Chapter 2: Status

Desire opened his eyes slowly.

As he took in what was on his surroundings, he stood up.


That was the first word he let out after waking up again.

"This place is...pretty."

He was standing in an open land and his surroundings was full of flowers and grass. If one looks further, trees can be seen and the singing of the birds can be heard.

For Desire who gained his first consciousness on a desolate place, this place with its simplicity is just the best place for him.

He looked up at the sky and covered his eyes with his hand.

"The sky too is pretty."

He looked at them with his sparkling blue eyes. His expression is as if he gained a new toy though if you consider his age, it fits too well.


As he looked on the beautiful land, he felt like there's something missing in it.

"What could it be?"

He asked himself, wondering while wandering.


As he walked on through the grass land, he suddenly remembered something.

"Where is the summoned familiar?"

He looked through his surroundings but he couldn't find a shadow let alone a body.

"I think I heard the system before I-? W-what?!"

As he was talking, something suddenly appeared in front of him, no, it is more correct to say that something appeared within his mind.


[Name: Desire]

[Race: Human]

[Age: 1 month old]

[Rank: Cannot be identified]

[Title: None]

[Divine Protection: Cannot be identified]


-Life force: 50

-Mana: Cannot be calculated

-Strength: 50

-Speed: 50

-Intelligence: 50

-Energy: 50

[Active skills]

-Light skill: G

-Excavator skill: F

-Summon Familiar skill: G

[Passive skills]

-Night Vision: G

-Life Force Regeneration: G

-Body control skill: No rank

[Super Skills]


"Wow, so this is the Status. Still, I wonder why it popped out."

He looked through his status page with amazement and his face immediately hardened though it looked cute as he was but a baby.

"My race is a human?! What the hell?!"

He noticed the race section and there it was stated that he was a human.

"Why the hell am I a human? I'm pretty sure I'm a monster! I also saw a monster before!"

As he said, he saw a monster for a moment before while he couldn't control his body.

"What the hell! Are my parents a monster and a human?"

He sighed. He tried to calm down as he let the air flow in and out of his body.

"If my parents are a monster and a human then I guess it's fine but damn. I just had to take the genes of a human."

He wanted to complain all day long but he knew that it's no use. The system recognized him as a human. There is no denying it. As he reluctantly accepted it with a broken heart, he continued on.

This time, his face was of shock. It's quite amazing that he went through an angry face to a shocked one.

"I have a divine protection? What's more is that it cannot be identified by the system..."

Ridiculous, that's what Desire thought. According to his general knowledge, system is known to all, humans and monsters alike. The Gods were the one who created the system. There is no way the system couldn't recognize one.

He closed his eyes and rubbed it. He opened it again just to close it one more time.

"I-it really doesn't have a name... What kind of a God is he?"

His face clearly shows his amazement. If a God cannot be identified by the system, which means it is a God with a status above of the one who created it.

Desire didn't know who created the system though.

He clapped his hands to form the figure of a praying person.

"Dear God, please bestow me skills, one more time as you did with the excavator."

Desire said that with eyes full of sincerity and the corners of his mouth was lowering as if to make a pleading face.


"Dear God, please bestow me skills."

...He repeated it with the same tone and same face.

As he gained the body control skill, he produced tears-like fluid to flow down from his eyes. He held his hands tightly and made a crying face.

"Dear God, please bestow me skills!"

He changed his tone, his face and said it with conviction. Still, nothing came.

As if his crying face was nothing but a fake, it was immediately replaced with an expressionless face as if to indicate that he give up.

"I can't fool a God after all..."

He said that while holding his arms up high in the sky. After realizing that nothing's happening, he sat down.

Desire sighed.

"Anyways, let's get on with it..."

He put on a bitter smile on his face as he read the rest of his status page.

"My mana still can't be calculated."

"Oh! My basic attributes are all the same."

"Woah, I also have Passive Skills!"

He spent time checking his details as the status page was literally information about him. He couldn't be careless about it when he mostly doesn't know anything about himself.

"Ah! That's right! I passed out when I used summon familiar skill. Is it because my body couldn't take it?"

Desire made an exclamation about the events from yesterday. He remembered passing out after hearing something like his skill put a burden on him.

He realized what that means so his face paled. His eyes were wide open and his jaws were hanging.

"D-does that mean I can't use it...? H-how am I supposed to live as a baby then?!"

Desire's situation was a bad one if not the worst. He was a baby and he couldn't possibly wander around in the forest. Even before, he was saved because he had summoned a familiar. Without that, Without doubt he would probably have died back then.

"I-isn't it that after a trial, you get stronger?! Yup! That's definitely it! I'll summon another familiar!"

He put his hand out in front and he readied himself, both mentally and physically.

"It's fine! I won't pass out! You can do this, Desire!"


Black fog was crawling out from the ground and it swirled furiously. The black fog was covering the entire area and it soon coagulated on a single spot.

As the darkness subsides, a form can be seen within. A tall man wearing a robe and a hood over his face emerged from the darkness.

His skin, other than the skin on his face, couldn't be seen at all. On top of that, his face was pale as white.

The tall man looked down on Desire and spoke in a light tone.

"You called?"

However Desire wasn't paying attention to him. He was currently looking at his stats.

Stats are vague numbers imprinted on his mind where he can see if his attributes have run out such as life force, mana and energy. The other attributes is placed on his body so it doesn't run out however.

As Desire was currently ignoring him, the tall man decided to just wait.

After a few seconds, Desire shouted out.

"I didn't pass out!! Eh! Are you my familiar?!"

Finally noticing him, Desire asked a peculiar question. The tall man answered him as if he was irritated.

"Haaah. You are the one who summoned me."

"Ah! Hm! Hm!"

Realizing that the man in front of him was his summoned familiar, he closed his eyes and let out a cough while straightening his posture.

"You are... the familiar?"

"Indeed. So, what made you call me again?"

"Again? Are you the same familiar?"

The tall man nodded and gave a comment about his summoner.

"It looks like your life force has stabilized by itself."

"Y-yeah anyways thanks for yesterday."

The tall man didn't answer. Instead he tilted his head as if to question why would he give thanks to him.

Desire, noticed that the man didn't understand, spoke to clear misunderstandings.

"You saved me so you deserve thanks."

"You are a weird one though the fact that you are a baby capable of summoning is already out of this world."

"Anyways why is it that I used life force to summon you? Isn't it mana is the element used to use skills?"

The tall man stopped for a moment and then spoke with a fed up tone.

"You probably don't have mana yet. I mean, a baby who already manifested mana...Think about the world for a minute would you."

"I see. Well I guess being able to talk and walk with my body like this is... Anyways, how long can you stay?"

"Hmmm, about time I guess."

This time, the one who tilted his head is Desire. Out of curiosity, he asked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'll be going now, farewell!"


The black fog which disappeared from the emerging of the tall man has appeared once again and soon, it went out by the passing of the wind.


Desire, left alone in this beautiful land with no way to defend and eat, shouted out.

"Have some pity on me will you!"


The sun was setting and it gave off an orange light. Desire was looking on that light and a noise from his stomach disturbed him.

"I'm hungry..."

As if to support his statement, his stomach made a noise once more.

"How am I going to eat now…"

Desire grimaced from remembering what happened in the afternoon. He sighed.

"Why is it that my mana can't be calculated..."

He was in despair after knowing that he had to use his life force every time he summons a familiar. Indeed, if only Desire can use his mana perhaps he would be able to make his familiar stay much longer than with his life force.

Desire collapsed on the ground with his face down. Surprisingly, he didn't even get a single scratch.

"Haaaah. Am I going to die after all?"

After some time, he fell asleep. Even if he is conscious of himself and had a general understanding on things, his body is still a baby. There's no way he could stay awake all day. He even overdid himself with the summoning.

It is not strange for him to get tired easily.

And while he was sleeping, a shadow descended on his harmless body. The shadow was bizarre. It had six arms and the head couldn't be described.

The shadow spoke with a feminine tone.

"Fufufu, I'll eat this guy up!"

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