Chapter 92: Fingernail

‘What? There were abilities like these? Moreover, Ye Shangyu also has this?’

‘How could I not know this?”

Bai Yan turned his head to face Kenta, only to see Kenta’s calm and collected face, obviously already knowing this in his heart.

Upon seeing this, there was no end to Bai Yan’s gloominess. Even if he was plastic towards his teammate, she didn’t reveal even a hint of this information. If it weren’t for Jina’s uncovering, did that mean that he’d never know until the end?

‘Furthermore, what was even more annoying, you guys were openly cheating the system. If I come across danger, who should I sell out?’


Bai Yan indistinctly ran his eyes over the three people, feeling the severity of this question.

Among the three people, there was a large black man, born stout and ready to fight, getting an advantage from his genes. The other two girls’ dainty and frail bodies could each mercilessly kill, clearly, they weren’t the types to be pushed around. Looking at them all, Bai Yan had no choice but to admit that out of the four people present, it looked like the easiest one to bully was him.

He reckoned that he wasn’t the only one who thought this but the ghost as well.

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“Zsw nswze pyu vbyv.”

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“Yu qkdtladykz nyd vlxrsayakzu alrlz tbspvp. Rv nswze yzps okd xl psxl vkxl vs lpnyrl, cwv R nyd’v elvlnv tbspvp. Rv sdzu byp vbl yckzkvu vs alrlz tbspvp.” Zl Fbydtuw pyke.

“Repelling ghosts, mine could only slow down a ghost’s movements for a time. In this aspect, you’re much better than me.” Saying it up until this, Jina’s eyes sparkled, “Your fingernail can’t detect ghosts, so it should be more prominent as an attack type… Have you ever tested if your fingernail could kill a ghost?”


“A ghost can’t be killed.” Ye Shangyu shook her head, “Let’s not waste more time about this, we still need to talk things over. What should we do later?”

At this time, the two girls were completely leading the conversation.

Kenta, acting like a mountain, stood behind Jina, not saying a word, while Bai Yan raised his head towards the heavens, rolling his eyes in his heart.

In a supernatural world, only ghosts could handle other ghosts.

There was no doubt that the two people who had mastered their ghostly abilities had the most right to speak.

Even if Jina looked like a Lolita who could be instantly choked to death, no one could say for certain that her real strength was greater than the black man.

Since Jina could perceive the ghosts around her, they were sure that no one was eavesdropping around them. So, Ye Shangyu thoroughly explained the human skin ghost information to her and Kenta, then pooling their opinions for the group’s benefit.

Half an hour later, the two girls who were capable of defending against ghosts were taking charge as everyone discussed the final verdict.

In the first place, it was hard to handle ghosts. Although Ye Shangyu and Jina’s bodies contained ghosts, their abilities had their own limits. Moreover, as more time passed, the app’s restrictions against the ghosts were lessened, making the ghosts more and more powerful. Abusing their ghostly abilities could only mean digging their own grave.

Additionally, if their ghostly abilities were used too much, the person would faint right away and lose consciousness. So, everyone decided not to mainly rely on the abilities and hiding at them at the same time, surreptitiously searching for the human pelt that ‘Xu Lanfang’ took off.

“Using the ghostly abilities too much would cause you to faint. It sounds like what happened to Chu Fu the other day, she’s surely cheating the system.”

Bai Yan looked at the two girls in the eyes, suddenly feeling a bit weird. Why were the people who had these abilities all girls? Could it be that you need to be a girl before you can awaken this ability? Were ghosts also sexist? This was so unfair!


Bai Yan internally discussed it for a while, saying in his heart that if Ye Shangyu would ever fall unconscious, he wouldn’t think twice to drop her, even without talking it over.

But as soon as these thoughts surfaced in his mind, he saw Ye Shangyu sharply turn her head, carelessly fiddling with her fingernail.

Seeing her demeanor, Bai Yan instantly realized that Ye Shangyu also thought this way.

Just like how he was plastic towards his teammate Ye Shangyu, Ye Shangyu was also plastic towards him.

Ye Shangyu didn’t completely trust him, so she would never place herself in a position where she would overuse her abilities like Jina.

Assuming that Ye Shangyu was about to die, she would definitely cripple herself first and toss it to the ghosts as a snack to eat, taking advantage of the short safety period after a ghost kills a player and would run away.

‘You’re more excessive than me!’

Bai Yan’s heart felt indignant, his heart saying he has no abilities and also authority, only the one to be sold.

At the same time, he was also puzzled. His physical prowess was ordinary, and he doesn’t have a ghostly ability. Moreover, it was clear that Ye Shangyu investigated him and knew what kind of person he was, so there was no way she would trust him. Then, why did she agree to be teammates with him?

‘If you found a teammate you absolutely trusted, you could use your ghostly abilities as much as you want. Wasn’t that better?’

Bai Yan really couldn’t figure out the purpose of Ye Shangyu being teammates with him.

Not thinking it through, Bai Yan was also disinclined to ponder on it.


As long as they were teammates, Ye Shangyu’s purpose would be revealed sooner or later.

“Let’s go. Let’s first find an abandoned farmhouse to hide in. We can’t stay in this place any longer.”

With Jina’s ability to perceive ghosts, everyone wasn’t worried about ghosts ambushing them when they went into the farmhouse. It was only natural that they would find a secluded place to hide.

While on the road, despite everyone being extremely careful to avoid ghosts.

Halfway on their trail, they still unluckily encountered an old man.

The old man’s mouth was covered by a white beard while his hair was peppery gray, but he didn’t give off a kind feeling, only inexplicable strangeness.

He had a gentle smile on his lips, his face looking kind and good, but they didn’t need Jina’s warning. Once Bai Yan caught sight of him, he knew that this old man wasn’t human.

The old man pulled on a piece of rope in his hands, and on the other end of this rope was a firmly tied-up girl.

The girl’s mouth was also closely gagged up by the rope, while her upper body was bound up tightly. She had no other choice but to be pulled along by the old man, staggering from side to side as she walked behind the old man.

“Ying Zi, how could you not listen to grandfather’s words? I wanted you to go home, but you always don’t come back. Then, I found out that you’ve been running all over the place outside?”

“Ying Zi ah, you should know that grandfather just wants what’s best for you!”

The old man’s voice sounded warm, full of a grandfather’s concern for his granddaughter. But his unrestrained way of tugging on the rope and the red scars across the girl’s face, Bai yan knew that the old man didn’t care about his granddaughter as much as he claimed to.


There was no doubt that the man was a ghost.

On the last day, the app gradually let go of its control over the ghosts. It didn’t matter if the players were familiar with the situation or not, under no circumstances did they butt into an NPC’s matter.

They unanimously agreed to ignore the ‘crying’ girl, pretending to not see the tear stains across the girl’s face and her frightened eyes asking for help. They just looked away, wanting to leave quickly.

They didn’t want to provoke the old man, but the old man didn’t want them to get away.

The old man pulled the girl forward to take a step, obstructing the middle of the trail, chuckling as he said to them “Did you all come from outside the village? You’ve come as visitors. You should come and sit at my house. I’ll make sure that my old wife will receive you well.”

“No thanks, grandpa. We still have matters to attend to, maybe some other day.”

Ye Shangyu flat out refused, avoiding him as she continued to move forward.

Who would’ve expected that when the old man’s invitation was declined, he would reach out his hand and pull on Ye Shangyu’s arm, rigidly holding back her wrist.

As soon as he solidified his grip, Ye Shangyu’s wrist began to turn green, the harsh green containing an unsettling black color.

Seeing the old man staring straight at her, he didn’t seem to have any intentions of letting her hand go. A fierce light flashed through Ye Shangyu’s eyes, immediately compelling her fingertip to release a drop of blood, directly dripping onto the old man’s hand, creating a ‘zizi’ sound.

Being burned by the drop of blood, the old man let her go but still didn’t want to let them go.

However, he hasn’t even reached out his arm before Ye Shangyu and the others passed by him, moving forward.

The old man just stood in his place, fixing his gaze onto Ye Shangyu, watching as the group walked farther.

When the players finally escaped his line of sight, he tugged on the rope as if he was leading along a young tied-up swine, pulling her forward in an unbridled manner, causing the girl who was led along by the neck to groan as they walked inside the farmhouse.

“The ghosts in this village are becoming more and more terrible.” Ye Shangyu calmly said, “Yesterday, if there were other people as witnesses, they wouldn’t have directly laid a hand on you, they’d only trap an unsuspecting victim through deception and coercion. Today, they would already grab people. Maybe by tonight, they would be totally free of their restrictions and would wantonly search out people in the village.”

“We must quickly find a place to hide in. There’s still half a day left in the game’s time. We need to conserve our strength.” Jina endorsed, “In fact, it’s also fine if we don’t find the human pelt. Before, I met a female player who has Chu for her last name. She could also use the ghost inside her body, and when the two of us worked together, we successfully ran away from the ghost that was chasing us. If we acted together, we could still clear the game without finding the human pelt.

“Last name is Chu, is she called Chu Fu?” Bai Yan had a bad feeling.

“Do you know Chu?” Jina asked out of curiosity, “Chu’s ability is amazing. When I met her, that’s where I knew that I wasn’t the only one with abilities.”

“I don’t know her. I’m just familiar with her.”

Bai Yan just smiled dryly and changed the subject. His heart thought that karma would take effect, so he should later avoid Chu Fu as much as possible. Otherwise, she would surely come to him to settle accounts.

While talking, the four found an abandoned farmhouse to hide in.

Inside the farmhouse was full of messy cups and dishes, comforters, and food scattered on the floor. It was filled with traces of life but it looked like the people living there had suddenly disappeared.

Seeing this scene, despite everyone knowing that the ‘people’ inside had gone missing, they still couldn’t help but feel the nip of chilliness in the air.

Ye Shangyu looked at Jina as Jina lowered her head, undoing the hair tie on her ponytail and exposing that sinister-looking ghost face, intending to check the area.

A few seconds later, she hastily tied her hair up again and nodded her small pale face, “Relax, there aren’t any ‘people’ inside.”

Knowing that there wasn’t anyone there, everyone relaxed but didn’t dare to be careless.

They swept a glance at every nook and cranny of the area, being on alert for any ghost to appear in the area’s crevices.

By noon, the four were on guard and were absent-mindedly gnawing on the cold steamed buns they had packed away from Xu Lanfang’s house.

The steamed buns made by the ghost tasted great, eating them cold was still nice. No one had the heart to complain about the taste of steamed buns.

After hiding for the entire afternoon, Xu Lanfang and the other ghosts in the village haven’t found the farmhouse, letting the four rest for an afternoon.

However, it was soon nighttime.

Tonight, the sky was densely covered by dark clouds, and the moonlight was grim. Before it turned eight o’clock, the night sky was as black as ink, turning pitch-black.

The four of them quietly sat inside the farmhouse, not opening their phones. Amid the darkness, the wings of a fly could be heard in the stillness of the room, their hearts extremely agitated.

Compared to the quiet environment inside the room, the outside of the farmhouse was especially noisy. As they hid inside, they could hear the villagers freely wander around as if all the village people left their houses and began to look for them…

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