Chapter 132: Grand Supreme Elder!

Two towering behemoths had suddenly appeared.

Everyone panicked.

Someone screamed for help.

Some people were desperate to run away.

The scene was in chaos.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s indifferent voice could be heard.

“Nightmare, Dragon, stop that old man. Be careful not to kill him.”



The two beasts, which had gone crazy from holding back, roared in response.

The loud sound nearly overturned Ye Qingtian.

The two of them had been staying in the pet beast ball space these days.

They were already bored to death.

It was not easy for them to have the opportunity to come out for a breather.

They could even fight!

Naturally, they were extremely excited.

They roared and charged towards Ye Qingtian.

Just after fighting the two giant beasts, Ye Qingtian’s expression turned extremely ugly.

What the heck!

So powerful!

Although neither of the two beasts could compare to him, when the two beasts joined forces, they were ridiculously strong!

When one of them started fighting, it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

However, an omnipresent spiritual attack kept assaulting his sea of consciousness.

tt had a huge impact on him.

The other beast could be seen and felt.

But its skin was too thick!

When he hit it, it would hurt him!

ts attacks were also very sharp!

Chu Feng was a freak!

When he hit Elder Mo just now, he still did not use his full strength!

Otherwise, when these two huge beasts appeared, Elder Mo would not have the chance to be smug!

After cursing Chu Feng for a while, he started scolding Elder Mo again.

“That old baldy is really trash! If you were a little stronger and lasted a little longer, wouldn’t you have been beaten up instead of me? Damn it!”

Ye Qingtian wanted to cry.

And Ye Qingtian’s miserable state…

Everyone saw it.

Xuan Chengzi and the others gulped.

He had always thought that he was the most sinister one.

He did not expect that compared to Chu Feng, he was nothing at all!

ot to mention that he was ridiculously strong.

Even his two pet beasts could beat the founder of the Hua Xia Dragon Group!

tt was too heaven-defying!

Chu Feng… Feng… Nightmare Ingesting Beast…

Suddenly, Xuan Chengzi connected all of this together in his mind.

Aname suddenly became clear.

The next second, his eyes were filled with shock.

He could not help but exclaim.


He was Feng!

It was that mysterious God Feng!

He should have known!

Xuan Chengzi suddenly cursed himself.

Why are you so slow!

Li Peng and Ba Quan, who were beside him, looked as if it was only natural.

Obviously, they knew about it.

That’s right.

Other than God Feng, who else could possess such powerful strength?

Chu Feng had never planned to conceal it.

There were many smart people present.

At first, they might not have thought of it.

But with so many coincidences together, it was impossible for them to miss it.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Chu Feng.

They all wanted to admire this legendary existence.

Chu Feng was surprisingly calm.

He ignored everyone’s gazes.

The Cleaved Edge Saber in his hand slashed at Lin Yi’s neck.

the next moment…

The blade had even sliced through the skin on Lin Yi’s neck.

However, the expected scene of blood splattering did not happen.

Chu Feng frowned.

A sudden red light enveloped Lin Yi.

In fact, within this halo, Lin Yi’s pain eased a lot.

It was this mysterious halo that blocked the fatal blow for Lin Yi.

Chu Feng felt helpless.

This Big Brother of his was really difficult to kill.

He observed carefully.

tt was only then that he realized that there should have been a simple red amulet hanging around Lin Yi’s neck.

But it had already shattered.

Faced with this sudden change, Chu Feng was extremely alert.

Lin Yi was from the Kunlun Sacred Region after all.

As the leader of the Holy Lands, it might have some protection for its disciples.

it was better to be safe than sorry.

And faintly, Chu Feng felt that something was amiss.

The next moment, as if to verify Chu Feng’s thoughts, suddenly, a violent wind blew.

There was the faint sound of thunder in the sky.

Aloud boom shook the heavens and earth.

The world seemed to be roaring.

Ye Qingtian, who was fighting with the two giant beasts, seemed to have sensed something.

He suddenly retreated.

He looked at the gathering of dark clouds in the sky with a serious expression. His eyes widened in shock as he muttered, “This is… the sign of Heavenly Tribulation! How is this possible! Could it be that another super

existence with nine levels of internal energy has been born?”

He was already extremely close to this level.

He naturally knew.

ff an ancient martial arts expert wanted to step into the highest realm of ancient martial arts, he would have to experience Heavenly Tribulation!

ff he could withstand it, he would be able to ascend to the Heavenly Master Realm that ancient martial arts experts yearned for!

Above the Grandmaster was the Heavenly Master!

They were powerful existences equivalent to A + ranks.

At the moment when spiritual energy had just awakened, every Heavenly Master was a god!

No one could defeat them!

Even though he was already at the peak of the eighth stage of internal energy, there was no comparison to the existence of Heavenly Masters.

They could suppress him with a flip of their hand.

That obstacle had blocked countless elites from ancient times.

Today, he suddenly saw the tribulation of the Heavenly Master.

How could he not be shocked?

However, what puzzled him was that other than him who was close to this level, the other people, such as the old woman from the Penglai Immortal Realm and the old Daoist from the Mount Longhu Holy Land, were

only at the early stage of the eighth stage of internal energy.

They were still far from it.

Then who was this Heavenly Tribulation targeting?

While Ye Qingtian was still speculating, Chu Feng had already locked onto the target of the tribulation.

This Heavenly Tribulation was not targeting humans!

It was the broken amulet around Lin Yi’s neck!

Chu Feng could even sense an incomparably powerful Divine Will awakening.

Below A + Rank, whether it was spiritual cultivation or ancient martial arts, it basically did not involve soul cultivation.

But once a person broke through that boundary, his soul would strengthen in an instant.

At the same time, a magical power would also be born. In his previous life, it was called the Divine Will.

The Divine Will was invisible, but it had many uses.

For example, when an A + rank expert condensed an incarnation, they would need to condense their own Divine Will in the carrier.

This way, they could command them as he pleased.

So… Could it be that Lin Yi’s amulet contained the Divine Will of an A + rank or Heavenly Master?

He wanted to kill Lin Yi, which activated this Divine Will?

Chu Feng felt that his guess was most likely correct.

However, the commotion was too terrifying.

Even someone as powerful as Mo Qianfan’s incarnation was only at the ninth-stage Spirit Transformation.

However, the fluctuations of this Divine Will when it had just awakened far surpassed that of a ninth-stage Spirit Transformation cultivator.

it even attracted Heavenly Tribulation!

There was only one explanation.

The quality of this Divine Will was too high, far beyond that of an ordinary A + rank!

It was so high that even though it arrived in a container, it reached the bottom line of A + ranks.

This was an incarnation comparable to an A + rank that had shed its mortal form and turned into a spirit!

It was far from what a fake A + like Mo Qianfan’s incarnation could compare to!

Chu Feng took a deep breath and prepared himself for the worst.

He was ready to activate the Blazing Wings of the Sky at any time.

Just then, suddenly, an old figure rose from the shattered amulet.

The moment he appeared, a thunderclap erupted!

Countless lightning bolts rolled in the air.

However, the old figure only gently waved his sleeve.

The terrifying lightning in the sky, which was enough to destroy a newly advanced A + rank, all dissipated.

The world became clear again.

The power was so terrifying!

At this moment, everyone saw all the warriors of the Kunlun Sacred Region, without exception, all knelt on the ground.

They shouted, “Lin Sen welcomes the arrival of the Grand Supreme Elder!”

“Liu Xian’er welcomes the arrival of the Grand Supreme Elder!”

The person who had arrived was the Grand Supreme Elder, who headed the Kunlun Sacred Region, one of the three Sacred Lands..

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