Chapter 104: Giant Squid

Chu Ze looked at Qin Yue. "Go to the second level first. I'll seal the entrance to the second level now."

Qin Yue nodded. "Okay, you have to be careful here."

After hearing this, Chu Ze looked puzzled. "Who said I have to be here? What if this giant squid really comes in? I want to go to the second level too."

Then, the two of them walked toward the second level. Qin Yue stepped into the second level and waited for Chu Ze inside.

Just as Chu Ze was about to go in, he was suddenly grabbed by the giant tentacle and pulled back in an instant.

Chu Ze, who was grabbed by the giant tentacle, let out a scream. Fortunately, he was still in the form of a sea turtle at this time. Otherwise, he would have been crushed by the giant tentacle.

"D*mn, this tentacle is so powerful. Even when I was hiding in the sea turtle shell, I felt a strong pressure."

Even Chu Ze, who was hiding in the sea turtle shell, almost couldn't bear the huge pressure. He struggled desperately, but it was completely useless.

"Looks like I have to put in some effort. Watch my devour."

The devour skill was activated. Strange energy began to envelop the huge tentacle, but the tentacle was constantly squirming. The devour energy couldn't envelop it at all.

In the end, Chu Ze had no choice but to give up on the idea of devouring the tentacle.

"Even devour is ineffective. What should I do?"

Chu Ze recalled that he had only learned the Five-elemental Spell a few days ago, and he decided to use this Five-elemental Spell to try it out.

"Now that I'm in the water, what spell should I use? The Water Spell is definitely the most powerful here, but the Water Spell can't hurt this tentacle at all."

Just as Chu Ze was thinking, the tentacle had already pulled him to the entrance of the first level. Chu Ze was dumbfounded. If he was pulled out, he would be left with no hope.

Thus, Chu Ze controlled the entrance of the first level to shrink as much as possible, sticking close to the tentacle.

The closer the tentacle was to the root, the thicker it was. The tip was the thinnest part, so Chu Ze had to control the entrance to shrink.

Just as Chu Ze was about to be pulled out, the tentacle suddenly stopped moving. It turned out that the tentacle was holding onto Chu Ze. This part was like a clenched fist, unable to be taken out.

Seeing this scene, Chu Ze laughed. "Anyway, my sea turtle shell is strong enough. You can't break it. Now I can play with you."

Knowing that he wouldn't be pulled out, Chu Ze was relieved. Then, he began to think about how to escape from the tentacle.

"Forget it. I won't consider it any longer. I'll use the metal element. I hope I can cut the tentacle."

Using the Metal Spell, a huge golden sword appeared in the sky above the tentacle.

This was huge compared to humans. This huge sword was ten meters long. It was big enough for humans, but it was nothing to this huge tentacle.

The giant sword was like a chopstick in front of the tentacle.

Chu Ze controlled the sword to slash down crazily. A ferocious wound appeared on the tentacle. Chu Ze heard a scream coming from outside.

He didn't know when the squid could make a sound, but Chu Ze had evolved for so long and he still couldn't make a sound.

Even though the tentacle had a huge wound, the squid didn't let go. Chu Ze felt as if the squid was trying to force its way in.

The whale saw that Chu Ze had been caught by the tentacle. It was hesitating whether to go up and save Chu Ze. It wanted to go up and save him, but it was no match for the squid. If it did not save him, Chu Ze might be eaten by the squid.

In the eyes of the whales, Chu Ze, who had been caught by the squid, was already dead. They could easily see through Chu Ze's level.

With Chu Ze's current level, there was no way he could withstand the giant squid's attack.

However, the largest whale still felt that Chu Ze wasn't dead. They only confirmed that Chu Ze wasn't dead after seeing the giant sword that Chu Ze summoned.

"Quick, let's attack together. Let's help him! Chu Ze doesn't look like an ordinary evolutionary creature. Since he can live so well with humans, it's definitely not wrong to follow him."

The giant whale immediately made a decision. Their relationship with Chu Ze wasn't as simple as cleaning up barnacles. The fact that the giant whale could evolve to such a level, it was no longer an ordinary whale.

The giant whale directly rushed up and tore at the giant tentacle.

Under Chu Ze's continuous attacks and the giant whales' biting, the giant tentacle finally couldn't take it anymore.

After the tentacle released Chu Ze, it directly swept out. A few giant whales were directly swept aside, and Chu Ze was sent flying for thousands of meters.

These giant whales were now thousands of meters in size. To be able to send the giant whales flying, this power was simply enough to split the earth.

Even the largest aircraft carrier could easily flip over. It was simply effortless to flip over.

"What should we do?" The whale was worried as it looked at the squid that was squeezing into the mythical realm.

Chu Ze was calm. "Don't worry, it won't be able to get in."

The whale shook its head and created a huge wave. "You're underestimating this squid. As long as the tentacles can get in, it can squeeze in."

"D*mn, why didn't you say so earlier? We have to think of a way. If this goes on, as long as it gets in, all of us will be finished."

"Yeah, we're basically waiting for death now. Let's stop struggling."

Chu Ze shook his head and said, "No, how can I die here? I haven't recovered my original form. I haven't found the giant creature that swallowed the cruise ship yet."

However, the squid kept squeezing in. This process seemed very realistic and irreversible.

Chu Ze attacked the giant tentacle with all his might, but the tentacle's regenerative ability was too abnormal. As long as Chu Ze's attack stopped for two seconds, the squid's wound would immediately heal.

"This can't go on. We have to think of a way. Even if it comes in, we can still deal with it."

The giant whale looked at the island in the middle of the mythical realm and then at Chu Ze. It asked hesitantly, "I heard from you guys that you can control the terrain of this place. See if you can think of a way."

Chu Ze turned his head around. "You've reminded me. Let's use this method."

Then, Chu Ze began to control the terrain. He smiled foolishly as he controlled the terrain.

"How many evolution points do you think you can get if you devour this big guy?"

This was exactly what Chu Ze was thinking about.

After evolving, there was a chance to get a lucky draw. After the lucky draw, there was a chance to obtain a Body Transformation Pill. After obtaining a Body Transformation Pill, there was a chance to become a human.

This was also the driving force behind Chu Ze's evolution.

The terrain in the first level of the mythical realm began to change. Not long after, a huge container was formed at the entrance.

Chu Ze, who was controlling the terrain, felt a little dizzy. However, he did not care.

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