Chapter 88: Ranking

As Zhang Qiu hastily spoke, he began laying out several profound qi barriers in front of him in an effort to try and gain some sense of security.

Xu Disheng slightly raised his chin, gesturing towards the disciple who was holding all of the storage pouches.

“This…” Zhang Qiu saw Xu Disheng’s finger on the bowstring loosen slightly, causing his expression to become even more ugly. “Liu Chong, give this Junior Martial Brother’s storage pouch back to him!”

Liu Chong momentarily hesitated. But the other disciple next to him snorted coldly, taking advantage of this moment that he was off guard to fly over and snatch a large handful of storage pouches from him before dashing back to his own boat and starting to flee.

Xu Disheng shook his head, changing the direction of the Glorious Sun Bow. He aimed it at the wooden boat that was already nearly a hundred meters out and unhurriedly released the bowstring.

A bright golden trail of light streaked out from the back of the profound qi arrow as it shot forward over the surface of the Mirror Ocean, piercing straight through that disciple’s body. The remaining momentum continued onward, causing the entire wooden boat to crash into the Mirror Ocean and dissipate into golden motes of light.

Xu Disheng urged his wooden boat forward and grabbed that large handful of storage pouches that that disciple took, casually tossing it into his own wooden boat.

Liu Chong quickly removed all of the remaining storage pouches hanging from his waist and said stutteringly, “J-Junior Martial Brother… H-Here are the storage pouches you dropped, p-please don’t forget them.”

Xu Disheng tossed all of the storage pouches into his boat, but he didn’t immediately leave. He put his finger on the bowstring once more and formed two more golden arrows of light.

“Junior Martial Brother? What is the meaning of this?” Zhang Qiu’s expression was extremely unsightly. “We returned all of your storage pouches to you, why are you still sticking around?”

“There are still some storage pouches that still haven’t been returned to me. Senior Martial Brother, why are you acting as if you haven’t seen them?” Xu Disheng said, holding the Glorious Sun Bow horizontally in his hand. The two arrows of light on it were slightly spread apart, one pointing at Zhang Qiu and the other pointing at the other peak Sea of Qi stage disciple.

The two of them had bitter expressions on their faces as they reached down and removed their own storage pouches, tossing them into Xu Disheng’s boat as well. These storage pouches weren’t looted from other disciples, but were their own personal storage pouches!

In Liu Chong’s panic earlier, he had already accidentally handed over his own storage pouch to Xu Disheng.

But Xu Disheng’s finger still didn’t let go of the bowstring. A hidden vortex swirled in his eyes as if his mood was fluctuating.

Zhang Qiu and that disciple didn’t dare to move with the golden arrows of light pointed at them, but inwardly, they were cussing up a storm at Xu Disheng.

He had already taken their storage pouches, but why was he still not leaving?

Liu Chong was a bit of a coward. Seeing that Xu Disheng still had his hand on the Glorious Sun Bow, he took advantage of his momentary safety to hop onto his wooden boat, immediately starting to pour in profound qi with all of his might. In just a few moments, he had already sped off into the distance.

There was no way that he wasn’t aware that this move would be horrible for Zhang Qiu and the other disciple.

The vortexes in Xu Disheng’s eyes disappeared, his gaze clearing up. The bright gaze in his eyes was filled with a cold indifference. He released his finger and two golden beams of light shot out like lightning and smashed through their profound qi barriers, directly piercing through the bodies of Zhang Qiu and the other disciple. Blood mist scattered and filled the air along with the golden motes of light.

The wind lightly blew, and before long, there were no remaining traces of their existence.

The youth narrowed his eyes and looked at Liu Chong’s figure off in the distance as he drew another arrow.

… …

Fortunately, Xu Disheng had already heard about the restriction from Bai Zhehua before coming to the Green Lotus Domain, so he had taken a portion of his medicinal pills and put them into a bottle which he carried on him. Otherwise by now, he would have already ran out of profound qi and wouldn’t have had any chance at reaching the top 10,000.

He had just eaten two Spirit Gathering Pills in a row to quickly restore his profound qi.

The Mirror Ocean was 10,000 li long. The speed of the wooden boats was also limited, so many disciples got halfway through before completely running out of profound qi. The only other way aside from taking medicinal pills was to recover profound qi while slowly proceeding along.

There were still over a dozen Spirit Gathering Pills in Xu Disheng’s bottle. He wasn’t worried about running out of profound qi in the slightest. He pushed forward at full speed, passing by many disciples.

Off to one side of the giant azure gate of light, the ranking list of the Sea of Qi division’s first match was shimmering.

“Look! The first place ranking of the Sea of Qi division has shown up!”

“As expected, it’s Yu Yangyao!”

“The second place and third place are there too!”

“Of the top three of the Sea of Qi division, Yu Yangyao and Jian Liangbi come as no surprise, but the third place, Ke Yue, is rather unexpected.”

“Bo Zhaoyun has the top-grade Magic Treasure, the Jade Feather, so he shouldn’t have been passed by Ke Yue.”

“So you’re saying Ke Yue’s Misty Lightwood is just inferior? Don’t look down on the people from the Mortal Secret Realms!”

… …

“Morning Dew Peak’s Xu Disheng, 5,675th place of the Sea of Qi division.” After passing through the blue gate of light on the other side of the shore, Xu Disheng appeared in the Green Lotus Domain. His jade identity tablet vibrated and a cold, indifferent voice resounded in his ears.

Up above, the three enormous silver-white moons illuminated the world as they had for time immemorial. When Xu Disheng raised his head, he looked up and saw the sky full of stars.

“A detailed information jade slip with the details of the geniuses of the Sea of Qi division recorded within! Only 6 spirit stones!”

“All Junior Martial Brothers, come and take a look! My jade slips are the most complete, and I guarantee the information is the most up to date!”

On his way back to Morning Dew Peak’s circle of light, there were quite a few disciples selling jade slips. There were even more people stopping to haggle and spend a few spirit stones to purchase them.

“Junior Martial Brother, did you just pass the first match? I’m selling information about the top ranking geniuses of the Sea of Qi division. I guarantee that the information is detailed. Only 8 spirit stones!” A crafty-looking disciple called out. He had taken notice of Xu Disheng from the moment he came out of the blue gate of light. He immediately came forward and approached him to sell his jade slips.

A while later, that crafty-looking disciple came away with 8 spirit stones. He watched Xu Disheng’s back as he walked away, a bit flabbergasted. He didn’t think that he would actually be able to sell a jade slip for 8 spirit stones. After all, it was possible to find all of this information by asking around in detail. He only said 8 spirit stones to initially give the other party room to make a counteroffer.

He didn’t expect that youth to say nothing and directly hand him 8 spirit stones, taking one of the jade slips in his hand from him in an extremely straightforward manner.

Xu Disheng returned to Morning Dew Peak’s circle of light, his expression somewhat heavy. To someone like him who wasn’t that well-informed, the information recorded in this jade slip was extremely important!

“Yu Yangyao, half a step to the Dao Foundation stage, and a Rank 4 Spiritual Root genius! He is also one of the two people with a Rank 4 Spiritual Root under the Divine Core stage in the Mingxin Mountain Range. The other person with a Rank 4 Spiritual Root has already broken through to the Dao Foundation stage a long time ago. He is the great-great-grandson of the Killing Heart Spirit Master, Yu Xingchao. When it comes to top-grade Magic Treasures, he even has several of them! The most famous of them is his pike, the Coiled Snake. Of the known top-grade Magic Treasures he owns, there is also the Burning Sea Ruler, the Essence Tassel Armor, and so on. He is widely known as the number one genius at the Sea of Qi stage in the Mingxin Mountain Range. The reason he has not yet broken through to the Dao Foundation stage is to compete for a ranking on behalf of the Mingxin Mountain Range in the Eight Mountains Grand Tournament.”

“Jian Liangbi, half a step to the Dao Foundation stage! A Rank 5 Spiritual Root disciple studying under the Severing Meridian Spirit Master, Feng Simiao. The most noteworthy Magic Treasure that he is known for is the Ancient Dragon Abyss Sword. He also has a top-grade defensive Magic Treasure, the Crimson Sunset Cloud. Its strength in combat is extraordinary!”

… …

There were over 10 of the geniuses from the Mingxin Mountain Range recorded in the jade slip. Aside from Yu Yangyao, who had a Rank 4 Spiritual Root, the others all had Rank 5 Spiritual Roots!

The several people at the top of the ranking were all half a step to the Dao Foundation stage. Taking into account the Magic Treasures and cultivation methods passed down from Divine Core stage Spirit Masters that they had, they could even fight against ordinary Dao Foundation stage cultivators!

Fighting against those at a higher cultivation realm was extremely difficult! Even though they were ordinary Dao Foundation stage cultivators, they were still at the Dao Foundation stage nonetheless. After successfully establishing a foundation from profound laws, one’s strength would increase by at least 10 times. Once one reached the Dao Foundation stage, they could even mobilize a bit of the power of heaven and earth. Sea of Qi stage cultivators were like mere ants in front of such a power.

And yet, those half-step Dao Foundation stage geniuses at the top of the ranking could actually go up against ordinary Dao Foundation stage cultivators! Even though these ordinary Dao Foundation stage cultivators considered here were those that didn’t have Magic Treasures, the strength of these several geniuses was still frighteningly apparent!

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