Chapter 114:

Chapter 114: Terrified Old Zhou! Kill in seconds! Take in the top soldiers! All Gods Alliance shakes!

[Shit, Lin Yi's Angel Battle Team is coming!]

[Too fast!!]

[Is there a Castle Lord near Twin Mountain coming to support him?!]

‘Old Zhou' sent three urgent messages in a row in the internal group of the All Gods Alliance.

According to his estimation, the angel's flying speed was far faster than his top soldier, the Golden Gryphon.

If Lin Yi's angel wanted to intercept him, he could not be able to escape.

He had to have support to save his life.

One had to know that king-ranked angels were under Lin Yi's command. His Angel Battle Team had slaughtered nearly 10,000 wild monsters during the beast tide.

What kind of terrifying strength was this?

He even suspected that even if the ten top Castle Lords join forces, they would not be able to suppress Lin Yi's Angel Battle Team.

His only thought was that someone would come to help him stall the Angel Battle Team and create time for him to escape.

However, what disappointed him was that the top Castle Lords in the All Gods Alliance expressed that their castles were not in the Dark Forest.

This was not prevarication, it was the truth.

After all, the Endless Continent was so large that the hundreds of Castle Lords of the All Gods Alliance were scattered all over the continent. Even if the leader of the Alliance's Castle was located in the Dark Forest, it wasn't that coincidental to be near Twin Mountain.

All the Castle Lords who spoke expressed their helplessness.

Right now, they only had one thought in mind: that Old Zhou was too unlucky.

It was one thing if he was in the same Dark Forest as Lin Yi, but he was just near Lin Yi's Angel Castle. Now, he was discovered by Lin Yi's Watchtower and was attacked by the Angel Battle Team.

This was really bad luck!

As for ‘Old Zhou', they sympathized with him.

There was no way to provide support.

They would not help even if they could.

There weren't a dozen or so top-ranked Castle Lords joining forces to form a top-ranked army. Even they weren't a match for Angels. If they went, they would just give away their heads and experience.

[No one can help me? Shit! Then what’s the use of me adding in this Alliance?]

[… ]

[Old Zhou, don't speak with emotion! You know the situation of the All Gods Alliance, the current Alliance is preparing for the future race! It is a fact that there is no way to help each other in the early stages!]

[In the future, when the teleportation magic array starts to gather, the All Gods Alliance will be able to show its strength!]

[As for now……]

[No matter who it is, including us, when any one of us is attacked by the Angel Battle Team, we can only escape! No one can help you, this is also the truth!]

[Old Zhou, stop talking and run!]

[If you really can't, just give up some of the Golden Gryphon vultures as sacrifices to cover your retreat!]

[As long as you are still alive and have a top-ranked soldier as your support, you can get up soon!]

[Our Alliance can support you with some resources to make up for your losses.]

[The Goddess has also come out!]

[Support Goddess!]

[Old Zhou, do you see it? The goddess promised. She will support your resources! So don't worry about anything else, as long as you can escape!]

[Where is Old Zhou?]

[Did it get cold so quickly?]

[… ]

In the dark forest.

The young man rode the Golden Gryphon and fled frantically.

On the claw of another griffin not far from him was the heart of the castle.

The heart of the castle was the most important thing of the Castle Lords.

As long as the heart of the Castle was not destroyed, the Castle Lord would have a chance to make a comeback but once the heart of the castle was destroyed, the Castle Lord would lose his identity as the Castle Lord.

He was not directly eliminated.

Instead, he would be forced to become a Ranger, unable to recruit any more soldiers, and then lose the opportunity to participate in the race for supremacy.

Therefore, even if the young man was running for his life, he still carried the heart of the castle.

As for the castle behind him, it had turned into ruins.

The buildings inside the castle, including the castle itself, military buildings, warehouses, and so on, all turned into [construction blueprints] that could not be traded. It required a large number of materials to rebuild them.

This made the young man's heartache.

However, he also agreed with what the Alliance members said.

As the top Castle Lord, as long as he could survive, he could make a comeback.

His castle could recover in a very short time with the resources within the Alliance.

The only problem now was that he could escape the pursuit of Lin Yi’s Angels!

[Old Zhou, You have to run! I am contacting Lin Yi. I hope he can spare you! As long as he agreed, our Alliance could also give him some resources as compensation!]

Seeing this news, the young man was overjoyed.

[Fire Brother, is Lin Yi your good friend?]

[No, I am applying to add him as a friend and I’m gonna leave a message for him.]

[? ?? ]

When someone applied for being a friend of the Castle Lord, he could indeed leave a comment.

But, who was Lin Yi?

‘Game officials' all recognized the world's strongest Castle Lord.

The number of people who added him as a friend every day was over tens of millions.

Just a friend requesting a message was equivalent to a drop of water in the ocean?

It was strange that Lin Yi could see it!

The young man was so angry that he almost fell off the back of the Golden Gryphon.

He suspected that the Castle Lord was deliberately taunting him, or again just to show off his efforts as an alliance councilor and to rescue members of the Alliance. He made an effort that could not save anyone.

He showed his status as a member of parliament, raised his reputation, and gained another wave of praise in the process.

Very profitable!

Every day, many top-ranked Castle Lords were joining the All Gods Alliance. What was the loss of one?

Of course, these were the thoughts of the young man himself.

In fear, many thoughts flashed through his mind.

"Shit! Why are you still chasing me?"

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