Chapter 72: Extras 3 - Translator's Note

Woohoo, finally finished! Wow, this has been quite a journey, and thanks to everyone who followed me until the end. Though I have been translating for more than two years already, this is the first novel that I actually finished. The previous novel I was translating was 800 chapters long and still ongoing :/ Anyway, let me explain the title of the book. The original name is 错撩(Cuo Liao),which, if I were to translate more directly, is: seducing the wrong person. But like that sounds really weird in English so I went and changed it to Accidental Love. For, due to the incident with her boyfriend, she accidentally found her true love. I guess that makes sense? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . If you like this novel, please give it a good review on Novel Updates, and share it with your friends so others can enjoy the fun too. I am aware that I make some silly spelling and grammar mistakes sometimes and the editor can miss them too, so if you notice any please let me know in the discord server.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading, supporting me, and commenting. In the eyes of a translator, the biggest motivation is seeing my readers enjoying and appreciating the translations, and knowing that I’m making someone else’s life better really makes my day. Thanks again to all my readers ❤️ and hope that you enjoyed this novel.

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