Chapter 481. Big Zhumu, Little Zhumu

Bathing in the sun and covered in drops of water, the youthful bodies of Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi were truly translucent and seemed as smooth as jade.

Holding their hands, Hao Ren spun around one more time and began briskly skimming over the surface of the ocean.

Little White who was enjoying itself as it chased after some fishes also dashed out of the ocean.

Soon, it saw what Hao Ren was doing and wanted to join in.

After looking up and letting out a long howl, it jumped out onto the surface while returning to its snow lion form and going after Hao Ren.

Hao Ren laughed as he used his Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll even more skillfully.

Boom! Boom! He created multiple big waves behind him, letting Little White crash right into the waves and leaving it baffled.

“Hey, what is that?” At the top of a hill on the island, a young man pointed at the surface of the ocean while asking his companion.

Far away, a sheet of white waves shot up forcefully, and it seemed like there was something flying among the waves.

“Probably a speedboat…” the other young man answered with some hesitation.

The surface of the ocean was several centimeters below Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia, and the enormous waves created by their speed moved to their sides, acting as shields.

Flush… After creating a big arc, Hao Ren abruptly dived into the ocean again.

Blindly charging ahead, Little White realized that Hao Ren and the others were now underwater after a few seconds. As it immediately tried to brake on the surface of the ocean, it ended up causing huge, sky-high waves.

It looked around in confusion.

Then with a rumble, it crawled into the water and went back into its small puppy form again.

Utilizing its stubby legs, it dived into the ocean as well.

The two young men on the hilltop were stunned.

“Is it a sea monster that stirred up the waves…” they thought.

The moment the waves dissipated, there was nothing to be spotted anymore.

Still being held by Hao Ren, Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi now returned to the bottom of the ocean.

What just happened was so intense that they found it even more exciting than riding on a roller coaster!

As a result, they were unable to calm themselves yet, and their chests continued going up and down.

Although they were underwater, it was still evident that their faces had turned bright red and became very charming.

Hao Ren laughed lightheartedly as he let go of their palms.

Crawling in water, Little White came over and begun watching Hao Ren with a wronged and hurt expression on its face.

It wanted to fly together with Hao Ren, yet Hao Ren left it far behind. Not only that, he further attacked it with waves stirred up by his sword energies, causing it to be blocked.

“Gongzi, we want to try that too…” Waving their small fists and lightly wiggling their bodies, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili swam over to express their charming objection through their puffed-up cheeks.

Hao Ren gently gave each of them a pat on the head before swimming toward the bay where they first dived into the ocean.

Pouting, the Lu sisters looked unwilling as they followed Hao Ren closely.

Lightly snorting through her nose, Zhao Yanzi began kicking her legs and went after Hao Ren.

Perhaps attracted to her improved mood, many lovely and exquisite-looking fishes swam to her side.

She slowly reached out her right hand, and a small fish swam into her palm and lingered there.

“Haha…” Zhao Yanzi was now completely delighted.

Nom! Nom!

Paddling its four legs, Little White opened its mouth and instantly sucked the fish into its mouth and swallowed it at once.

Zhao Yanzi was left in shock for a moment.

Quickly, her eyes widened, and her voice was filled with anger. “Little White…”

Rocking its butt, Little White promptly accelerated and instantly swam far away.

Coming out of the bay, Hao Ren returned to the shore while trying to shake off the water on his body.

Behind him, Little White jumped out from the water and raced over to do its usual business in a nearby meadow.

Zhao Yanzi was about to chase after Little White after she got out of the water, and she saw Little White in the grasses and leaving behind a classic golden pile of…

Little White’s behavior was no different than a tourist carving their name and date of visit on a tree… Seeing that, Zhao Yanzi stopped her forward motion and sought shelter by Hao Ren’s side instead.

After being washed and scrubbed by the seawater, her entire body had turned from a tender white to baby pink as if she were a porcelain doll that changed colors.

The jade pendant on her neck was emitting radiance in the sun, making the skin by Zhao Yanzi’s neck and chest look silky and delicate.

“This is the Heavenly Mystic Jade, very precious and rare!”

While Zhao Yanzi was brushing her hair with her head tilted up, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked over and commented.

As their eyes were directly glued to Zhao Yanzi’s chest, a blush appeared on Zhao Yanzi’s face as she hurriedly stepped back.

Instinctually, she looked at her own chest and then peeked at the Lu sisters’ chests.

Immediately, she covered up her chest by crossing her arms.

“Little Zhumu, you are going to have a great figure.” Lu Linlin comforted her and added, “Your jade pendant is quite unique.”

In fact, they noticed Zhao Yanzi’s jade pendant yesterday. They did not take a close look then, but they realized that the jade pendant was no ordinary jade pendant right now.

Heavenly Mystic Jade was the most precious of all jades. A piece that was the size of a knuckle could cost more than 10,000 spirit stones, let alone this jade pendant which was the size of two fingers put together.

“Oh, what history?” Zhao Yanzi’s eyes widened with curiosity as she asked the sisters.

She felt a little guilty since the jade pendant was snatched from Duan Yao of Sixth Heaven.

“Heavenly Mystic Jade has a very soft texture and therefore can’t be made into dharma treasures. However, it is the best medium for connecting with the nature essence and can increase your cultivation speed.” Lu Linlin explained.

Lu Lili nodded in agreement. She held up the jade pendant and examined it closely. “Moreover, Little Zhumu, your jade pendant similar to Pixiu Jade; it’s so dominating that it can devour the nature essence in the area. Little Zhumu, you should take good care of it and not lose it.”

After hearing them, Zhao Yanzi thought, “This jade pendant is awesome! Too bad I lost one of them, but I will definitely find a way to get it back in the future!”

Her mind was on getting the other jade pendant back and didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Lu sisters were addressing her as the ‘Little Zhumu’.

Plop… Xie Yujia popped up to the surface of the water.

She was the worst at swimming, so she was the last to come up.

Yet, it was the instant that her upper body popped out of water that took Hao Ren’s breath away.

Lightly kicking her legs, Xie Yujia swam to the shore, and Hao Ren bent over and reached out his hands to grab Xie Yujia by her arms, pulling her out of the ocean.

Now completely out of the water, Xie Yujia looked bright and beautiful. From her smooth shoulders to her delicate toes, every inch of her body was flawless and impeccable.

“We’re heading back, let’s go!” Zhao Yanzi announced as she abruptly got in between Hao Ren and Xie Yujia and started pulling them back to the hotel.

“Gongzi, the Little Zhumu is very fierce.” The Lu sisters joined in as they said to Hao Ren smilingly.

Then, they followed Zhao Yanzi toward the five-star hotel.

Chatting over their coffee, Yue Yang and Zhao Hongyu had already changed back into their casual outfits and were seated comfortably on the sofa in the lobby on the main floor.

After they checked out of their rooms, Zhao Yanzi and the others also switched back into their summer outfits.

Following Zhao Hongyu’s lead, they returned to the yacht that was docked by the pier.

Elder Sun had been waiting for the group for a long time. As soon as he saw that Zhao Hongyu and the group return, he immediately started the engine of the yacht.

Thinking that Elder Sun had to spend the night on the ship, Yue Yang couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

However, Hao Ren knew that Elder Sun must have returned to the East Ocean Dragon Palace for a good rest last night.

On their way back, the excitement had died down in comparison to when they were on their way here. This time, Hao Ren, Xie Yujia, and the others were relaxing in the sun and the ocean breeze on the upper deck of the yacht.

While Hao Ren was dozing off, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili moved their chairs right next to Hao Ren’s. Leaning against him, they placed their soft faces on each side of his shoulders.

Even though Xie Yujia found the sisters to be playful and frisky, she didn’t think they were bad people. Therefore, she couldn’t bring herself to get mad at them. Instead, she felt a little helplessly toward them.

Likewise, Zhao Yanzi wasn’t hostile toward Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s attachment to Hao Ren. Her focus was on Xie Yujia, and she felt like the Lu sisters’ involvement with Hao Ren could help keep Xie Yujia in check.

The yacht did not end up stopping at the pier by the beach near Hao Ren’s house but at a small pier close to the estuary of the Yellow Dragon River.

It was more convenient for them to get off here since it was very close to downtown. Under Elder Sun’s command, Zhao Hongyu’s SUV had been shipped to the pier.

Since Elder Sun was running martial arts dojos, he was never short of staffs to carry out tasks for him.

Zhao Hongyu was in a great mood.

After they got back from Coral Island, she drove the group to the most famous restaurant in the city for lunch. At the dining table, the atmosphere was harmonious as Zhao Yanzi and the others chatted away at once.

“Ren, you are going to the U.S. with your auntie tomorrow. Be good and don’t cause trouble.” During their meal, Yue Yang prompted Hao Ren.

“Tomorrow…” Hao Ren was surprised.

“Well, Yujia is going to the U.S. to visit her parents, and your dad wants to take the chance to catch up with his good friend. As it happens, Hongyu and Zi are going to see Zi’s second uncle who is also in the U.S., so I asked Hongyu to help us get your visas and book your tickets altogether,” Yue Yang explained.

Hao Ren turned to Xie Yujia and then to Zhao Yanzi.

It was true that Zhao Yanzi’s second uncle was in the U.S., and it was nothing strange about Zhao Hongyu wanting to take Zhao Yanzi there to visit her uncle’s family while on summer break.

“Since we are all going to New York, we might as well go together,” Zhao Hongyu said with a grin on her face.

Xie Yujia missed her parents dearly and planned to go to the U.S. after they got back from Coral Island. However, she did not expect Zhao Hongyu to be so thoughtful and had already prepared the trip on her behalf.

Upon learning about the trip, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked to Yue Yang in anticipation.

“Linlin and Lili, why don’t you stay here with me in East Ocean City? Ren and the others will be back in a few days anyway,” Yue Yang told them.

“Oh…” The Lu sisters were a little disappointed. Nevertheless, the thought that these few days could be the best time for them to please and impress Hao Ren’s mom soon came to mind, and they smiled sweetly.

“Is Zhen Smart going, too?” Hao Ren asked.

“He has no interest in the U.S. Since Grandma is going to the countryside, you and your father are going to the U.S., and I will be busy with work, we won’t be able to look after him. Therefore, he’ll be staying with Luoxue temporarily.” Yue Yang clarified.

“So he’s staying in Wu Luoxue’s home! That means he gets to spend time with the girl he likes; he must be overjoyed… this guy is just as shameless as Little White!”

Hao Ren was suddenly envious of Zhen Congming.

After lunch, Yue Yang had to go finish up some work at her workplace and accepted a ride from Zhao Hongyu. After spending two days together, the relationship between the two moms had grown even stronger; there was nothing they couldn’t or wouldn’t say to each other now.

Since the arrival of the sweltering summer season, all types of natural disasters including tropical storms and flooding could affect the East Ocean Region at any moment. Therefore, Yue Yang had to stay in East Ocean City to keep everything in control.

Besides, through their trip to Coral Island, Yue Yang found the island which was 50 miles away from East Ocean City’s shoreline to be a great marine observation platform. As a result, she had been consulting with Zhao Hongyu about building a small-scale weather station on Coral Island. Unsurprisingly, Zhao Hongyu concurred with the suggestion readily. Hence, Yue Yang was now going to the Weather Bureau to dispatch personnel, hoping to get this project started and finish it as soon as possible.

The two mature and sophisticated women genuinely recognized and appreciated each other so much, almost as if they regretted not having met each other earlier.

After giving Yue Yang a ride to the Weather Bureau, Zhao Hongyu sent Hao Ren and the others to his villa by the beach. As Zhao Yanzi insisted on staying at Hao Ren’s house, Zhao Hongyu could only agree after failing to convince her daughter otherwise.

“Tomorrow, Elder Sun will come and pick you up, and we’ll meet directly at the airport.” After dropping them off, Zhao Hongyu further reminded Hao Ren.

“Okay!” Hao Ren nodded.

He suddenly remembered that Xie Wanjun, Xie Yujia’s cousin, should be on summer break right now and wondered how he was doing.

Now that Grandma had left for the countryside, there was one unoccupied room in the house. Needless to say, this room on the second floor that was the most pleasantly cool had naturally been taken over by Zhao Yanzi.

Hao Ren made a call to Grandma and found that Grandma had arrived at the village safe and sound. She was still staying in the same courtyard. As it was situated right against the mountains, it wasn’t hot at all.

Over the phone, Grandma couldn’t stop praising Su Han – that she was attentive and considerate, gentle and kind, and how she was such a reliable driver that they arrived at the village in a blink of an eye… After finishing the phone call with Grandma, Hao Ren tried to call Su Han. But it was evident that Su Han did not bring her cell phone with her, since Hao Ren waited a long time, and no one came to answer it.

Even though the Inspector token allowed communication with inspectors nearby, for Su Han who was not in East Ocean City, it was outside of the token’s communication range. Consequently, Hao Ren did not have the opportunity to express his gratitude to Su Han.

Tonight, since Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua were each working overtime in their respective department, the villa was occupied by the “children” only – Xie Yujia was cooking with the help of Lu Linlin and Lu Lili; Hao Ren was in charge of washing vegetables; Zhao Yanzi was responsible for eating only; still, Little White was sprinting around aimlessly… It was messy but fun.

“Ren, time to get up!”

Filled with huskiness, Hao Zhonghua’s voice traveled across the wall into Hao Ren’s room.

Rubbing his eyes, Hao Ren slowly sat up. He focused on cultivating the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll so hard last night that he didn’t even remember how he fell asleep in the end.

Propping himself up with his hands, Hao Ren felt that both of his hands were resting on something very soft… hmm.

He looked down and saw that in their small pajamas, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili each laid huddled up to his left and right side.

Hao Ren’s hands were positioned right on top of their tender bellies.

Seeing that they had their arms around his waist, Hao Ren realized why he had such a comfortable and warm sleep last night…”Cough!” Bringing back his arms that were slightly numb and rolling his eyes around to observe the sisters, Hao Ren pinched their supple cheeks, “Stop pretending you’re asleep!”

Lifting their attractive faces, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili opened their sparkly eyes while still embracing Hao Ren tightly with their arms.

Watching them, Hao Ren felt a tingling feeling in his heart. Not only their pajamas were small and thin, but they also left their bellies and waists revealed, it was absolutely temptations…”Gongzi, come back soon!” Lu Lili said sheepishly as her face reddened.

The ‘Poison Pill Plan’ that Lu Linlin thought up was not executed on their trip to the Coral Island, yet, Hao Ren now had to leave for the U.S. right after they got back…”Ren, you have a plane to catch! I’ll come in if you don’t get up now!” Hao Zhonghua began knocking on the door.

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