Chapter 478. Death

The spirit automaton automatically moved the corpse of the Cursed dragon inside the formation that stored magical beasts.

Meanwhile, Noah exited the cavity and looked above him, toward the surface.

His consciousness reached for the edges of the Granite Abyss and black flames enveloped him after he found a place where to teleport, he was back next to the forest one second later.

'My mental energy will refill shortly but my dantian needs a bit of time, I can dissect the female Cursed dragon in the meantime.'

Noah thought as he randomly chose a spot a bit away from the entrance of the canyon and ordered Heilong to dig a small cave.

The Blood companion didn't waste time, it came out in the open as soon as Noah undressed his upper clothes, his robe had two holes sewed on the back since it had been specifically made for Noah and his wings.

The physical power of a rank 4 creature was incredible, a cave was quickly dug in the terrain and Noah retracted Heilong as he placed eight small flags on the ground to cover the area where his cave was.

The runes on the flags lit up and covered the terrain delimited by them, a shield formed in less than a second, Noah nodded in satisfaction when he saw that he could finally obtain the body-nourishing method that he had worked so hard to create.

'After almost half a year, I've finally reached this point.'

Noah thought as he crossed the shield and entered the cave.

He had experimented on so many humans and magical beasts, consumed an unimaginable amount of mental energy, and constantly used the Divine deduction technique only to reach that point.

Yet, there was one last thing that he had to do.

The body of the middle tier Cursed dragon was laid on the terrain of the cave, Noah quickly wielded a white saber and opened its corpse in two.

He had to understand the most important parts of that almost extinct species of dragon, that part was vital to the success of the procedure.

It didn't take much though for Noah to find what he was looking for.

Dragons were similar between each other, all those species that could emit flames mainly relied on two organs: Their lungs!

Cursed dragons were the same, the female specimen that Noah was analyzing had two shining gray lungs, their color was similar to the flames of the lower tier specimen, they only seemed to be a bit whiter.

'It seems that it has absorbed more light than my prey. Well, I'm ready now.'

Noah thought as he sat on the ground to cultivate and stored the open corpse of the creature, "Breath" was absorbed and refined by his mind as he filled his dantian.

There was no better meaning than his ambition for the "Breath" to utilize in the fusion, Noah only added a tinge of his hatred to improve the removal of Heaven and Earth's will from the beast.

Also, the negative thoughts carrying his hatred were condensed, a black figure identical to Noah soon rose from the sea inside his mental sphere.

Then, Noah continued to cultivate until his dantian was full, his sea of consciousness refilled autonomously during that process.

When everything was ready, Noah completely undressed and took out the corpse of the Cursed dragon at the peak of the lower tier of the fourth rank from his space-ring.

He took a deep breath before laying himself on top of the corpse, he needed to maintain physical contact with the beast during the fusion, his hands would surely lose their grip once the pain started.

Noah pressed a finger on his forehead and took out the will carrying his hatred, it was as big as his chest, he had improved a lot in the creation of wills from his first time.

"It's finally my time, go ahead."

Noah spoke to his will, the latter dove inside his body and began to destroy every trace of Heaven and Earth's will from his tissues, Noah felt himself becoming lighter as the process continued.

'Now the fusion.'

His will was consumed, Noah felt that his tissues were already beginning to die, there was no turning back at that point.

The refined "Breath" inside his sea of consciousness went on the corpse of the dragon below him and began to liquefy its scaled skin, then, Noah controlled it to enter his body.

A wave of pain filled the entirety of his body, Noah felt that external substance forcibly making its way inside his skin, modifying it and fusing with it.

However, Noah was someone who had trained in the Forging of the Seven Hells method and who had survived the Pain Tribulation.

Also, differently from the cultivators on whom he had practiced the procedure, he was a rank 4 mage, his control and endurance had long surpassed what the word human could include.

Noah fought against time as he endured the fusion, more and more of his tissues died as he tried to speed up the process.

The skin finished fusing soon, Heilong's tattoo wasn't affected since it wasn't part of Noah's body to begin with.

The muscles fused shortly after, Noah endured the pain as his figure fell inside the crumbling corpse of the dragon.

The bones fused, Noah felt his skeletal system cracking and reforming every time part of the bones of the magical beast liquefied and mixed with his.

Then, it was time for the internal organs.

The procedure had never been so smooth, Noah was using his body and his "Breath", he felt an innate sense of familiarity when handling materials of the darkness element.

Almost all the organs fused, only his heart and lungs remained untouched by the fusion.

Thunders began to resound outside of his cave but Noah couldn't hear them, his everything was focused on those last steps.

Noah was laying on top of the heart and lungs of the dragons but, soon, the heart melted and entered his body.

The substance carrying his "Breath" reached for his heart and surrounded the black membrane around it.

The membrane retracted due to the effects of the fusion, it mixed with Noah's heart which then was modified by the substance coming from the beast, forming a sturdy and black heart.

Then, the lungs of the dragons melted.

Noah's body touched the terrain as the last organs of the beasts entered his body and modified Noah's last untouched tissues, a pair of gray lungs were formed due to the procedure.

Thunders continued to crack in the area outside his cave, bolts of lightning continuously crashed on the shield created by the eight flags but were unable to break through it.

Noah's body began to stabilize, the will contained inside the body of the beast filled the empty spots left by Noah's will.

Noah felt his mind becoming dark, the harmonization was completed but his body was starting to shut down.

Its functions slowed down until they completely stopped, Noah's heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing.

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