Chapter 111: The battle against angels Ends

Killing a god casually was not a big deal for Ye Bai.

Hela also didn't take it to heart. Why should she make a fuss about Ye Bai killing God?

Although Hela didn't know how strong Ye Bai was, he was definitely better than her.

The strength of today's Hela could not be underestimated. After becoming the queen of Asgard, Hela was getting stronger every day.

Now she could defeat the previous Odin, even without the Infinity Stones.

However, Hela still couldn't make Ye Bai tired, and was bullied every time.

Based on this alone, Hela could be sure that Ye Bai's physical strength was definitely much stronger than her own.

Was it strange that Ye Bai, who was stronger than her, killed a god?

Of course, the stronger her man, the happier the woman.

Hela said no every time, but her body would cooperate honestly every time.

This was a woman. The mouth and the heart were not the same.

After returning to Earth, Hela did not stay for too long. She said goodbye to Ye Bai and returned to Asgard first.

Asgard was still being attacked by angels. She had to take charge of the overall situation.

Ye Bai didn't ask her to stay. Hela would come back soon, anyway.

After Hela left, Ye Bai also turned on the TV to check the situation of the earth.

Sure enough, all the news channels on the TV were reporting the angel's invasion.

However, most of the angels who invaded the earth had been killed by the weapons of the superheroes and the joint military.

Angel's strength was actually not strong. A two-winged angel was probably at the level of Captain America.

A Four-winged Angel was slightly stronger than Tony, but it’s strength was also limited.

The six-winged angel was equivalent to the level of Loki, and it was not too strong.

As for the eight-winged angel, it was equivalent to the level of Hulk or Thor.

The only super powerful angel was the battle angel Michael, with ten wings, which could touch the threshold of Heavenly Father's level.

As for the strength of God, it was slightly stronger than Odin, but he was not much stronger.

Gabriel, the eight-winged archangel, led a group of angels to invade the Earth. If the angels wanted to set off a catastrophe again, it could only be said that their strength was too shallow.

Those superheroes were enough to defeat the angels, not to mention that there was also someone like Gu Yi on earth.

This was still in a situation where the superheroes had not grown up yet.

If the superheroes were allowed to grow up after waiting for a few years, then heaven would really not be an opponent for the earth.

Not to mention anyone else, just a Scarlet Witch could easily destroy heaven.

It could only be said that heaven completely underestimated the strength of the earth and thought that it could easily exterminate humanity just like last time.

But in fact, most of the angels who invaded the earth were killed.

The few that survived were just struggling to not die.

As for the Archangel Gabriel, she was directly called by Gu Yi to talk.

There was a high probability that she wouldn't appear in the future, because Gu Yi had a black belly.

Gabriel, the unlucky angel, was taken away by Gu Yi, and she would definitely end badly. Soon, Hela also returned, stepping out of the space channel.


Ye Bai was a little surprised that Hela came too quickly this time.

"Well, I got rid of all those bird people."

"I'm not even afraid of God. Michael, a mere battle angel, dared to invade Asgard. He was looking for death!"

Hela said disdainfully. She did not hide her contempt for heaven in the slightest.

This was also normal. Hela was the God Queen of Asgard. The terrible demon Hela felt no pressure in cleaning up Michael.

"This heaven is too lame."

Ye Bai shook his head and said disdainfully.

He thought the angels of heaven were so arrogant before. They should be very strong, and this was the result?

Even Ye Bai had some heartache in his heart. If he knew that the angels in heaven were so weak, he would not use the two-dimensional reduction card at the beginning. It was a waste.

But it didn't matter. Anyway, the two-dimensional reduction card was just a toy to Ye Bai, so he could be happy.

"I'll get something to eat, and by the way, you can see if my cooking skills have improved."

Hela also did not take heaven to heart. Instead, she was more enthusiastic about her cooking.

The corner of Ye Bai's mouth twitched, and the fear of being dominated by the Great Devil came again.

But thinking of Hela's compensation after he finished eating the dark dishes, Ye Bai's heart was hot again.

He could only nod with pain and pleasure, with some inner complexity.

"Then tonight, you have to behave well!"

Ye Bai said to Hela, trying to get more benefits for himself.

Hela glared at Ye Bai fiercely after hearing this, with an astonishing murderous aura.

"Get lost!"

After speaking, she rushed into the kitchen angrily. This kind of thing had already been done once, and she would not be deceived by Ye Bai again.

Seeing Hela, who was leaving with anger, Ye Bai could only shake his head helplessly.

His own dreams were shattered again, so he could only wait until he had the chance to talk about it later.


While Hela and Ye Bai were not shy and impatient, the situation on Earth basically stabilized.

All the angels who followed Gabriel this time were killed.

Even if there were still fish that slipped through the net, they wouldn't be able to hide for long.

However, even if the human side won, it was not easy to win.

Apart from other things, the destruction caused by the heavenly fireballs alone had caused heavy losses to the human world.

Many cities had been damaged to varying degrees, and more than tens of millions of people had died in the disaster.

You should know that even the Chitauri Army invasion did not bring such great damage.

As for the reputation of angels and heaven, it was completely bad on earth.

Even those crazy believers, when they witnessed the unscrupulous slaughter of the elderly and children by angels, completely abandoned the damn faith.

Today, anti-Christian religion faction had become big, and a large number of churches had been destroyed.

The angel’s act really hurt the Christian religion.

In addition, this incident of the arrival of angels had also brought a huge follow-up impact on the human world.

The Earth people who were already sensitive because of the invasion of the Chitauri army were even more crazy at this time.

A large number of funds were poured into the army and various laboratories. All the countries began to study various means to enhance human strength.

Twice, the Earth had been invaded twice in just a few years.

Who knew if there would be a third time, and who knew if the human race would be able to withstand the third invasion?

Humans could only speed up the research and development of weapons and continuously improve their military strength before the third alien invasion.

Taking precautions. This thing was common among human beings.

Among the various experiments, the number of genetic experiments was significantly more.

After all, the Marvel universe was a world of various genetic mutations.

In addition, the bodies of those angels could be studied. These bodies provided excellent materials for genetic experiments.

Many scientists were preparing to make an artificial Angel army.

Or, mix all kinds of strange genes with angel genes to create monsters that no one knew.

Just like the Red Hulk before, who knows what would be born at the end of these strange researches.

General Ross died early, otherwise it was very likely that an Angel Hulk would be created.

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