Chapter 152: Grand Commander

Of course Gu Nan could hear what NPCs were saying—he wasn’t deaf.

It’s just that he didn’t care to respond before, but Wei Rou’s words were so funny that even Gu Nan couldn’t help replying to her.

Wei Donghai, on the other side, was staring blankly at the bloody rain. He squeezed out a few words through gritted teeth, “I’ll! Kill! You!”

In the next instant, Wei Donghai’s domain, law, and innate ability exploded forth all at once, and a sword strike far faster and sharper attacked.

This strike also hit Gu Nan without any hindrance, but Wei Donghai sensed that the touch through the blade felt quite different this time.

He suddenly looked up, only to find that the target he stabbed had long ceased to be Gu Nan’s original body. It was just a pitch-black shadow.

Switching places with shadow clones!

Gu Nan had no intention of taking a direct hit from Wei Donghai’s all-out attack. Being a top player meant accurately calculating the damage to know what kinds of attacks can be tanked and what needs to be dodged.

The shadow clone swung its sword down. Wei Donghai hurriedly evaded the slash, but Gu Nan’s figure suddenly appeared behind him, also using the exact same attack.

“Perfect!” Wei Donghai’s gaze turned cold. His form paused slightly, then his sword traveled an eerie path and turned around, heading behind him to stab Gu Nan’s original body.

With his exquisite sword skills, We Donghai abruptly shifted the path of his sword, creating a situation where both sides would suffer a loss.

Wei Rou’s death had practically driven Wei Donghai insane. Now, he only wanted Gu Nan’s life without a single thought to spare about his own.


The two attacks struck their targets at the same time. The pain from his back didn’t make Wei Donghai frown, but the Gu Nan who gradually turned into a shadow in front of him made his heart sink.

He turned around with much difficulty, and sure enough, he saw that the shadow behind him had turned back into Gu Nan’s appearance again.

“Exclusive law…” He uttered these words in a trembling voice. Waves of darkness were already beginning to appear before his eyes. For a cultivator like him, these two injuries took practically half of his life.

Wei Donghai could guarantee that this skill of Gu Nan’s wasn’t any form of illusion. His true body really did switch places.

Only those who were about to step into Void Cutter Realm could possess a nigh-invincible rule like this, just like the earlier Yue Qianleng, whose exclusive law was reflection.

Of course, these types of manmade laws weren’t truly invincible. They would always have various weaknesses.

Yue Qianleng’s reflection feared attacks that weren’t from laws, while similarly, Gu Nan’s exclusive law also had weak points.

But right now, Wei Donghai was no longer allowed to test out those weaknesses anymore. His remaining time was running out.

“Kill!” This powerhouse whose skill had reached the level of a sword saint exhausted the last of his strength. A sword of light made a horizontal slice and cut through both Gu Nan’s original body and his shadow clone.

This was the only method he could think of to break out of the current situation.

Like before, Wei Donghai’s sword of light was lightning-fast. It reached his two enemies almost simultaneously and cut them both in half at the waist.

But what he cut were just two balls of shadowy mist, and in the blink of an eye, they were restored to their shadow clone forms—both of them.

“This…” Wei Donghai was stunned. Alarm bells suddenly started ringing in his heart, but it was getting harder to control his body.


A sword pierced his chest from behind—it was a third shadow clone.

In contrast, Gu Nan himself was standing to the side, guarding against any last-ditch attacks Wei Donghai might pull if he was determined to stab the enemy behind him, even at the cost of his own injuries worsening.

As Wei Donghai’s body slowly fell down, it proved that Gu Nan’s worries were unfounded.

Almost at the same time that Wei Donghai fell, an indescribable pressure came down, and a figure appeared beside Wei Donghai.

The newcomer was a tall man with a silver mask that had a strange face painted on it.

Gu Nan recognized this pattern. In a certain ancient legend, this face represents “King.”

“To think that I was still a step too late…” The newcomer gave a small sigh with his head lowered, seemingly lamenting his inability to save his old friend.

Wei Donghai didn’t seem to be completely dead yet. Sensing the familiar presence, he opened his eyes for the final time and spoke with difficulty, “Grand Commander, avenge me…”

His voice fell. He stopped breathing before he could hear Grand Commander’s answer.

The Grand Commander reached out a hand to close Wei Donghai’s eyes, then turned to look at Gu Nan. “You still dare to openly show yourself. Aren’t you afraid that the King of the Deep Sea will strike again?”

Gu Nan knew who he was talking about but sidestepped the question. “Are you White Mist’s Grand Commander? Hand over the world mission translation method, and I can spare your lives.”

The Grand Commander shook his head lightly. “A translation method is the foundation of a reincarnator organization. How can I give it to you?”

So Gu Nan nodded and raised his hand, swinging the sword down.

The Grand Commander was a little caught off guard. He didn’t think that Gu Nan would attack without any prior warning when they were having a conversation merely seconds before.

However, such a slash wouldn’t have any impact on the Grand Commander. He slowly raised his hand, and Gu Nan’s sword actually passed right through his hand and continued traveling down.

However, his hand wasn’t injured. It was as if he had never been hit by the sword at all.

If one looked carefully, they’d find that his palm had been cut, but there was some fine yellow sand by the opening, which completely healed in the blink of an eye.

“Transforming into sand? It’s one of the nine powers of the earth…” Gu Nan’s knowledge was so vast that he recognized the other party’s roots at a glance.

Most of the powers affiliated with the earth had such characteristics—thick, heavy, solid, and extremely difficult to kill.

The Grand Commander turned part of his body into sand and easily avoided this blow, then said, “A simple swordsman like you cannot hurt me.”

His voice sounded a little distant, and it also contained an aloof feeling of looking down from above. “You humans may have unparalleled talent in comprehension and learning, but your understanding of the essence of laws is still far behind us.”

The Grand Commander was a natural–born bloodline user. True to San Wei’s words, a powerful figure like him was extremely proud of his own bloodline.

While recognizing the talents of human beings, he also mercilessly attacked their shortcomings.

As his words fell, wisps of fine sand floated up and had already surrounded Gu Nan.

The next second, the fine sand suddenly shrunk, almost crushing Gu Nan—but it’s a pity that what they crushed was just a shadow clone.

The shadow clone was crushed into a ball of black mist, but it recovered in the blink of an eye.

“Clone? Let’s see where you can run to…” The Grand Commander had an expressionless face underneath the king’s mask he wore.

Immediately after, fine sand also began to envelop Gu Nan’s other shadow clones, which suddenly tightened…

“It’s over…” Seeing the yellow sand locking Gu Nan inside and not sensing any sign of life within the sand, the Grand Commander murmured to himself.

He didn’t puzzle over how weak his opponent was. In reality, he never expected Gu Nan to be strong to begin with.

Even if the other party was a Dao Lord; even if the other party had just killed Wei Donghai easily—in the Grand Commander’s eyes, all that was just a joke.

Because he had stayed in the Dao Lord realm for too long and had accumulated experience for countless years. Although it didn’t allow him to make a successful breakthrough, it allowed his strength to accumulate indefinitely at the Dao Lord level.

With his current strength, his skill of simply crushing his opponents with sand could easily kill people at Wei Donghai’s level.

Bloodline users could improve their own strength by accumulating power over time, which was the scariest thing about them.

Although the Grand Commander told the outside world he went into secluded cultivation, in reality, he just entered a deep slumber.

The next moment, the Grand Commander turned around, but a shadow quietly appeared by his side.

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