Chapter 60

The reform farm wasn't a good place. It was used to accommodate wicked ones.

On the farm, people work more and eat less. Generally, people who entered there will burn out within a few years.

Like these wicked people, it was generally difficult for them to come out of the reform farm after entering. However, the reform farms had recently received a lot of wicked ones. The farms were small and cannot accommodate so many people.

So after the community leader held a meeting to discuss. The decision was to select some of the more obedient people from the wicked ones and put them in the production team.

Qili Village was allocated three.

The three were a family. An old man who looked to be in his fifties or sixties, a woman in her thirties, and a single digit old boy.

Their clothes were covered with patches, while their faces were sallow and haggard. Completely skinny like a stick. No flesh can be seen on their faces and bodies.

Especially the old man. His brows were tightly pinched. The wrinkles on his face were like marks carved by a knife. It was all over his face. His tall frame was hunched. Seem like he had experienced a grave illness.

When the few people arrived, Wang Shui Sheng, the production leader, sounded the gong and called everyone from the village to gather at the threshing yard.

Qiao Xiu Zhi and Qiao Zhen Min who had just returned home also went over with others.

Standing on the high platform, Wang Shui Sheng pointed at the family and stated, "These three people are wicked ones from the reform farm. They will live in our production team in the future!"

When the villagers below heard this, they immediately erupted.

"Leader, what's going on? Why are there so many wicked people sent here? What if the children get corrupted by them?"

"Yes, yes. If the children are corrupted by them, will it affect us in the future?"

"That's right. Why let the wicked people come to our production team? Shouldn't they go to the farm and get reformed?"

Wang Shui Sheng stretched out his hand to take control. His voice boomed, "Be quiet. All of you be quiet! What's there to be noisy about? I haven't finished speaking yet!"

"There isn't enough space on the farm. These people are wicked ones with education and have improved their ideological awareness. So they are allowed to leave the farm. You only need to tell the children in your family to not get into contact with wicked ones. Naturally they will not get influenced by them then! Put those words back in your stomach. Don't treat this matter lightly. If you get reported later, it's useless to come to me!"

Though everyone was still muttering when they heard this, they still remembered to instruct their family's children when they got back. Said they must not come into contact with wicked ones, otherwise it will be troublesome if they get corrupted!

Wicked ones were different from educated youths. It went without saying that they cannot live in places as good as educated youths.

Wang Shui Sheng contemplated about it and finally decided to arrange them to stay in the pigsty.

There were a few empty houses next to the pigsty. Because the smell of being next to the pigsty was too strong, no one wanted to live there. It was perfect to arrange these wicked ones there.

Moreover, no one in the production team liked to do the dung picking work. Every year, they have to draw lots to arrange this work. Now it was fine. Let this family do the dung picking work!

Before taking the bad guys to the pigsty, there was a round of criticism parade according to the procedure.

It was a good time to urge them to remember their identity and always remember to make progress!

Although most of the villagers were simple, they immediately changed when faced with wicked people.

Everyone gathered around the family of three and pointed at their noses. If it weren't for them being old, young, or a female, everyone would definitely go up and beat them.

Still, this family of three had suffered a lot!

After one round, the hair of the old man and the woman was all messed up. The old man had been spat on his face a few times.

The woman bent over and hugged the boy tightly in her arms. Her eyes red.

It was the first time that Da Qiao saw such a scene. She was so frightened that she tightly held her grandmother's hand.

Qiao Xiu Zhi rubbed her hair and said, "If you are afraid, close your eyes and don't look at it."

Da Qiao looked at the people on the stage and asked in a low voice, "Grandmother, are they really bad people?"

Qiao Xiu Zhi frowned, looked up and looked around. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, she lowered her head and firmly whispered, "No, they are not bad people!"

Da Qiao's clear and beautiful apricot eyes showed a confused look: "Then why are they getting scolded?"

She also saw someone throwing stones at those people. The old man's forehead was hit. Although there was no blood, it was red and swollen. It looked painful.

Qiao Xiu Zhi replied: "This problem is very complicated. You just need to remember that they are not bad people. You can't bully them like other people, remember?"

This wasn't the place to discuss this. And Da Qiao was too young. So she didn't explain it to her.

She had never approved of this simple and crude way of division.

If Xue Chuan hadn't handed over the house to the state early or if she hadn't tried her best to protect him, he would have been classified as a wicked people and pushed to the farm for reform!

Da Qiao's long and dense eyelashes blinked like a fan. She seriously nodded her head and said, "Grandmother, I remember. I will definitely not bully them!"

After speaking, she turned her gaze back to the stage. Suddenly she encountered a pair of dark slender eyes.

The boy was protected in his mom's arms. His eyes were looking at her through the crowd.

His gaze was silent and cold. It seemed a little curious and surprised.

Da Qiao's beautiful apricot eyes flashed. She was surprised for a moment. Then she curved the corner of her mouth and showed a comforting smile to the boy.

The boy didn't seem to expect that she would suddenly smile at him. Startled, he shyly turned his head away. But soon he turned back to peek at her.

Da Qiao thought he was very interesting as well as pitiful. She didn't dare to go up to stop everyone though. So she kept showing him a sweet smile, hoping that he would feel better when he saw this smile.

Qiao Xiu Zhi saw how the villagers went on endlessly. She stepped forward and spoke: "Enough. About it is enough. If you continue to beat, there will be a mishap!"

Old woman Fang and her son had been criticized last time. This time, even when her waist hadn't healed, she still rushed to the front. It was her who stoned the old man just now!

Hearing Qiao Xiu Zhi's words now, she raised her almost invisible eyebrows, "Oh, women association's head, what are you talking about? These people are wicked people. Are you defending them now?"

Qiao Xiu Zhi looked at her coldly and retorted, "Although they are wicked people, compared to Fang Family who forced their daughter-in-law to death, I don't think they have done anything wicked!"

After she finished speaking, she turned to Wang Shui Sheng: "Leader Wang, I don't want to protect these people. But look at them, old and sick. If get injured due to the beating, wouldn't it be our production team who pay for them to see a doctor and provide food to feed them?"

Wang Shui Sheng nodded: "You are right. Since they have been arranged to our production team, we will have to provide money and food if something happen!"

When everyone heard that they have to pay money and food once these people get badly damaged, they immediately stopped.

They can't get enough to eat themselves. So no one was willing if they were asked to pay money and food for wicked ones!

Seeing that Qiao Xiu Zhi had convinced everyone in just a few words, old woman Fang was so angry that she wanted to break out into scolding again. However, she was afraid of causing public anger. She could only quietly cursed and walked away.

Unexpectedly, in less than two steps, she stepped on a piece of chicken poo and almost fell.

Although she didn't fall, her waist seemed to be twisted again. For the rest of the path, screamed all the way.

The old man and the woman on the stage glanced gratefully at Qiao Xiu Zhi, but did not speak.

People like them, even if they were grateful, can only keep it in their hearts. If not, they will only bring trouble to the other party.

The boy's eyes kept staring at Da Qiao. All he saw was Da Qiao keeping smiling at him. HThis smile made him shyly turn away his head. Still, he quickly turned back.

His actions quickly caught the woman's attention.

Once the three came to the pigsty, Dai Shu Fang rubbed the child's head and said, "Why did you stare at the little girl just now?"

Huo Chi pouted and said, "I've seen her before!"

Dai Shu Fang couldn't help laughing when she heard this. She didn't take it to heart though.

This was the first time they have come to Qili production team. How could he possibly seen that little girl?

She remembered the appearance of the little girl. Fair and rosy with a sweet smile. Most importantly, her eyes were clean and clear. At first glance, she was a very bright and kind child.

It was a pity that their identities were wicked people. Huo Chi can't be friends with the other and play together even if he wanted to.

Huo Chi ignored his mum's amused smile.

He wasn't lying. He had actually seen the girl!


Qiao Family returned to the old house.

Da Qiao dashed into the kitchen and quickly made three bowls of steamed eggs: "Grandmother, Fifth Uncle, Younger Sister Wan'er, I made these steamed eggs for you. You can try them and see if they are delicious."

She had been learning cooking with her grandfather for a few months. But since her Third Aunt came over, she had no chance to cook in the kitchen. Later, after Auntie Hui married her dad, she didn't have to do any chores.

Now that her grandmother had returned from afar and there was still some time before dinner, she steamed three bowls of steamed eggs to cushion their stomachs.

The golden-yellow steamed eggs were covered with soy sauce and sesame oil. They were bright in color and fragrant. Before a bite was taken, they were already hooked.

Qiao Xiu Zhi had always favored Da Qiao in her heart. Now seeing her so sensible and caring, her heart became even softer: "Grandmother is trying now. It smells delicious. Must be delicious!"

Da Qiao smiled with crescent eyes and softly spoke, "I put a few drops of sesame oil in it. The smell of sesame oil is extremely fragrant!"

The sesame oil was brought to them by Shen Family. There were only two small bottles in total.

Therefore, when Wan Chun Ju heard her words, she immediately cried like a hen: "Da Qiao, you prodigal girl! Just having a steamed egg and you drip sesame oil. Landlord of past can't enjoy it like you!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi said with a cold face: "According to you, I can't have these drops of sesame oil?"

Wan Chun Ju's body shook, shrank her neck, and responded, "Mom, I didn't talking about you. I mean Da Qiao, this kid doesn't know how expensive firewood and rice is since she's not a family head!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi snorted coldly: "You have been married to Qiao family for so many years. This is the first time I know that you are so considerate of Qiao Family. Then when everyone eat meat later, you don't eat it!"

Wan Chun Ju: "..."

Being choked to half-death, Wan Chun Ju was furious and scared.

When she went out, she saw her man chopping firewood, and immediately ran over to complain, "Really, what's with Mom. Her heart is biased toward that girl, Da Qiao!"

That bootlicker, Da Qiao was also very cunning. At a young age, her flattery skills were top-notch!

She made steamed eggs for Mother-in-law with eggs, firewood, and sesame oil from Qiao's old house. She didn't have to pay a penny when she made Mother-in-law smile!

Really sneaky smart!

If she knew earlier, she would do it first!

Qiao Zhen Guo replied: "Niece Da Qiao is pretty and has a sweet mouth. Isn't it normal for Mom to like her? If she doesn't like her, then she must like you?"

Wan Chun Ju was so exasperated that she almost vomited blood: "What's wrong with liking me? Which part of me is unlikable?"

Qiao Stabbing Zhen Guo stated: "Mom said that one must be self-awareness. Wife, you look like a black mountain pig. Black and fat. And your mouth likes to gossip people. Say, which part of you is likeable?"

Wan Chun Ju: "..."

A mouthful of old blood was stuck in her chest. She almost acted out a scene of dying on the spot!

She took a deep breath and said: "Okay, I won't compare me, an adult with a child. Then our An Ping? No matter how pretty Da Qiao is, she's just a girl. How can one dote a girl more than one's grandson?"

There was no such logic in the world!

Qiao Zhen Guo sighed, "Oh, it's all your fault..."

"Shut up!"

Wan Chun Ju's face flushed with anger. She stood up with her already pregnant belly, turned around and left.

Every time her man started with the words "it's all your fault" and "must blame you", she can guess with her toes what he was going to say next!

Qiao Zhen Guo watched his wife rushing away in a rage. Not affected at all, he continued to chop wood as he hummed a little tune.

In the evening. In order to celebrate his wife's return and to celebrate finding little Wan'er, Xue Chuan personally cooked.

Everyone was looking forward to it. When they smelled the fragrance from the kitchen, their saliva was about to flow out.

Da Qiao and her elder cousin sister Qiao Dong He were helpers in the kitchen.

Qiao Dong He sighed while burning wood: "Younger Sister Qiao, we both learned together at the same time. Why do the things you make always taste better than mine?"

Da Qiao tilted her head and blinked: "I don't know. However what Elder Cousin Sister makes is delicious. Don't be sad, Elder Cousin Sister."

"Don't worry. Elder Cousin Sister isn't one to stay depressed. I don't need your comfort."

Qiao Dong He glanced at her fair and tender little face. She couldn't help but stretch out her hand and squeeze her.

Da Qiao didn't get angry when she got pinched. Instead, she smiled so sweety that her brows and eyes were curved into crescents, melting people's whole heart.

From old to young, there were a total of sixteen people in Qiao Family. One table will definitely not be able to fit them all. So like before, they were divided between two tables. One for adults and one for children.

There were five dishes on both tables at this time. In the center was a large plate of pork with preserved vegetables. Followed by braised pork with potatoes, stir-fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes with eggs, and a large pot of Chinese cabbage soup.

There was meat, vegetables and soup. New Year couldn't compare to this!

Especially since the smell was so fragrant. Whether it was the children or the adult, they all almost drooled!

"Thank you for your hard work." Qiao Xiu Zhi glanced at her husband. Her eyes full of longing and warmth.

Xue Chuan gazed at his wife with a twinkle in eye: "What does this hard work count as when compared to you?"

The two had been separated for almost ten days. This was the first time they have been separated for such a long time in decades of marriage. Both of them missed each other very much.

Qiao Family who were fed a mouthful of dog food before eating: "..."

Don't feed. If they keep feeding, they won't be able to eat any more!

Qiao Xiu Zhi felt everyone's eyes and coughed: "What are you looking at? Let's start?"

With this order, everyone's chopsticks immediately flew towards the meat on the plate.

Wan Chun Ju clipped up a piece of meat and put it in her mouth. But before swallowing it, the chopsticks in her hand had already reached out to the plate again.

However, in the next moment, nausea filled her throat. She couldn't help turning around and retched.

Seeing his wife, Qiao Zhen Guo continued to eat the meat quickly and accurately. He commented while eating, "Wife, it can't be that you are like the last time. You want to vomit at the smell of meat?"

Wan Chun Ju was like struck by lightning: "..."

Qiao Zhen Guo's heart didn't ached for his wife. He continued to add another stab: "Oh, why are you so unblessed? Then I have to eat more in your place!"

Wan Chun Ju was so vexed that she almost spurted blood: "..."

Simply pissing her off!

What kind of man did she marry?

Wan Chun Ju didn't believe it and ate another piece. But before the meat was secured in her mouth, she retched again.

Unexpectedly, just after she finished retching, Lin Hui, who was across the table, suddenly vomited too.

Qiao Zhen Jun immediately put down his chopsticks and asked, "What's wrong? Are you unwell?"

Lin Hui patted her chest and whispered, "I don't know. But I feel a little stuffy in my chest. At the smell of meat, I immediately feel nauseous."

Qiao Zhen Jun uttered, "Why don't I accompany you to the clinic now."

On the opposite side, Wan Chun Ju bit on her chopsticks. Her teeth almost fell from sourness!

Qiao Xiu Zhi raised her head and said, "Old Second's wife, it can't be that you are pregnant?"

Lin Hui and Qiao Zhen Jun were both stunned.

The two's marriage hadn't reached two months yet, so they didn't consider this. But now his mom brought it up, it was really possible!

Lin Hui's cheeks went pink, as if she had smeared rouge. She leaned over and whispered in Qiao Zhen Jun's ear, "My that haven't come for more than a month."

Her menstrual period had always been unstable before. So she didn't take it to heart when her period didn't come last month.

After marrying into Qiao Family, she felt that her body was much better. Maybe it was due to her good mood.

Even in summer, she often felt her hands and feet were cold. There was no trace of temperature in her whole body. Currently, her body can feel its warm. Her appetite and her sleep had also improved.

Qiao Zhen Jun froze. Then his whole body glowed: "Then let's go to the clinic now and let the doctor check!"

Da Qiao saw Auntie Hui vomiting and became worried: "Mom, what's wrong? Shall I accompany you to the clinic with Dad?"

Lin Hui comforted her, "Don't worry, Mom is fine."

Wan Chun Ju's eyes were red with jealousy. She spoke in a sour tone: "Da Qiao, your stepmom is most likely pregnant. You will soon have a younger brother or sister. At that time, they will not dote you any more!"

Lin Hui flushed even more. With anger this time: "Eldest Sister-in-law, don't say such things to a child. If the child takes it seriously, it will be bad!"

Wan Chun Ju snorted: "Stepmothers in the world are generally black. Where am I wrong? You dare to say that in the future, you will still treat Da Qiao well when you have your own child? Don't speak. Those words of yours can trick children. Save it, if you want to lie to me!"

Lin Hui was so angry that she trembled. She nervously looked at Da Qiao and spoke, "Da Qiao, no matter if Dad and Mom have other children in the future, Mom likes you the most. Don't listen to your eldest aunt!"

Da Qiao blinked her bright eyes and said softly, "Mom, don't worry. I won't listen to Eldest Aunt's words. I like younger siblings. Would you give me a younger brother and younger sister?"

Xiao Qiao was also her younger sister. She used to like her very much. But after she knew that she held bad intentions toward herself, she gradually withdrew her feelings.

Lin Hui saw how delicate, sweet, and sensible the child was, her heart completely melted.

When Wan Chun Ju heard Da Qiao's words, she gritted her teeth angrily: "You stupid child, Eldest Aunt is sincerely thinking on your..."


Qiao Xiu Zhi placed the chopsticks heavily on the table. Her gaze coolly pinned Eldest Daughter-in-law: "Go! You aren't allowed to come to the table to eat until you know where you are wrong!"

Wan Chun Ju had lightning-strike feeling again. Her face pale: "...Mom, I know now that I was wrong!"

"Leave!" Qiao Xiu Zhi didn't give her another glance, "Don't let me say the same thing a third time!"

Wan Chun Ju's face turned red and white.

She nudged her man beside her, hoping that he could plead on her behalf.

Qiao 'meal more important than wife' Zhen Guo: "Wife, hurry up. You must listen to what Mom says. Or else, you will die even worse!"

He was clipping meat while talking. Never glancing at his wife from beginning to end.

A breath Wan Chun Ju was suffocated in her chest. She almost collapsed from fury!

Qiao Zhen Jun was so excited that he couldn't eat. He supported Lin Hui to the clinic.

After more than half an hour, the two returned to Qiao's old house. Their expression was covered with excitement and uplifting mood.

When everyone saw their faces, they guessed the truth.

Qiao Zhen Guo said: "Second Younger Brother, a child can eat a lot. You have to be mentally prepared!"

Qiao Zhen Jun blushed with agitation: "Eldest Brother, don't worry. My legs can now enter the fields. So I will definitely be able to support my wife and children!"

Qiao Zhen Min jollily exclaimed: "Second Elder Brother, congratulations. You are really amazing. How long have you been married and you have a child so soon?"

Qiao Zhen Jun scratched his head: "I didn't expect your second sister-in-law to be pregnant so soon! Fifth Younger Brother, it's not that Second Elder Brother want to talk about you. Now that the child has been found, the two of you should reconcile. Between husband and wife, there is no overnight feud. You should give birth to a younger sibling for little Wan'er earlier. After all, Xiao Wan'er is an only child. That's too lonely!"

Qiao Zhen Min smiled and did not respond.

There was a bitter taste in his heart.

After his mom's persuasion, he no longer blamed Qiao Qiao. But Qiao Qiao's actions during these days had really chilled his heart!

Little Wan'er had been missing for more than two months and she had never said a word about missing the child!

She was worried and afraid, not because the child was gone, but rather that he would divorce her!

Therefore, he really didn't know how to continue this marriage.

Da Qiao was overjoyed when she found out that Auntie Hui was pregnant with a baby!

With a thump thump thump, she rushed over and touched Auntie Hui's belly, "Mom, is there really a younger brother here?"

Lin Hui smiled softly: "It could also be a younger sister. Do you like a brother or a sister?"

"Sister!" Little Dong Lin also clustered over and stretched out his little paw to touch his mom's belly.

There was already a little Yi Ming at home competing with him. So, definitely can't have anymore brothers!

Little Yi Ming had the same thought. He came over and touched the belly together and spoke, "I want sister!"

When everyone saw the appearance of the two little dumplings, they couldn't help but laugh.

Especially due to little Yi Ming. It wasn't his mom who was pregnant. Why was he joining in the fun?

Da Qiao tilted her head. Blinking her eyes, she stated, "Mom, it seems that there is younger brother in belly."

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