Chapter 759: The Nine Eastern Territorties

Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim continued, "Likely, to investigate about the Ethren Empire's crimes, Havle Alstreim will call for the help of Grand Elder Krax Alstreim since they are said to have a relatively amicable relationship..."

"Furthermore, Ancestor Dian has taken the initiative to apologize to Edgar Alstreim, even openly stating that Ancestor and the Alstreim Family has let him down..."

"And for the latter reason alone, Weiss, I told you to stop suppressing Havle Alstreim's son-in-law, Edgar Alstreim."

Young Master Weiss Alstreim gulped and answered, "Yes..."

He didn't think that the situation would've developed to this point where even their mighty Ancestor apologized, and even though it was indirect, an apology is still an apology.

Although Edgar Alstreim cannot be unbridled even with the Ancestor's backing, he could very well cause them to fall into a trap and call the Ancestor to claim justice!

At that time, they would be vegetables on a chopping board, waiting to be chopped off into pieces!

"Hmph! Stop criticizing my precious grandson, father! If that cripple Edgar Alstreim don't provoke him, then my grandson would not go provoke him either!" Grand Elder Elise Alstreim spoke as she stood in front of Weiss Alstreim.

"Grandma..." Weiss Alstreim felt moved and secure.

In fact, he was closer to Grand Elder Elise Alstreim than Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim as he knew the entire reason he was able to obtain the Young Master status was because of Grand Elder Elise's help.

Even though he had the prowess, it couldn't reach the level of what Edgar Alstreim achieved.

"You! You never learn!" Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim felt his anger peak and about to explode like a volcano.

He utterly spoiled her in the past, and she even dared sometimes to curse the Ancestor secretly, but what can he do against his daughter who possessed equal cultivation to him?

Discipline her? Meaningless!

"Would it hurt to not go against your father once in a while!?" He yelled with his mighty undulations flaring, but to his dismay, it caused an adverse reaction in his daughter as she bit her bottom lip, her eyes becoming moist.

"Ehh..." He became speechless before he stood up and walked towards his daughter to console her.

When he saw tears starting to fall, he wiped her tears and patted her shoulders.

'Such a spoiled daughter... Even after becoming more than 6,000 years old, she is still crying...' He couldn't help but lament as he had an extremely soft spot for his daughter, but at the same time, he turned heartened.

Grand Elder Elise Alstreim has already lost her husband in a danger zone, and after that, she broke down and became the person she is, extremely excessive against people who weren't in her eyes.

In fact, every other people who could have said to be important in their line but weren't present were mostly dead. Whether they traveled outside to increase their cultivations or were schemed against in their own family, they all mostly ended up dead.

That's why, even with all this generation gap and age difference, these five people all treasured each other through thick and thin thorns blocking their path.

Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim's line wasn't the only main branch of the family. The other Grand Elders also possess their own family line, but compared to him, they all more or less possessed mediocre talents in their line.

"Grandpa~" Abruptly, a melodious voice echoed, garnering everyone's attention.

It was none other than Nora Alstreim.

She hopped like a rabbit and stood behind her Grand Elder Valdrey. She then held her grandpa's shoulders and started to massage as she possessed a mischievous expression on her face.

"Haha! What do you have in mind, Nora?"

Nora Alstreim didn't speak. She massaged her grandpa's shoulders skillfully for a few more seconds before her eyes radiated a purplish glint, "Why are we listening to the Ancestor, Grandpa? "

Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim became speechless, but he still answered with a wry expression on his face, "That's because Ancestor is Ancestor and Ancestor is stronger than every single one of us..."

Nora Alstreim nodded as she smiled cutely, "So it's a little bit of strength and a little bit of respect that grandpa has towards Ancestor..."

"I see, I see..."

Abruptly, her eyes became sharp, and her smiling expression faded, "Then all that's left is for grandpa to break through to the Ninth Stage!"

Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim's expression froze. The other three also had their faces scrunched up in shock as if they couldn't believe what the youngest in the room dared to utter.

Truly, a young calf knows no fear or bounds.

A moment later, Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim wryly chuckled, "You make it sound so easier..."

It's easier said than done...

That's right, between the Eighth Stage and the Ninth Stage was a deep chasm! Not only would one have to have enough energy to break the bottleneck, but they would also have to succeed in turning their sea of laws in the dantian to runes that embodied their comprehension.

The further the level of Law Intent one reaches, the further it is difficult to condense a Rune in one's dantian!

He, Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim, had comprehended Level Nine Intent of Fire Laws, but precisely because of that, he increasingly found it difficult to condense the sea of fire laws in his dantian into a Law Rune, finding it incredibly difficult to step into the Law Rune Stage!

The Ninth Stage!! This comprehension and condensing step alone caused countless experts to stop at the peak of the Law Sea Stage! On the other hand, his Ancestor was precisely someone who comprehended Level Nine Intent of Fire Laws and managed to break into the Ninth Stage!

However, Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim possessed a solemn expression on his face the next second.

He knew that this beloved granddaughter of his wouldn't easily mention something stupid like this... Then that meant...

"Do you mean?"

Nora Alstreim's smiling expression returned as she exuded boundless confidence, "Grandpa, remember the Nine Eastern Territories Young Expert Competition that is coming up?"

"Yes, of course..." Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim nodded his head, "The one that includes all the Nine Territories, including our Alstreim Family."

The Nine Eastern Territories were none other than the Tripartite Alliance, Alstreim Family, Towering Cloud Hall, Falling Snow Sect, Thousand Pill Palace, Flowing Mist Sect, Mystic Ice Sect, Vital Tempering Sect, and Twilight Physician Hall!

"The rewards haven't been announced yet, but I have a friend within the Thousand Pill Palace who leaked one of the potential yet confirmed rewards to me..." Nora Alstreim grinned.

"It's the Thousand Pill Palace's Law Tree Fruits that blooms once in ten thousand years!"

"The Law Tree Fruits!!!" Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim's expression changed as he repeated her words.

The Law Tree Fruit not only helps one in law comprehension, but it is a fact that it makes it easier to condense Law Rune by thirty percent when consumed! It was a heavenly resource!

"Grandpa, the Top Five gets one Law Tree Fruits each, and with my age and cultivation, although I cannot compare to Mystic Ice Sect's Mu Bing, Flowing Mist Sect's Adrax Yantra and Vital Tempering Sect's Min-jin, I can certainly take the fourth spot or the fifth spot!" Nora Alstreim uttered these words with immense confidence.

Her eyes were gleaming as if she could see her victory right in front of her eyes!

"Good! Good! Good!" Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim uttered three times as he nodded his head like a mentally ill person. His cheeks flushed crimson as he turned to look at his beloved granddaughter and saw her blazing confidence.

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