Chapter 370: Invitation

Date- 27 Mar 2321

Time- 19:18

Location- Sky Blossom City, Card stadium, VIP box no.1

"This is how your parents end up in the Sky blossom city." The Fire Fist emperor narrated mama and papa Wyatt's life experiences before taking refuge in Sky Blossom City. 

"..." I gave the Fire Fist emperor a blank look because mama and papa Wyatt were not here to present their opinion, and there is no way to check the authenticity of the story retold by the Fire Fist emperor. 

Even a fool would know that the story narrated by the Fire Fist emperor is biased. And I consider myself to be a sane person. So there is no way I would buy into the shit he just spewed. 

Even if the story narrated by the Fire Fist emperor was biased, I still felt a boiling rage towards the Duskborn family for what they put Mama and Papa Wyatt through. 

Mama and Papa Wyatt were an average eloped couple before arriving at Sky blossom city. And the villain in their story was mama Wyatt's family. But according to Fire Fist emperor, the villain in the story was the Baylor family belonging to mama Wyatt's arranged fiance, which forced the Duskborn family into persecuting the Wyatt Couple, which led to them finding refuge in the sky blossom city. 

Therefore I turned to Anna for her input. With Anna's family information network, they must have dug up what transpired with the Wyatt couple and whether there are other influences involved that I have to look out for since I planned to take revenge for the Wyatt family. I should know who all the culprits were involved in the tragic end of Wyatt's family. So she should be able to tell me what 

"The Baylor family and the Duskborn family were equally responsible for the persecution of your parents. Thankfully your Grandfather, The three-eyed emperor, and your mother's ex-fiance, young Demigod Baylor, helped your parents escape to the Sky Blossom City and settle." Anna did not get into detail but pointed out that both the Baylor family and the Duskborn family were equally blamed. 

"Young Demigod Baylor? You are telling me my mother's ex-fiance is a demigod. " I exclaimed in utter shock. What did mama Wyatt see in Papa Wyatt to marry him instead of a Demigod? This is not love. This is utter foolishness. I am all for love but look what fate it brought to mama Wyatt. 

"Yes,'' Anna answered in surprise, seeing me forget the main point and sweat on details. 

"You are telling me my mother could have married a Demigod, but she chose to marry my father instead?" I asked again, unable to believe that Mama Wyatt chose Papa Wyatt over a demigod. 

"Yes, she did. Isn't she a remarkable woman? She gave up everything to choose love." Mama Wyatt was a real-life Princess who chose a hard life in the name of love, which would seem romantic in many people's eyes. And so does Anna. 

"No way, I don't believe it." I couldn't believe it. What was more unbelievable than with a card emperor for a father? Why was Mama Wyatt a mere silver grade card apprentice? There had to be a story to it. And I guess somehow the Duskborn family was to be blamed. 

"Okay, believe whatever you want to" Seeing me be unreasonable, Anna gave up. 

"..." Fook! If papa Wyatt were still alive, I would have saluted him. To steal a Demigod's fiancee, papa Wyatt must have been quite a daring lady's man. 

"So, are you guys here to beg for forgiveness?" I asked the Fire Fist emperor. Knowing that they were young Wyatt's relatives, I thought they were here to mend the relationship between us as I gained a lot of wealth recently. 

"In a way, yes. We want to invite the main family. To add your parents and your name to the ancestry records. That way, your mother and father's grave can be shifted to the Duskborn family graveyard." The Fire Fist emperor explained the purpose of his visit. 

"Is that all?" I asked expressionlessly, having learned that not only was Mama Wyatt thrown out of the house but her name was erased from her family ancestry book. 

"...Yes," the Fire Fist emperor was confused, not seeing me enthused about the offer he had made. Well, what did he expect? Did he want me to jump in excitement? 

"Anna, how is the Silver milk powder project progressing? Have you secured the Gate Dungeon? " Having heard what the Fire Fist emperor had to say to me, I asked Anna about the security detail for the silver beach gate dungeon. 

"..." Anna was confused seeing me change the topic suddenly and looked at me with question marks in her eyes. 

"Dalton, you haven't answered me yet? Will you return to the family? There you will be a lot safer and have lots of freedom. After all, it's your home." Seeing me intentionally ignore him, the Fire Fist emperor thickened his skin and asked for my answer. 

"Yes, I will. The day I come to your family, it will be the end of the Duskborn family." I did not waste any more words on the Fire Fist emperor or the Duskborn family because action spoke more than words. 

"Dalton, don't let the anger cloud your judgment. Take your time and answer. I know our family was wrong, but your mother is also equally at fault. We did what we did because of family law. What your mother did is equal to betraying the family. The punishment of erasing her name from the ancestry book and banishing her from the main family is already very lenient. 

But now, thanks to your contribution, the family is willing to withdraw all its punishment and Invite you back to the family. With this, you can bury your parents in the Duskborn ancestry graveyard. Where your mother's final rest truly belongs." Despite hearing me threaten to destroy the entire Duskborn family, the Fire Fist emperor continued to persuade me. 

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