he suddenly rushed to the bow and took a squat on the huge ship's cannon.

The heavy cannons on the bow of the ship were originally pointed out. Norrington's foot turned it in the wrong direction and the ranch pointed toward the boat.

Beckett, who was above the ship, stunned and shouted, "No, Norrington, you can't do that! It will make us lose this boat!"

"We have lost this boat!" Norrington yelled.

His sharp sword pointed out not far, and the figure of Jack Sparrow on the sea and the Black Pearl in the distance were getting closer and closer to HMS Dauntless one.

Beckett looked at this scene and his face became pale.

He knew what it meant.

In the eyes of Norrington, the murderousness flashed. His hateful eyes looked at Shen Yi who was slaughtering like a tiger in a flock of sheep. Then he launched the cannon and shouted loudly: "Go to hell!"

Shen Yi looked back horrifiedly and saw a strong flash of light from the turbulence. The huge shells had already flown toward him.

The T-1000 suddenly changed into a huge silver shield, covering him completely. The shells hit the silver shield with unstoppable momentum. The shield exploded into countless pieces of broken silver pieces. Using this time, Shen Yi threw Flying Claws out and pulled himself away, drawing a beautiful big arc in the air.

The cannonball rubbed his feet and hit the ship's deck like a thunderbolt. A large hole was created as it sank into the sea through several layers of the hull.

Shen Yi looked at this with cold eyes, whispering: "Piercing Bullet!"

Three rounds of Piercing Bullets flew into the cannon artillery.


The artillery that was about to hit the second shot suddenly exploded. The thick barrel blasted out an iron rain and slammed through the air like a razor blade, slicing all the nearby soldiers into a sieve.

Norrington, the nearest to the cannon, was the most unlucky. His face was fried, and half of the barrel was thrust into his body and he was nailed to the boat. However, this guy was really tough, he still survived the blast.


He pointed to Shen Yi, as if to say something.

Shen Yi has gently dropped back to the deck.

Looking at Norrington, who was about to die, he said: "I'm not Jack Sparrow's men."

As if relieved, Norrington slowly let go.

The Spirit Flame Gun was raised and three rounds of bullets broke into his head, completely severing his last chance.

"You used Steal against Norrington. Skill Steal failed."

A purple chest appeared on the side of the body.

In the past, the reward of killing the target was either a gray chest or a blue one. Among them, blue was obviously higher than gray, and most of them are Rnk D equipment. After entering the mission world of Difficulty Level 2, gray chests rarely appeared. The rewarded chests were mostly blue. Now there was a purple one.

Picking up the chest, Shen Yi turned to the others on HMS Dauntless.

With Norrington's death, no one on HMS Dauntless could resist him. The sails were burning, and the hull began to enter the water. Once mighty HMS Dauntless, the warship that had ravaged all the sea, became a purgatory on earth.

After killing the last sailor, Shen Yi stood on the bow and looked at the bleak scene.

A familiar tone sounded in his ear:

"You destroyed the HMS Dauntless ship, received a reward of 3000 BP. You killed Norrington, received a reward of 1500 BP. You killed all warship members, received a reward of 1500 BP."

At the same time, a silhouette rushes into the sinking battleship.

It was Captain of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow.

The sea thief, whose eyes were black like a panda, looked at everything in front of him and looked at Shen Yi: "This is your work?"

"This is the work of you and me, Captain Jack Sparrow," replied Shen Yi.

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