Chapter 105: Controlling the Giant Squid

After the giant whale came up from the bottom of the water, it looked at the giant container that Chu Ze had created and said, "This thing of yours won't do. It's too small."

Chu Ze was stunned. "This is still small? This is a diameter of 500 meters by 500 meters. Is the guy outside really that big?"

"That's right. This is indeed small. Look at it yourself. Just the length of a tentacle is already two to three thousand meters. Do you think this thing of yours is not small?"

Chu Ze thought for a moment and felt that this thing was really too small. "I'll continue to expand it. I don't know how big it can be."

Then, Chu Ze began to control the terrain again, but this time, he felt even dizzier when he controlled the terrain.

Chu Ze didn't know what caused the dizziness, but he tried his best to control the terrain. He wanted to create a huge container. As long as the giant squid came in, it would fall into the container and Chu Ze could do whatever he wanted with it.

After the terrain control was completed, Chu Ze controlled the huge container to move towards the entrance. It completely blocked the entire entrance and gave the order for the entrance to continuously shrink.


[Detected that Host's mental power is about to be exhausted. In order to prevent Host's mental from being damaged, Host is now forced to enter a shutdown state.]

Chu Ze's last thought was, "It is you system going to shut down, right? I'm a human, how can I be shut down?"

The unconscious Chu Ze was pushed to the shore by the giant whale. Then, the giant whale looked worriedly at the large container that Chu Ze had made.

The entire container looked grayish-white. No one knew what material it was made of. No one knew if it would be able to withstand the giant squid's attack.

While Chu Ze was unconscious, the people in the second level of the mythical realm were all anxious.

It was not a good thing to be trapped in this mythical realm. If Chu Ze was finished, they would never be able to get out.

After all, only Chu Ze knew how to fuse the Mythical Realm Core.

Just when everyone was anxious, the soldier came to report the situation.

"Report, we have found the second level's Mythical Realm Core. It will be transported back in ten minutes."

Qin Yue sighed. "Finally, there is good news. Hurry up and bring it back. We have to start trying to fuse the Mythical Realm Core."

Ten minutes later, Qin Yue looked at the Mythical Realm Core in front of her and fell into deep thought.

"What is this thing? Why is the Mythical Realm Core of the first level a ball and the Mythical Realm Core of the second level a stick?"

Li Feng looked at it and said, "Let's not worry about what this thing is. Let's think about how to fuse with this core first."

"Let's try the method that Chu Ze taught us before. Let's try the method of refining the Water Repellent Bead."

Li Feng nodded and said, "Alright, then are you going to do it or should I? I think you're more suitable because you're faster than me when refining the Water Repellent Bead and you control it better than me. All of us will protect you."

Qin Yue nodded and said, "Alright, I will start refining it now and pull it into the base. Don't let the Evolvers see it."

At this time, there were many Evolvers gathered around the base because it was the safest place near the base as the poisonous snakes and insects nearby had already been driven away.

If they were to set up camp in other places, who knew when they would be bitten by the poisonous insects and the person would die in their dreams.

On one side, Qin Yue started to refine the Mythical Realm Core, while on the other side, Chu Ze also woke up.

Chu Ze slowly opened his eyes. "How long have I been asleep?"

Beside him, the giant whale shook its head. "I don't know the exact time, but I'm sure you haven't been asleep for more than a day."

"How is the squid now?"

The giant whale turned its head and looked at the container made by Chu Ze. "I don't know. This container of yours has blocked all the vision. There was movement inside just now, but now there's no movement at all."

Chu Ze slowly walked to the front of the giant container. If one looked down from above, Chu Ze's five-meter-wide sea turtle shell would be like a small pebble.

Chu Ze gently moved one of his claws, and a small hole less than a meter in diameter appeared in front of him.

Then, Chu Ze stretched out his head to look inside. "Hey, is that guy inside okay?"

Then, Chu Ze heard a loud roar from inside. There was also a tentacle clinging to the small hole, trying to get out.

However, this one-meter-wide hole was too small for the giant squid. It couldn't come out.

"Chu Ze, what material is this container made of? It can actually withstand the attack of this giant squid."

"This is just a container that I randomly controlled the Mythical Realm Core to make. The material of this thing is actually nothing special. It's just that the sand at the bottom of the sea is highly compressed by the Mythical Realm Core, and the density is very high. That's why it's not so easy to be destroyed by the squid."

Through controlling the Mythical Realm Core this time, Chu Ze found out that using the Mythical Realm Core required the consumption of mental power. Those who did not have enough mental power really had no way to use the Mythical Realm Core.

However, this might also have something to do with his incomplete fusion.

"Now that we've trapped this giant squid, what should we do next? It seems like we have no way to kill the giant squid at all."

"Don't worry. Now that we've already controlled it, it'll be much easier to kill this thing. You wait here. I'll go to the second level to take a look first."

It was actually useless for the giant whale to watch. The squid had originally wanted to come in and catch these giant whales, but there had been a vortex at the entrance of the mythical realm, so the giant squid didn't dare to come in.

Now that the seawater was filtered outside by Chu Ze, the squid saw that there was no movement at the entrance, so it directly came in.

When Chu Ze reached the second level, he saw that all the soldiers were walking in a strict formation, as if they had entered a state of high alert.

Chu Ze was very satisfied. It was a good thing to be on high alert. He was already in an unknown state at first level, but there was no chaos inside. It showed how disciplined these soldiers were.

When they saw Chu Ze return, the soldiers saluted Chu Ze.

Through Qin Yue, they knew that Chu Ze stayed outside to face the giant squid alone. This kind of spirit was worth learning from.

"How's the situation outside?" The first thing Li Feng did when he saw Chu Ze coming back was to ask about the situation outside.

"The entrance outside has already been closed by me, and that giant squid has also been controlled. I don't know what to do with that giant squid now."

Li Feng thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we think of a way to contact the outside world? It would be best if we can call Madman over."

"If it's Madman, he will definitely have a way to deal with this giant squid."

Chu Ze shook his head. "You don't know how big this giant squid is. We can't even see its level clearly."

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